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Author: Jon Abrahams

Meet the Crew: Jonathan


Birthday: March 10th

Sign: Pisces

Role: Shooter/Editor

Meet Jonathan, A.K.A. JSlay! This guy is our resident rap genius and Parks and Recreation enthusiast. He’s quick on his feet, whether on set or in the middle of a heated game of ping pong with Glenn. Get to know our favorite Chick-fil-A fanatic below!!!

How did you get your start with Jpixx and what is your title?

I am a Shooter/Editor at Jpixx. Last April I saw they had an opening, applied, and here I am!

How long have you been on the crew?

It’s been a solid 8 months.

Why do you like working for Jpixx?

Who said I liked working for Jpixx??? LOL! The culture around the Jpixx office is just good! The team spirit is real and we all really enjoy what we do. Jon is also super knowledgeable and it’s great to be under him learning his methods.

Why do you like your job?

I like the fact that I’m not sitting in an office every day, all day. Over the past 8 months I’ve been to Iceland twice, and numerous other cool locations locally. This job is never mundane.

Everybody has a nickname in the crew…what’s yours?

My first name is Jonathan and my last name is Slayton so at some point I got called JSlay and at this point I don’t even know my real name anymore.

What do you hope to help Jpixx accomplish as a company through your role?

I would say consistency. In my 8 months here, I have noticed we do a lot of work for the same clients. I think they keep coming back because they know what they’re going to get. I want to continue to deliver the high-quality product we produce while gradually raising the bar.

While working at Jpixx, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned? (something Jon/Teviya has taught you)

Always back up your footage after a shoot. And back up your project file in two places. The project you save could be your own.

What’s been your favorite shoot so far?

I would have to say the Virginia Department of Health PSA shoot was really fun. I was running the new follow focus system and really enjoyed that.

What has been the project you worked on that was your proudest?

We have some videos for Sentara that are in the works. I will be happy to show those to the world.

Favorite film of all time?

The Dark Night

Favorite Food?



Rap, specifically Lecrae

Hobbies? What do you do on your free time?

Free time? I work in film. When I’m not a work filming I’m usually working on my own projects.

What motto/quote do you live by?

Treat people the way you would want to be treated.

What is your advice to aspiring photographers/videographers? 

Don’t go broke buying gear. Have a good work ethic, and find a good community to learn from (like Jpixx) and from there you can figure out what gear to buy. Don’t buy gear your clients already have. AND always back up for footage!

Where can we see more of your work? 

Instagram: Jonathan Slayton

YouTube: Jonathan Slayton

Live From Hampton Roads, It’s Jpixx!

Hey party people! Jpixx is breaking into our new digs just fine, thanks for asking. So fine, in fact, that we’re better than ever with new live streaming capabilities. You heard right: Jpixx can take you live!

We’ve all done some live streaming in the past, but as it’s become more popular, more clients have requested that we take it up a notch, so Jpixx invested in a Sling Studio. The SlingStudio allows for multi-cam live streaming so that the viewer can enjoy an event from several vantage points. Not to mention it allows for broadcast graphics and video support. Look out!

Our newest hire from the great state of New Hampshire, Caleb Chamberlain, spearheaded the trial run of the Sling Studio at the Access College Foundation 30th Anniversary Gala.

“At first glance Sling Studio was pretty daunting. The concept of having everything for a live stream in one tiny console is wild! So after figuring out how it worked, the rest was actually pretty easy. I watched a lot of YouTube videos that explained it thoroughly and soon I was well on my way to creating some professional-looking live streams!” -Caleb

Now, we’ve made the Sling Studio a regular member of our office fam and we’re already putting it to epic use. And when I say epic use, I mean THREE live streams in one week. That’s right! We had the awesome opportunity to facilitate live streams for the Nutrition as Medicine Conference with Sentara Health, the 10th Anniversary Telethon with RocSolid Foundation, and the 34th Annual Grand Illumination Parade with Downtown Norfolk Council. Phew! Here’s how it went:

The Sentara Health Nutrition as Medicine Conference took place at the Virginia Beach Convention Center and hosted five doctors who specialize in plant-based nutrition and using it to reverse diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The house was PACKED.

We used the Sling Studio to run a live feed of the event into the green room where the other doctors waited on deck. With each presentation running about an hour and a half, the doctors appreciated being able to enjoy the program without being mobbed by their adoring fans out in the ballroom. We’re not kidding. Dr. Esselstyn was surrounded before he could even make it off stage. Boy band status.

This event was the first of its kind on Virginia Beach, and we hope it continues! We’re so thankful to Sentara for inviting us to document their amazing community efforts. Our friend Naomi Hallum at Sentara celebrated her final week at the company before moving to the west coast and this event was her swan song. It’s been a joy to work with her over the year. She’s always there to provide a keen creative eye, a warm smile, plant-based lunch, and a Liverpool accent. We’ll miss you, Naomi! In honor of our favorite vegan, here is a photo of the Jpixx crew with Naomi, pretending to be our favorite vegetable:

Next up, we hit Waterside with RocSolid Foundation for their 10th Anniversary Forumla for Play Facebook Live-a-thon! The RocSolid Foundation is an awesome local organization that provides play sets, room makeovers, and ready bags for children suffering with pediatric cancer. We’ve had a blast working with them on past projects, and this 10th Anniversary Telethon was no exception.

