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Author: Jon Abrahams

‘Round We Go w MacArthur Live 360°

Team Jpixx is back at it again! And this time, we’ve been circling around the launch of MacArthur Center’s new indoor and outdoor program that gathers culture, fitness, entertainment, and family activities all in one environment called Live 360°. Don’t worry if you missed out because Live 360° is YEAR-ROUND! Check out the list of events right here!

Ribbon cutting ceremony to start everything off w Norfolk City Councilwoman Andria McClellan
These 2 ladies were SMASHING it at Hoverball Archery!!
Even Karen, MacArthur Center’s Marketing Director, had to try it out!

Nothin’ like a dance party in the streets

Karla embracing who we really are

How’s life like in a bubble? … FUN

After battling each out in brutal bubble matches, it was time for the crew to go back in! That’s when we were greeted with our very own pack of GLITTER CRAYONS – which we very much used to our full advantage to color in the house of our dreams!

Coloring our own glitter houses drawn by Norfolk artist Christopher Revels

Afterwards, we marched on over to watch a special performance of “The Lion King” and had a lil’ meet-and-greet with the fabulous cast –


Stunning performance of “The Lion King” by the Hurrah Players

Pose for a group picture!

And… that’s a wrap! Watch our recap of all the festivities that you’ll be able to experience with Live 360°:

One Week to Preserve the Magic

Movie lovers! Naro Video in Norfolk is in serious danger of closing its doors and they only have 1 week left on their “Save Naro Video” Kickstarter campaign!! For more than 20 years, Naro Video has proudly served not only the city of Norfolk, but the entire East Coast, as one of the premier sources for all things film. Not surprisingly, the community has come together to keep this cultural treasure alive and well.

Filming of “A Place Like This” w/ Skye Zentz for the Naro Video Kickstarter Campaign #Jpixx #NaroVideo #NorfolkVA #CaptureLifeCreatively #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

We love films, and had to do our part in helping to preserve the history of cinema for generations to come. Which is why last month – we teamed up again with local singer-songwriter, Skye Zentz, to film a one-take music video for “A Place Like This” to draw more attention to the campaign.

Starting today, we have exactly 1 week left to help this incredible archive of film and TV! Film lover or not – Hampton Roads is a tight-knit community who rallies around those in need so let’s gather around and save Naro Video!

Meet the Crew (Summer Intern Kaitlyn)

Next up… Kaitlyn!

Birthday : June 21st

Sign: Gemini or Cancer depending on the calendar

Role: Summer Marketing Intern 2017

Kaitlyn stole the spotlight as the Jpixx summer intern with her bright smile and positive attitude day in and day out. Always asking the crew “Do you need anything?” Kaitlyn was always there lending a helping hand. We wish her well as she heads back to school to finish up her last year at JMU and will miss her sorely. Check out her interview below!

Congratulations on being the Jpixx summer intern! How did you find out about Jpixx and what made you want to apply for the internship?

While searching for internship opportunities during this school year I stumbled upon the listing for the Jpixx Summer Marketing internship through Smart Recruiters. As soon as I read through the job description I honestly could not wait to apply because I felt like I was a great match for everything they were looking for. After submitting several applications to other companies and feeling very disheartened I was so excited to find a position that would let me hone in on my creative side and experience new opportunities like being on set and working outside of the office. I loved that it was an up-and-coming company that seemed like they had a lot of fun as a team and pushed the boundries on new and exciting tasks.

What is your major in school and what are your career goals for the future?

I am a Communication major at James Madison University with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. After graduating this coming May, I hope to find a job somewhere in the realm of Public Relations or Media Marketing. With how prevalent social media is today, I am excited to continue learning about different social media channels and how to best create content that will attract the largest audience.

What is it about filmmaking that excites you?

Before this internship, I always just considered photography a hobby that was purely for enjoyment. Now that my internship is coming to a close, I have definitely found a new appreciation for this world. I love that filmmaking is something new everyday and that film can capture emotion and excitment that a photo just simply cannot.

What is your favorite shoot you’ve been on so far?