The folks at RocSolid know how to have a good time. This live-a-thon ran from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m., and the energy was through the roof the whole time with the help of some coffee and costume changes.

“The RocSolid Foundation brought us on for a 10-hour telethon that was presented on Facebook Live almost like a newscast you might see on Fox or CNN. This project was a lot of fun, and the Sling Studio made it simple to create with some prep work. By creating a few 5 minute countdowns, we were able to brand the stream before it started for an added emphasis. Sling Studio made this easy especially with the ability to queue the live feed in the preview window so that it would automatically switch when the countdown ended. Despite the long hours and constant live streaming, the Sling Studio never gave up!” -Caleb

As is common with most technologies, we did run into some minor technical difficulties during the RocSolid live-a-thon. Long story short, Facebook couldn’t handle how awesome Caleb’s Sling Studio skills were and it struggled to keep up. Here’s his “Come on, technology” stance.

Facebook: 0. Sling Studio: 1.

Eric Newman, RocSolid’s founder, kept everyone’s spirits high with his energy by reminding us that even with the worst technical difficulties, we’re in it for all those families fighting pediatric cancer. At the end of the live-a-thon, RocSolid raised $23,430 to go toward resources for families!!! WHAT?! Jpixx was honored to be part of such a phenomenal project.

Look at this cancer-fightin’ fam!

And finally, the big kahuna itself. The Grand Illumination Parade is a staple in the Hampton Roads area around the holidays. Jpixx is lucky to be invited back to broadcast the event and share it live world-wide. If you missed it, you can rewatch the live feed on Downtown Norfolk Council’s Facebook page, or you can watch on TV: WVEC on Saturday, December 8th at 7pm.

“Sling Studio sends out its own WiFi signal for cameras and phones to connect to. At the Grand Illumination Parade in Downtown Norfolk, I was really able to put the signal range to the test. With the tall buildings and the large number of people at the event, I was skeptical about the range. Sling Studio didn’t disappoint. From the ground I was able to connect to a Sling Studio Cameralink that was positioned on top of a 6-story parking garage and another in the crowd about 300ft away! This made for some really unique perspectives as this time we were sending the program video from Sling to the event live stream specialist.” -Caleb

Check out some never-before-seen behind the scenes moments from #GIP2018!

Karla out on the parade route getting that Woman on the Street action!

Sergio manned the main parade cam and caught all the Christmassy, candy cane goodness.

Glenn pretending not to freak out about the fact that the generator could run out of gas at any moment.

The hustle was real last week, but the Jpixx crew ran a tight ship and produced three epic live streams that are making waves in the Hampton Roads community. With all these live streams under out belts, Thanksgiving came at the perfect time. We were able to take a few days off to spend with our families and friends. We hope you have an amazing holiday season. While you’re planning some of your holiday shindigs, check our socials to watch some of these live streams!


Jpixx meets First Responders!

Hey, y’all! New Jpixx intern, Lizzie, here! Coming at you with a new blog post. Last week, the Jpixx crew traveled to Norfolk and Richmond, VA for a shoot with the Virginia Department of Health! We met with first responders of all sorts–police officers, dispatchers, EMTs, paramedics, and firefighters.

VDH’s new campaign focuses on the mental and emotional health of first responders across the state. We spoke with seasoned police officers who are passionate about providing resources for struggling first responders. The risk for suicide and substance abuse is extremely high among first responders. Jpixx helped VDH make a video that encourages first responders of all kinds seek help and share the load they carry. The Jpixx team walked away with a renewed appreciation for first responders everywhere.












Our excursion began at the Richmond Ambulance Authority paramedic dispatch center. We learned that 911 calls go to a central dispatch center first, then get redirected depending on which first responder is needed–police, paramedic, fire, etc. What is a 911 dispatcher’s best advice for calling 911 should that moment come? First, “don’t freak out.” Second, “know your location.”

We had new gear on our shoot this go around!

First up, a Nucleus Tilta wireless follow focus system that allowed JSlay to keep things in focus from the next room. What?! Are we living in 2030?

Next, an epic rainmaker to amp up the drama in our paramedic shot. Be on the lookout for some slow-mo raindrops.

Last but never least, the RED Dragon digital camera. Cue the heart eyes. Jon, Sergio, and JSlay had quite the time experimenting and learning with the RED throughout the shoot. I see now why it’s called the “RED Dragon.” It’s definitely a beast.


The next phase of our shoot brought us to an abandoned building that Hanover County Fire and EMS just casually set on fire so we could get the perfect shot. Craig, our awesome firefighter talent, operated the ladder on a Hanover County firetruck for us–doing his own stunts! The picture below was of the set up period while we waited for the sun to go down in Ashland, VA. We used the RED with a telephoto lens to get that striking moment of Craig fighting a fire.

Moments like this were the most eye-opening of the shoot day. To sit behind a camera or a light and look at how different Craig and the other first responders’ lives were from ours was humbling. Overall, the shoot reminded us how vital it is that we all look after our metal health.

If you know a first responder, don’t forget to say thank you for all they do and check up on them. Take care of yourself and others! Be on the lookout for another post about our trip to Michigan in the coming weeks! That’s all for now. So long from Jpixx and our Richmond Airbnb cat.

A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody


The Jpixx Office Launch Party was a huge success and we appreciate all the beautiful faces who came out and shared this spectacular achievement with us!

Major shoutout to Raymond White from Virginia Beach’s Economic Development Sector for coming out and introducing Jpixx to the community with an official ribbon cutting ceremony!

There was lots of fun to be had here, table pong, table tennis, music, games, drinks, and food! Also, our lovely crew was there to introduce everyone to the world of Jpixx!

A Close Call

Even though the office turned out perfect in the end, the whole preparation period leading up to the grand event was time consuming, and sporadic. Though it was a very controlled chaos, but nonetheless, it was an all hands on deck kind of project.


The Unsung Hero of it All

It was actually so much work to be had, we called in additional help in the form of a temporary intern, Ava Baker. Her father works in the creative industry and is good buds with Jon. She lended a helping hand with building, mounting, painting, or anything really when it came to prepping the office. We here at Jpixx really appreciate her support and adored her short time with us here!

Crunch Time

The whole crew was everywhere, we had handy man Glenn stationed at base mounting everything, the interns were everywhere from building desks, to buying the necessary supplies, Karla was displaying her artistic skills, and Teviya was coordinating this whole operation. And even with all of this going on behind the scenes, we were still doing our part at Jpixx shooting, editing, and pumping out content to clients.

The crew hit the turbo mode big time on the last few days leading up to the party, it was basically anarchy in the office. New furniture was coming in, while at the same time, we had to mount new artwork, plus planning all the food & games. This whole ordeal went into the night, with a Glenn, Karla, and Chris staying almost till midnight trying to add the final touches to the place.

A Monument To Our Work

Then came the day of the party, where it was basically war time, us vs the clock, everybody was driving around the area grabbing any last minute necessities for the party. All while trying to prep the food, prep the drinks, and checking that everything in the office is accounted for.


Then it came to an end, and we enjoyed the rest of the night with everybody who came, it was an amazing night full of fun, laughter, cake, drinks, and of course pictures to boot! Everybody in the office had a chance to bartend, and the rest of the crew was mingling along with everyone who came. We are glad everyone who was able to come enjoyed themselves and got to see what our world was like. Keep an eye out for more Jpixx events in the future, and like always, keep capturing life creatively 🙂

Meet the Crew (Summer Intern Chris)

Christopher Tieu

Birthday: April 3rd

Sign: Aries

Meet our summer marketing intern Chris! Chris hails from Texas and has previously attended The University of Texas at Austin??? & Tidewater Community College?. He recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tidewater Community College with an Associates in Business Administration and another Associates in General Engineering??‍?, and he plans to continue his education at Virginia Tech this coming fall?. Chris has a very diverse background, from being a former football player, to a musician, an aspiring businessman, and many more! Check out what he’s all about below!

Congratulations on being the new intern! How did you find out about Jpixx and what made you want to apply for the internship?

I found out about Jpixx from browsing the web looking for a unique internship opportunity?️

What is your major in school and what are your career goals for the future?

I am currently a double major pursuing Business Management? and Computer Engineering?.  I am hoping with these two professions that I can start my own tech start-up out in Silicon Valley, probably a research & development firm in the field of machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.??

What is it about filmmaking that excites you?

I just love the tech that goes on behind the scenes, and the way creators take film making tools to tell a compelling story. I’ve seen amazing films shot from just iPhones and edited with iPads all the way to mediocre level shorts with expensive camera setups. I just love how it equalizes the playing field for creators, and leaving the only limitation to you as the creator.?

What is your favorite shoot you’ve been on so far?

It would have to be the Westminster Canterbury shoot I assisted with. It was an early morning shoot, we all got up at around 6:00 AM and we were on site shooting from 7:00 AM all the way to 6:00 PM. I enjoyed the grind it brought towards the team, and even though it might sound weird, but I love and respect the hustle. Seeing everyone working through the day, giving it all they got made me enjoy the experience even more.?

How has it been working with Jon and Teviya and name one thing you’ve learned from them so far that you didn’t know before?

Jon & Teviya have been terrific, I wish I could have them as professors for a college class. I enjoy their very mellow nature, and having them mentoring me has been a blessing. They have helped push my creative side, which was something I was wanting more than ever out of this whole experience. ?

What do you like to do on your free time?