Throughout my few months with Jpixx I’ve loved each and every opportunity to work outside of the office. I would say that my favorite shoot this summer was filming for O’Connor Brewing Company at Grain Rooftop Bar in the Hilton Main. Not only were the owners and employees of OBC awesome, but the atmosphere of the venue was just incredible. I’ve always had a strong pull towards city life so truly experiencing downtown Norfolk for the first time while shooting on a rooftop terrace with the sun setting behind us was just picture perfect.

How has it been working with Jon and Teviya and name one thing you’ve learned from them so far that you didn’t know before?

Jon and Teviya have been absolutely wonderful throughout my internship this summer. While out shooting, multiple clients have asked me if I have been enjoying working for Jon and Teviya and my response has consistently been that I have never been in such a fun and creative environment before. I really appreciate the creative freedom they have given me and have allowed me to have a lot of responsibility as just an intern. Through my internship, I have learned a great deal from just being out and about with Jon, but most importantly, I’ve learned photography and marketing skills that I would not have been able to gain elsewhere. I’ve really enjoyed hearing their thought process behind different aspects of their business.

How has your experience been working with the crew?

Working with the Jpixx crew has hands down been my favorite part of this experience. Coming into this internship was a bit intimidating since I was in Virginia Beach alone for the summer, but from the very beginning each person on the crew was so welcoming and willing to help me learn the lay of the land. I have had such a good time getting to know each and every person on the crew and getting to joke around with them in both the office and in a more personal setting. It has been awesome to grow relationships with each of them, hear stories, and be able to spend time all together outside of the office.

What is your favorite Jpixx film or project?

My favorite Jpixx project is the Eastern Virginia Medical School shoot that we just finished up this past weekend. It was really cool to assist with several aspects of this project from casting to prepping for the shoot. I loved seeing all of Glenn’s brainstormed ideas come together the day of and be just as awesome as I envisioned. I know Chandler and Jon will create an incredible edit and I can’t wait to see it in the coming weeks!

What is your favorite film?

I can’t think of just one film in particular, but I am a huge Harry Potter geek, with both the books and the movies. I would say that any of the Harry Potter movies within the series are my all time favorites!

Favorite food?

As a clearly proud Italian, most of the crew would probably expect me to say lasagna, spaghetti, or something to that effect, but my favorite food is actually my Nonna’s pasta and peas. It is literally just pasta and peas boiled in water, nothing special or anywhere near fancy. There is just something about it that always reminds me of my childhood and brings me back home eating around the table with my grandparents.


I love all music, but I would say that my favorite genres are probably Country and Rap. Total opposites, I know.

What do you like to do on your free time?

I am definitely an extrovert so I love spending time with friends and family any chance I get. Other than that, I love to travel and explore new places, stalk online stores and follow fashion trends, and watch college football.

What motto do you live by?

For as long as I can remember, my mom and I have always said the motto, “It is what it is” to each other. As corny as it sounds, anytime I am put in a situation I cannot control I have learned to tell myself that, “It is what it is” and I should focus on variables within the situation that I can change, instead of ones that I cannot. This has really saved me from a lot of stress, especially during the past few years in college. The next tattoo I want to get is, “It is what it is” written on my finger as a reminder each time I look down.

What goals do you hope to accomplish with Jpixx during your internship?

During my internship with Jpixx, my main goal was to learn about the entire process of filmmaking since this is a realm I have never really dove into. I enjoyed learning about equipment, how a shoot goes, the reasoning behind using different pieces on set, and the editing process post production.

So everyone on the crew has a nickname, have you been given one yet? What is it and what is the backstory behind it?

Unfortunately, I have not been given a nickname by anyone on the crew, but have definitely gotten my fair share of funny jokes. I’ve loved every minute of it and enjoy throwing sarcasm back at everyone!

This Is What We Call A Hot Mess.. Getting Fired Up With EVMS!

As usual, team Jpixx was smack dab in the middle of flashing lights, smoke and sirens – while we were safely behind the camera of course! From completely destroying Glenn’s car for our car crash scene to riding in an ambulance to CHKD, you could say it was a pretty flashy weekend with Eastern Virginia Medical School.

We were filming an updated video for a campaign EVMS has been running for the past decade entitled, “Boost ’em in the Back Seat”. The purpose of this campaign is to illustrate the dangers of removing your child from a booster seat before they are at least 4’9″. [Spoiler – it’s VERY dangerous] Two leading roles, ten crew, and a whole bunch of emergency extras. Let’s get this thing rolling.