I spend my free time on photography?, coding?,  working out??, play video games?, binge watching anime?, or helping out the family restaurant business.


How has your experience been working with the crew?

It has been fantastic! It’s like a second family for me almost! I love how everyone brings something unique to the team, and how it all coincides with each other.??

What is your favorite Jpixx film or project?

It would have to be Pay Day Payroll shoot I did  because I got to go on a boat which was awesome.⛵

What is your favorite film?

I love the Star Wars films, and my favorite one from the series so far would have to be Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back?

What is one thing you cannot live without?

My Phone ?

iOS or Android?


Mac or PC?

Mac for coding and PC for gaming??‍??

Favorite Programming Language?

Python? because it was the first programming language I learned and it is fairly easy for anyone to pick up

Favorite food?

Sirloin Steak (Medium Rare) ?


I listen to a lot of different kinds of genres and my Spotify playlists reflect that. Though I have been recently listening to a lot of Rap and K-Pop. ???

What is your favorite video game?

That is a hard question to answer. Though some of my personal favorites would be the Pokemon series, Starcraft II, Paragon, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Halo, and The Legend of Zelda series.?

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can play the alto-saxophone with 8 years of experience??

So you say you’re a former football player, what position did you play?

I played defensive tackle, offensive lineman, linebacker, and defensive end in high school and once I walked-on my freshman year at UT I solely played defensive tackle?

What brings you to Virginia?

My parents

Morning Person or Night Owl?

Night Owl

Who’s your inspiration?

Some people that have inspired me would be JJ Watt, LeBron James, Steve Jobs, Casey Neistat, Elon Musk, Peter McKinnon, and my parents.



What motto do you live by?


What goals do you hope to accomplish with Jpixx during your internship?

I hope to grow my creative side through photography and cinematography??‍?

So everyone on the crew has a nickname, have you been given one yet? What is it and what is the backstory behind it?

Yes I have a nickname it is ‘Two’ which is kind of a word play off my last name, because my last name sounds like the number two in Vietnamese. The backstory behind it is that my football coach back in high school just started calling me that because it was much easier to say, and ever since my fellow football teammates and many other people have just been calling me that.

Meet the Crew (Summer Intern Mikayla)

Mikayla Gamble

Birthday: July 9th

Sign: Cancer

Meet our amazing video production intern Mikayla Gamble! This Hampton native currently attends Florida State University and is entering her senior year. She has been a blast to work with here at Jpixx and has been tremendous help on many projects. Check her out below and see what she is all about!?

Congratulations on being the new intern! How did you find out about Jpixx and what made you want to apply for the internship?

After googling my life away??, and I stumbled across them. I wanted to keep up my video production knowledge over the summer and decided to apply. 

What is your major in school and what are your career goals for the future?

Digital Media Production & Film Studies??. I just want to make films and images that matter to me and the people who need their stories told.

What are you most excited for entering your last year of college?

Finishing strong and getting my degree???‍?

What inspired you to pursue Digital Media Production and Film Studies?

My parents got me a camera one day and ever since then I wanted to become a Youtuber, though I’m starting to stray from the idea of Youtube and focus more on content creation.?

What is it about filmmaking that excites you?

It’s all about connection and aesthetics.?

What is your favorite shoot you’ve been on so far?

Hard to pick.?

How has it been working with Jon and Teviya and name one thing you’ve learned from them so far that you didn’t know before?

White balance⚖️is super duper crucial.

How has your experience been working with the crew?

Zero complaints, they’re good peeps.?

What is your favorite Jpixx film or project?

Still too hard to pick, but the seatbelt/booster seat campaign was pretty fantastic. ?

What is your favorite film?

It’s a tie between American Psycho & One Hour Photo.???

Favorite food?

Anything with butter and bread.??


Depends on the day. We’ll go with 90s R&B for now.??

What do you like to do on your free time?

Freak out about having free time?…and take photos??, of course.

Florida Life or Virginia Life?

Florida for sure ??

Morning Person or Night Owl?

Night Owl ??

What motto do you live by?


What goals do you hope to accomplish with Jpixx during your internship?

Being more open to different types of photography and videography. 

So everyone on the crew has a nickname, have you been given one yet? What is it and what is the backstory behind it?

Gambino: Been my nickname since high school, partially because of my love for Donald Glover, partially because it fits too nicely with my actual last name, like wordplay.

Come Celebrate with Jpixx!

It has been a long time coming but we are finally finished with our new office space! Countless hours of painting, building, and grunting have finally come to fruition. It has been a very long and tiring process for our team, but the end result has been worth all of the hard work. The whole gang here has been pitching in here & there whether it’s been building new shelves for the gear room, touching up on some paint, or getting some fresh new decor. We can’t wait to show you all what our world is all about!

Interns to the rescue!
These desktops have gone through quite an ordeal recently. They were used in a recent project that we did, and in the process, they were completely rattled up. The paint on them chipped off and even one of the legs came completely off, but nonetheless, our amazing interns Chris & Mikayla got them back into top working condition in no time!