After months of brainstorming and planning, it was finally time to put our plan into action on a very HOT Friday morning!

Chandler, Karla, Josiah, Dominique, and Kaitlyn up and at ’em on Friday morning!
Jpixx Crew… Assemble! BTS of our first location.
Chandler getting that shot, as usual!

And before we knew it, we were back out there early on Sunday morning to finish up the post crash scene!

Yep, that heat exhaustion was setting in…
Jon giving direction to our lovely firefighters and actors on set
Our mom, Kelley Davis, working it!
Glenn putting the final touches on his baby!
Chandler and Jon checking up on their shot
Just some of our extra’s being extra
Our booster seat child, Seth, steering the stretcher!
Mandatory Jpixx wrap shot…OH YEAH!

Meet the Crew Series (Glenn)

Next up …

Glenn Dano

Birthday: June 17th

Sign: Gemini

Role: Account Executive/Field Producer/Marketing Manager

Let’s all give a round of applause for the newest edition to the team!!! (*roaring crowd screams) Glenn has only been with the team for a few months but he’s worked with the crew before and fits right in. He’s an easy going, laid-back kinda guy who takes the job seriously but not himself. He’s crackin’ jokes and making everyone smile. You can call this New Edition–Mr. Telephone Man cuz he’s always on the line with clients, Jon, and the crew. You see what I did there? 🙂

You are new to the team…Congratulations! What is your title and tell me a little bit about what you do? 

Thanks! Came on board as an Account Executive/Field Producer and Marketing Manager. Basically, I get to hang out with this cool guy that sits to my right named Jon Abrahams and I get to watch him all day show his mad skills on video editing. Lol. Joking aside, I think we’re still trying to figure out exactly on what I can best assist Jpixx to grow and reach its full potential. Right now, I’m assisting Jon on his day to day client management and lending a hand on anything during any shoot.

What was your professional background prior to joining the Jpixx team? 

Prior to Jpixx, I was with BCF – a local advertising agency in VA Beach that specializes in Travel and Tourism branding/marketing.  I was with BCF for almost 15 years and served as their Broadcast Producer/Account Supervisor and helped them managed the Virginia Tourism Corporation (Virginia is for Lovers brand) and Norfolk International Airport to name a few. Prior to BCF, I was with ABC Family Channel and served as their Operations Manager for the Traffic Department.

Why did you want to join the Jpixx crew? 

When I heard that there’s an opening at Jpixx, it was an easy decision for me to try to join the team. Jon together with the rest of the Jpixx crew and I have done some projects before and I’ve always enjoyed working with them. I know that they’re a great bunch of talented and good people and that’s very important to me. In addition, I truly believe in Jon’s vision and talent and I can see a huge growth potential in Jpixx’s future and that’s something I want to be a part of.

What has been your favorite project/shoot to work on thus far? 

I’ve only been with Jpixx for a few months but Jon has given me the opportunity to be a part of many different projects. If I have to pick one, it would be the Roc Solid/Night for the Fight. To me, that event definitely displayed the true talent, professionalism and dedication of every individual performing as one to attain a goal.

What do you hope to help Jpixx accomplish as a company through your role?

My hope is to establish a seamless process for Jpixx to be poised for all the bigger and better opportunities that’s upon us.

What are your hobbies? 

Hmmm… I enjoy collecting watches and shoes but as a stress reliever, you can usually see me around town riding my bikes and sometimes thinker on our cars from time to time.  

What motto do you live by? 

It’s not about knowing the path but walking it. Don’t miss your opportunity – you can’t score if you don’t shoot

What kind of music do you like? 

Pop, Rock and Dance.

What is your favorite film? 

I don’t think I have a favorite one. The ones that I can remember are – Bourne Trilogy (first 3), Somewhere in Time and Seven.

What is your favorite Jpixx film and why?

Jon’s gonna hate me for this as I’ve not seen one but I definitely love the “puppet tale” that he did.

We Want You To Join Team Jpixx!


Do you like to stay on top of the trends, push the boundaries and put ideas into practice? Are you a strategic thinker with a creative eye for crafting stories? Do you enjoy working alongside many other creative individuals who are constantly pushing out visual content? Jpixx is looking for someone like you to join our team!