Some new faces to the team

Through the mix of all this office chaos, we also added some new faces to the crew in the form of new summer interns, Chris (left) & Mikayla (right). They have been handling the marketing and production intern positions respectively for the past month almost, and they have been an outstanding addition to the crew!

New Place New Energy

It has been an amazing journey seeing how the office has came to be, and nowadays the place is very active with a lot of work. Though the there is some nice R&R here as well, most recently in the form of an office ping-pong tournament. P.S. J-Slay and Glenn have been crushing the ping-pong scene lately

So mark your calendars for July 27th at 5PM!
Food, Drinks, & Games will be provided, and of course our fabulous crew will be there!

So come stop by and see what our world is all about!

VBPD Class Six-Two Episode 11: Interrogating the Editor

What would you do when given hundreds of hours of raw footage and a lack of recruits for the Police Academy? Well we were able to produce a one-of-a-kind series on the Virginia Beach Police Department. Not only were we able to take all the footage and turn it into a finished docu-series, but we brought the community closer to their own Police force in the process. Thanks to the footage by the City of Virginia Beach and videographer Kory Smith, the Virginia Beach Police Department is able to show VBPD hopefuls embark on a journey of true grit, in a new and much anticipated, episodic series live now on Facebook and Youtube. Jpixx was brought in last fall to weed through hundreds of hours of footage, map out the story arcs and edit the entire series to completion.

After viewing this series one may say that the road to becoming an officer at the VBPD is rough but rewarding. The process is an emotional tug-o-war with the candidates pushing and pulling each other through the Academy with one goal in mind: Graduation. Jpixx was able to see their journey through their very own eyes, during the editing stage of the series. When asked about the process of editing the series, Jpixx’s very own Karla Espino had a plethora of insight to share. Here are a few of her answers!

What were your first reactions to the raw footage you were given to pull from?
My first reaction was, “Holy sh*t, this is a lot!” But once I started going through everything I was really intrigued by how much different footage Kory was able to catch and really liked the different dynamics throughout the 6 months he filmed.

What was the direction you were to go with on this series?
I think the main direction was representing not only the recruits but the entire department correctly. Kory spent months gaining the trust of these individuals and I know how important it was to him, and then to me, that we depicted everything as it happened. From the beginning, I had to find the story arc for a few main characters out of 60 individuals and map out 100 minutes from 150+ hours of interviews and b-roll. And in the beginning stages of putting this series together, it became apparent the direction we all wanted to move towards and that was one in which the negative perception of police could be broken. Because their main goal is to keep our communities safe and throughout the episodes, you will see how the Master Police Officers help recruits reach their full potential to embody the department’s core values.


What did this series make you feel?
It made me nervous, excited, sad, hopeful, inspired… all the feels!

What did it make you feel about the VBPD?
Honestly, it has changed my view, not necessarily of the VBPD, but all PDs everywhere. These instructors and trainers take these recruits on a journey to becoming the best version of themselves and it’s really inspirational to watch. Virginia Beach is lucky to have proactive officers that focus on community policing. It’s easy for people to remember the less than favorable officers but it should also be hard to forget that the majority are great ones, dedicating their lives to protect our neighborhoods and families.


Are you proud of being a part of this series production and if yes, then why?
Definitely. The overall positive reaction makes me really proud. I wasn’t there for filming and I didn’t know much at all about the training/entry process to becoming an officer. So getting validation from those individuals who I was representing rid me of any doubt about myself as an editor going in. It’s also great to be a big part of what is hopefully a fresh perspective on police departments across the country.

Was there anything technical you learned about editing during the process?
This is the first project in which I’ve had a thousand layers of planning: transcribe, find themes, connect the themes, write a detailed outline for every episode before even editing anything, pull all narrative lines per theme per episode, create a 10 minute narrative per episode, add b-roll, add more b-roll, change b-roll, stabilize, color correct, add sound design, mix audio, add intro, add credits, submit, revise, export for the 5th time, so on so forth. So short answer, yes a lot!

What was your favorite moment of the series?
I have introduced so many words and phrases to my vocabulary from this MPO Johannesen’sYou look like a soup sandwich“, or being “Voluntold” to do things.

What surprised you the most?
What surprised me the most was how influential the Academy instructors are. I’ve grown up to be a pretty tough person with an understanding of how to fight through tough situations and come out on the other side with my head held high but watching these instructors was incredible. They truly connect with the recruits and are able to communicate effectively with each one. They are tough but always receptive.

Which episode is your favorite?
I’d say Episode 1: “Fair and Firm” because it sets everything up. But other than that I’d have to say Episode 4, No Pain No Gain.

If you could tell the recruits who passed and/or made it close to the end one thing, what would it be?I hope it’s not off-putting that I know a lot about you and you know nothing about me. I am a 28-year-old Capricorn, grew up in New England, and have a cat named Bootsy.