This internship will focus on engaging our audience and branding our company in a visually appealing way. The candidate will attend shoots on location, perform as a production assistant on set, while also implementing marketing initiatives in and out of our open concept home office.


  • Create and produce various media marketing resources such as email newsletters, blog posts, and social media postings.
  • Attend shoots, snap pictures, post to social media on-site, and take live videos.
  • Design imagery to go along with content for postings.
  • Be a production assistant in various roles when needed on set. These may be roles such as craft services, props, communicator, paperwork, etc…


  • Must be a recent graduate or working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Digital Media, Communications, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Photography, Video or related fields.
  • Able to work approximately 40 hours per week with flexibility for occasional nights/weekends.
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Publisher, Illustrator or other graphic design programs.
  • Technical ability and knowledge of photography.

The ideal intern candidate has a strong ability to problem solve, multi-task, work independently and collaborate with others. We are looking for someone well-versed in social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.), and someone who will have a desire to learn in the marketing field this fall!



Team Jpixx is currently in search of a female of any race or ethnicity who is between the ages of 25-39. This person should be a multi-talented on-camera personality who feels comfortable reading from a script, using a teleprompter, or live stream hosting an event. (We’ve got lots of juicy projects coming up).

Please share the opportunity with friends, family, and anyone else you think can be star talent. Send submissions to with your name, email, phone number, resume, and current photos, clips, or work. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Texas All In One Trip?!

Saying that our crew has been out and about lately is definitely an understatement. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been shooting all over Hampton Roads, but more impressively we’ve been shooting across multiple state lines. This time, Jpixx was working with DuPont and American Electric Power throughout OH, KY, LA, and TX, to create branding and safety videos. Four destinations in seven days, READY SET GO!

Jet setter Glenn hype to be boarding.

On Sunday evening, Jon, Glenn, Karla, and Chandler set out for the first leg of their quad-state adventure. They boarded in Norfolk, VA and were soon en route to Columbus, OH. When they arrived in O-HI-O, they were greeted by scorching hot weather and lots of friendly faces. After settling in, they headed out to their first on-shoot location at AEP.

Behind the Scenes with a few of the AEP guys in Columbus.

My favorite part of our time in Ohio was hanging out in Downtown Columbus since there were lots of hip breweries, good restaurants, and the best street limbo opportunities. -Karla

Chandler showing off his limbo skills down the streets OH.

After a few days of shooting, they took a scenic three hour drive to the small city of Ashland, KY. They experienced Fat Patty’s, a local burger joint, where a random table took care of their bill, score!

You put that hard hat on, Glenn.
Jon giving the AEP guys a pep talk before filming.

Kentucky had great vibes all around. It was a really cool place and people were really nice. Not only the people we worked with and interviewed, but even the people we ran into around Ashland. -Chandler

Everything was smooth sailing until they hit some rocky weather while in Ashland, KY and were forced to fly home before heading off to Shreveport, LA. The crew ended up snagging a flight back to Norfolk, VA so they could hold out the hot and rainy Tropical Storm Cindy whether back in good ole’ Virginia Beach.

A couple of days later, the crew switched off since Chandler had a West Coast vacation to get to. Will tagged in and before they knew it they were AEP bound again.

Oh hey, Shreveport… We here!

The crew found out that the heat they were feeling in OH was nothing compared to how hot it was in LA. In between non-stop filming at several locations, they hit up some good ole’ cajun cooking with crawfish being the star of the show, of course!

Daiquiri Express? I think yes!

We definitely got a glimpse of a real Southern atmosphere in Louisiana. We absorbed their culture through a taste of their cooking, meeting very welcoming people, and visiting local spots.  -Glenn

After wrapping at AEP, the crew quickly drove through Texas on the way to the airport. They stumbled upon the highlight of their trip, a Daiquiri Express Selfie Station, oh yeah! They grabbed some daiquiri’s to go and made it to the airport. Four states. Seven days. That’s how we do it at Jpixx, thanks AEP!

Meet the Crew Series (Heidi)

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jpixx! In this series, you will get a chance to get to know the cool peeps behind the scenes who make all the video, photography and film magic happen.

Jpixx is becoming well-known around the area and continues to grow. Our wonderful clients get a chance to work and know us on a personal level but we want the world to meet our fabulous fam. It all starts here on the Jpixx blog. So, follow the series as we will be posting an introduction to each crew member. First up…


Birthday: June 22nd

Sign: Cancer

Role: Executive Producer

This Producer extraordinaire boasts over 25 years of experience in the production industry. You might catch her on set kickin’ arse and takin’ names lol making sure the client is happy and the crew is well taken care of, but mostly she’s in the office flexing her planning, organizing and locking in potential clients skills. Heidi  is basically the team mom and guides us on the path to success, with snacks and juice boxes if need be.

What is your title and why did you want to work with Jpixx?  

I am the Executive Producer with Jpixx. I wanted to work with Jpixx based on their visual style and creative story telling.  I’m drawn to real people imagery, and stories that are told in believable ways.  Jon’s work both in camera and with edit, tells not just the stories but I believe captures the emotions within them, at times in the most minute and unspoken moments.  Jon also brings a production value that I believe is superior to the market.

What are the key roles of your job?

I work with Jon and the client from the initial development of a job to help direct the scope and best possible approach to executing a project. From this I create a production budget and client estimate, and together with Glenn, we work to prep and scheduling it’s execution. I also work on new business initiatives and RFP proposal writing.

How long have you been with the company?

Just over 2 years.

Tell me about you career path prior to joining the Jpixx team? 

I have worked in broadcast and video production for over 25 years, beginning in film ADR in Munich, Germany, and then building a career in Advertising working for full service advertising agencies producing local regional and national broadcast and integrated media campaigns for clients from fortune 500 companies to non profits.  Much of my work was spent on the west coast, working for companies like DDB, Publicist, for clients such as Nordstrom, McDonald’s, Seattle Super Sonics, T-Mobile, Columbia Crest Wineries, among other philanthropic national campaigns for various issues and advocacy initiatives.

What is the best part of your job? 

The people. It’s always been my greatest joy to work collaboratively with so many talented artists sharing  the goal of effectively creating a meaningful communication.

What’s been your favorite project to work on? 

A Martin Luther King Jr. awareness PSA that I worked on years back, where I worked with an “A” list director on a shoe string budget to re create the Rosa Parks moment on a real 1955 bus from Montgomery AL, where we shot and process the same reverse silver film used in the news reels from that era. My favorite part was then deconstructing this process and lifting the veil from the suspended disbelief of film making and give a workshop to a middle school class of behind the scenes and how it was made.

What do you like to do on your free time?

Personal Uber driver for my three children, farm hand for the many critters, personal chef, house maid, counselor and tutor.  I’ve got to love it.  

Greatest joy is to see my children thrive in their exploration of life, I love to go about life without too much planning and perfection, and let life unfold in surprising ways, teaching my children to find the beauty and opportunity in this.

What kind of music do you like?

Oh that’s difficult.  I’ll be dating myself. I’m a steadfast Ska lover, then sticking to my roots of being raised in England, I have to say the British punk of the late 70’s and 80’s. 

Favorite all time band… The Jam, but David Bowie, the Cure and the Waterboys get close. But then I can lose myself in Miles Davis, Muddy Waters, Dr. John, Etta James. My first love was Elvis though. Whats on my radio today?  NPR.

What is your favorite film? 

I always used to say Elephant Man.  It still is such a brutal human story that crushes me. But there are just so many great films out there now, really each with favorite parts. I’m a sucker for stories, I get lost in them, from Disney to Pixar, to documentaries to musicals. Any Fred Astaire movie. I’m not a fan of horror. I personally don’t like bodily dismemberment and have no need to fill my brain with it. 

What is your favorite Jpixx film and why?

WILLPower – it’s simplicity with depth, well told.

What motto do you live by?

My dad taught me “Work hard play hard”, my mother taught me “Moderation”. I’d like to think I channel those both through a life of balance and kindness.

Rolling With the Newport News Police Department

The past two weeks our crew has felt a little bit like we were on the set of Fast and Furious! When the Newport News Police Department commissioned us to make a new recruitment video – we were stoked to say the least!