What was the biggest take away from this experience?
Embrace your strengths and weaknesses! Not everyone is good at everything but recognizing your weaknesses and working on them is the difference between complacency and reaching your full potential. Simply put…”When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

After its completion, private premiere at the Virginia Aquarium, and launch- the Virginia Pilot picked up the story of Class Six-Two! We are so thankful for the impact this series has made and we hope it continues to bring the community even closer to those who live to protect and to serve, day in and day out.

All 10 episodes of VBPD Class Six-Two: the Academy are available for streaming on Facebook and Youtube!

Episode 1: Fair and Firm

Episode 2: Randy Means Business

Episode 3: Mixed Emotions

Episode 4: No Pain, No Gain

Episode 5: Pointing Fingers

Episode 6: Staying Afloat

Episode 7: Night Falls

Episode 8: A Day To Remember

Episode 9: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Episode 10: We Got Strong

Operation Office Relocation!

To say moving offices is a long and trying process is an understatement. The whole gang had been used to the old office, but the growth we have had over the past few years has proven we needed more room. The amassing of gear, the new crew members, and bigger clients were three of the reasons why we packed everything up and started fresh.

And by fresh, we mean FRESH. The space had absolutely nothing, but walls and a base.  The walls and base were nothing to brag about, for they were covered in all sorts of things like dirt, scrapes, and holes. The floors were covered in debris and there was a fireplace? We had a lot of work to do, that was apparent. But, even with all of the upcoming tasks- the future burned bright with inspiration and excitement.

First thing was to paint the walls, all of them! We had several rooms to paint: the main creative space, Jon’s office, the producer office, the freelancer rooms (available for subleasing), the two bathrooms, the halls, the kitchen, and the gear room. Yeah, it took a lot of paint and a lot of hours, but the results were 100% worth it. We have a few things to touch up still and a mural or two to complete, but the walls are bright and beautiful.

Next we wanted to knock out some desk refurbishments, so we started that process! We had picked up a bunch of old teacher/tanker desks from a thrift store… the bargain though! After they were brought to the old office/storage, we began the process of sanding and cleaning each desk. We also labeled and separated all the drawers. After that, it was painting time! We used an army of spray paint, evenly coating the desks and their components. Then, we let them dry and then put them back together.

The tops of the desks were a different story. We used this stuff called polyacrylic over top of chalk paint to create even and strong desk tops. This took a while to curate and dry, but boy oh boy did the desks look amazing when done. How many did we do again… we lost count after seven? They look fabulous in our new space!

While we were going through the process of refurbishing the desks, Tony (of the awesome Warriors Taphouse) had begun putting in our floors. After much consideration, Teviya picked a nice tan/grey flooring. This stuff is sturdy and stylish! Tony did an amazing job and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Slowly things started to piece together. We brought in furniture – all the works. We also started on some murals that were taped up and stenciled by Ray. These murals are pretty rad, but like stated earlier, unfinished. Sam and her, high school, intern shadow, Annaka, worked hard on getting the murals near completion.

The next big task was the trim! Every room had baseboards put in by the phenomenal Glenn! After that Karla and Sam went through and painted them, so they looked all new and bright. This really made the space feel put together and complete. Well, not completely correct – there was still much to do about the furniture and decor!!!

We were split into teams and tasked with designing a portion of the office. We were given a budget and set free to come up with a plan. Most of it is coming together, but a lot has still to be done. Keep in mind, we have been working this whole time. Jpixx did not shut down production or turn away client because of the move. We took it as a challenge and did both simultaneously. Some stayed in office and did work, while others went out to shoots, client meetings, and even other states for filming! It was hectic at times for sure, but we faired well!

Now a days, the office is cool. We have some extra decor/furniture that makes the space somewhere you would want to be. Thanks to Chandler, who recently moved to California, we have a N64. Jon & Teviya brought their ping pong table in, which is used daily by the office. We also got some nice High-def TVs that are hooked up via Apple TV – yeah that airplay is clutch, especially when having brief meetings or reviewing work. Last, but not least, we have a massage chair. You best believe that thing gets used on a weekly basis. It is really nice having all these amenities, for anyone in this industry knows staring at a computer for too long is not good for physical or mental health (poor eyeballs). A few minutes at the ping pong table or a few minutes in the chair refreshes our crew. We are always rockin’ and rollin’ – and ready to go!

If you are not quite sure where our new office is, we are located:  372 S Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23452, Suite 111

We are also on Google Maps! AND our Facebook page has this address as well as our new office phone number! Come by and say hi or meet us at the Starbucks that’s within walking distance.

Meet the Crew (Spring Intern Sam)


Sam Winfield

Birthday: January 24th

Sign: Aquarius

Say hello to the new intern Sam! This Hampton Roads native recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Mount Olive. She attained her Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design with a concentration in Photography and Vector Illustration. Sam is truly multi-talented professionally and dabbles in several interesting hobbies. From shoe painting, to coaching volleyball, to even doing henna. I don’t know about you but I’m definitely hittin’ this girl up fo’ dat henna this summer! There’s tons more to know about our girl Sam. Check her out below 🙂

How did you hear about Jpixx and what was it about the company that made you want to apply?

I was finishing up my Disney College Program and knew I had to get some sort of job or internship back home. I got on LinkedIn and started searching for jobs (it felt like the Tinder of the job world). I saw the listing for Jpixx and got to researching. I was wholly intrigued by the massive amount of creativity involved in their identity as a company… and it looked like a lot of fun to work there!

How did you react when you got the call that you got the internship?

I actually received an email from Teviya. I was excited that I had something to do right out of college graduation, and especially something I felt would bring me new and beneficial experiences.

What do you hope to accomplish with this experience?

I hope to sharpen my marketing skills, improve in technical skills via Adobe and photography, and get my foot in the door in the creative circles of Hampton Roads/ VB.

How has it been working with Jon and Teviya so far?

I feel like its been quite the adventure, seeing as I started right around the time they began the move to the new office. I have and still feel very welcomed… they thankfully try their best to help interns improve as humans and as employees.

Tell us the type of work you’ve been doing as an intern?

I did a lot of painting and refurbishing at the start because of the move. I typically run the social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I also take notes at meetings, help on set as an extra pair of hands (the reflector and I are friends), help with script continuity, take behind the scenes pictures/videos, write blog posts, and help write the newsletters. I am sure there is more, but we can just cap it off at that!

There once was a time when interns were known in the working world to only get coffee but at Jpixx interns get their hands dirty with tons of experience (obviously based on your answer above!!) Why do you think it’s important students to get hands on, real world experience during their internship tenure?

Even if you don’t think something will help you or think it has nothing to do with what you signed up for, guess what… It helps – when I move houses one day I am going to be a remodel pro, baseboards, walls, and more! Since I am out of school, this doesn’t help me with academics, but with life and work experience in general. Every little thing should be taken as a learning experience that sharpens your mental and even physical skill set.

What is one important lesson you’ve learned or something valuable Jon and/or Teviya has taught you?

Always have extra gear, just in case… batteries, flashes, cameras, lenses, etc. EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE.

What is your favorite Jpixx film?

It’s not neccessarily a film, but I love the Harborfest stuff Jpixx does. I have been and they capture the fun and family atmosphere to a T!

And speaking of Jpixx work…what has been your favorite shoot and why?

My favorite shoot…hmmm… I think it would have to have been the 2 days of ESI we did recently, showcasing their locations. We traveled near, we traveled far, and we got some cool swag from them!

So as I’m sure you know… being on set with Jpixx is always a blast and something hilarious is always bound to happen. With that being said, tell me about the funniest thing that has happened on set or a funny moment.

Not really anything on set, but every time I would try to do something live for Instagram, Chandler ALWAYS had some plan/skit that would have us laughing for a good chunk of time. There was Valentine’s Day and National Napping Day – he was hilarious.

What was the most exciting thing that’s happened to you while working with Jpixx?

Being told that my social media coverage has been exciting and engaging, by strangers… the reassurance is humbling and exciting all at the same time.

So summer is coming up, what activities are you planning on partaking in?

Sleeping, eating, sleeping and eating at the beach, working out, paddle boarding, napping with my dog, swimming, and going to baseball games!

So…you’re an anime nerd and Disney fan. What’s your favorite anime series and favorite Disney movie OF ALL TIME?

This is brutal, but I was prepared to answer this. Its a classic and took me a few months to get through, but Naruto is my OG fav (Fairy Tail is a close second). Disney on the otherhand is a no brainer- 110% Hercules. I love all Disney movies, but I love Mythology, so its the perfect combo.

Ok this is the part that I call rapid fire questions. So, the first answer that comes to mind is your FINAL answer lol

Last book you’ve read? Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Baseball or basketball (hehehe) B(ae)sBALL

Least favorite food?


Favorite food?


Tattoos or henna?


Dogs or Cats?

Leia- my dog

What are you deathly afraid of?

Losing someone close to me.

What’s your nickname? What’s your Jpixx nickname?

Winnie and I have a few from Jpixx… there was Sam the Man and then a newer one, but I can’t remember.

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you on set or in general?

By far, the shear amount of times in life I have tripped… There was this one time during volleyball, we were playing at the Georgia Dome. I went to go step over a chair, but my foot got stuck and I faceplanted onto the court with 5 teams watching. I had salad in my hand and managed to safe it while sacrificing my face, like those people on viral tv that fall with their drinks and save them somehow.

Favorite SpongeBob line?

“Where’s the leak ma’am???” Its when Doodle Bob goes after Spongebob and Patrick and drops a big wrench on Patrick when theyr’e in a hole… OR that whole exchange when Man Ray is trying to become a good citizen and does training, where Patrick drops his wallet and then refuses to claim it… I could go on…

If you were allowed to have only ONE hobby that you could do for the rest of your life what would it be?

If it means I would be good at it, singing. If its one I already have, Henna.

If you were on a stranded island, what’s one thing you can’t live without?


City life or beach life?


Beer or wine?

I feel like an old man, wine is too sweet- I love my beer.

Last one … Kayak or paddle board?

Paddle Board.


So do you have any independent projects you’re working on that you wanna plug? Or a website where people can see your work?

I have the most basic of basic websites that have some of my work on them:

But my Instagrams are pretty poppin’ @samwinnie and @winniewanderlust


Chesapeake Homes – New Home Specialists… Not Robots!

Intern Sam here, talking this week about one of my first film sessions! Earlier this year, we filmed for Easton Advertising and their client Chesapeake Homes to showcase their NEW Design Gallery in Virginia Beach.  Chesapeake Homes recently added a new member to their online home specialists team and we were tasked with filming the new intro video for their website. Just for kicks, we threw in a couple of crew headshots as well. It was a breeze throughout the whole day, filming the new online home specialist duo as well as headshots for the other two- these amazing ladies are far from “robots” and are definitely not stock images! It was a great first full-day shoot for the start of my internship!

We brought in the usual lineup of gear – LEDs, MoviPro, C300ii – and makeup artist, Jan Franklin made sure to glam out the representatives between and even during shots! There were wires, lights, screens, cameras, microphones, and so much more. We had so many pieces of equipment, it looked like we were moving in. Which, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind because the Design Gallery is gorgeous. This was all very exciting to me, for I had just started as the Spring Intern. I had not really seen what goes on during the stages of filming, so it was slightly overwhelming, but totally awesome at the same time. Since then, I have realized there is so much more equipment… so much…

Filming was the usual, rolling both sound and video. Chandler would yell out the video take and Karla would respond with the audio, followed by claps to signify filming had began on both fronts. We ran through lines, focusing on voice inflection and smiles held through their whole spiel. If lines were forgotten or missed, we cut and ran through it again. It wasn’t too drawn out because these two ladies were almost pros right off the bat. It was awesome to see that they had memorized script from beginning to end! 

We filmed several different sessions – changing up the hair, coloring, and seasonal look. In all, we captured a variety of shots to fulfill their online video needs throughout the whole year. It was quite tedious planning the outfits to match the season, but it was actually kind of fun once we got to filming. It felt like one of those quick-change performances, but with business casual clothing!

The Design Gallery by Chesapeake Homes is just stunning and has all your new home planning needs. From floors, to light fixtures, to bathroom/kitchen design… there were so many options to look at! We just had to snag some B Roll of the place, for it was impeccably stylish. Not to mention, the beauty of the kitchen designs made them an easy selection for film scenery.

Chesapeake Homes pulled out their A-Team with new online home specialists Stephanie and Ashlee and another newbie named Bryce alongside another Stephanie who attended for headshots in between scenes. We worked alongside the amazing Lynn Easton of Easton Advertising, one of our long time friends. We could not have asked for a better crew that day!

Their video for their website is not quite up yet, but its coming up soon! Soon you will be able to talk with these online new home specialists and yes, we promise they are real (and incredibly awesome) people and not robots or stock images!!! This may be our newest project with Chesapeake Homes, but we have done some stellar work with them in the past, like their branding video! What can we say, they’re incredible clients. 

Electronic Systems Inc. Adventure!

Wow-e-wow, we have been logging some mileage lately. A lot of work comes from the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area, but lately, the Jpixx team has been all over the place for our friendly neighbor and client Electronic Systems Inc.

Our first day of filming was at their Virginia Beach location, just a short drive away from our new headquarters. You know we brought the A-Team of gear – DSLRs, Lights, the MoVi, and Drone! On a tight deadline, our goal was to get multiple shots at various locations. Everyone was eager to help out and be on camera, which made our job smooth sailing.

Marketing Director Jim Haney was an awesome team leader to have throughout the process- from tours, to shot ideas, to just pure energy. Not to mention, we received some dope swag bags for the quick turnaround. ESI has some fantastic, branded goodies!

Karla put in some work on the MoVi, getting better and better with each use! Plus that Whole30 diet with bar classes makes her the office’s Hercules. She has absolutely been crushing it, as our newest full-time employee. The gear we use is not feather-weight; you need to be able to lift about 30-50 lbs at any given time. Loading and unloading our cars at shoots is the fun part… said no one ever. But, despite the fact the equipment is hefty- the results are phenomenal. The smoothness of the MoVi is just unreal!!!

Everyone at ESI was very friendly and even excited to be on camera. We captured everyone under the sun including technicians, receptionists, and project managers. They all rock and love what they do (it’s pretty obvious when you talk to them). Cannot wait to see what they have planned for their Open House this Fall; we want to see that cool 3D printer in action again! Thank you Electronic Systems Inc. of Virginia Beach and Ashland!!!

If you haven’t already done so, and even if you have, take a look at ESI’s new company overview video!!! With an amazing job all around from ESI, Jpixx, and more- it’s worth the view! Click the link and maybe you will hear a familiar voice OR see some familiar faces.