Spanning three weeks and over four days of filming – we got to see nearly every aspect of the Newport News Police Department. Early Monday morning, we started things off with Sergeant Hires and Officer Wilder, who are two School Resource Officers at Denbigh High School. They shared with us what it is like to not only monitor everything going on inside of Denbigh’s halls, but they also explained the importance of being a mentor to the students. Whether these officers were playing guitar with their students during lunch or talking trash about the latest NNPD vs. Denbigh High School soccer game, it was clear that students admired and respected these officers. Very cool.


It did not slow down from there! We headed over to a staged robbery scene, where we documented how NNPD officers respond to a robbery calls and what would take place within different sectors of their department. After the staging, we got to interview Detective Melson, who took us through her journey to becoming a detective with the NNPD. She made it easy to capture passion in her answers as she raved about the opportunity and brotherhood/sisterhood within their department.

Glenn and Kaitlyn having fun with the reflector!

For the third location of the day we headed out to NNPD’s South Precinct to listen in on a weekly briefing between their unit and catch some officers in day-to-day action. (Chandler got to peak in on the evidence room – wow!!) With so much crime happening in a small area it was obvious these officers have a lot on their plates, but were so willing to jump in wherever they were needed. We grabbed another quick interview and then we were off again!

Officers from South Precinct getting in there for a Movi close up.

The last stop on day one was to the Newport News Marina where we got the coolest opportunity to head out onto the water with the NNPD Marine Unit. While half of our crew was whipping around on the water, Jon and Glenn were capturing footage from the land and air! It was definitely a hot one out there, but this unit threw our crew right into the navigator’s chair and were so much fun to work with!


After recouping for the night we were ready to get back out there again for day two! That afternoon, our first stop was to City Center at Oyster Point, where we met up with four members of the NNPD Bicycle Patrol unit. We got some footage of them interacting with restaurant diners, employees, and shoppers who were passing through the area. We also couldn’t help ourselves with how picturesque City Center at Oyster Point looked and had to catch them biking through downtown, while Jon had our Movi hanging out out of the window of a moving car. After a few attempts around the block, we finally got the shot!

Next on our list for the day, our team split up to grab some b-roll footage of the NNPD Dispatch Center, the Victory Arch, the Ferguson Center at Christopher Newport University, and the Lions Gate Bridge. It was fun seeing so many different picturesque spots around Newport News in such a short amount of time! After meeting back up for a quick dinner all together, we headed to another location to film a traffic stop scene featuring our very own crew member culprit – Karla!

Oh yeah, work it Chandler!

Filming this scene at night gave us a great opportunity to really showcase the police vehicle lights and have a cinematic effect. For a little inside information on how we got our shot- our incredible video lead, Chandler, suggested pouring water on the ground beneath the vehicle in order to really make the lights pop. We quickly put our plan into action so Glenn ran out to grab a few gallons of water and we began pouring. A couple of minutes later a homeowner in the area came out and was nervous we were dumping gasoline. Don’t worry- we set him straight with what was really going on, haha!

Don’t worry, we swear it’s water!

Day three was the most action packed and we loved it! We got to meet up with Sergeant Valero a.k.a. Officer X.O. who took us through his 20 years as a Police Officer with the NNPD. The coolest part? Learning about his motorcycle and all the excitement that has come with working his way up to become part of the NNPD Motorcycle Unit!


We then headed to a nearby elementary school where the NNPD K-9 Unit was giving a canine demonstration featuring a few of the dogs in their unit, a German Shepard named Havoc and a Bloodhound named PJ. The audience full of children and teachers loved it when one of the dogs attacked an officer in a bite suit, was then swung around while still latched onto the arm of the officer and finally sniff out drugs hidden on the front of a police vehicle. We even got lucky enough to snag MPO Stewart in between demonstrations for an interview. He explained to us how thrilling it is to be summoned to every big call happening in the area because of the support the dogs can offer other NNPD officers.


Next, we headed to the NNPD Forensic Services Unit, where we got to explore some staged evidence, see Forensics Investigator agents in action and hear from some of the female officers who are responsible for discovering what really happened in a crime. We were definitely feeling a little “Dexter-esque” while shooting some scenes using fingerprinting, ballistics, alternative light sources, and evidence databases.

Staged bullet evidence that we got to explore in the NNPD Forensics Services Unit.

Our next stop was to a staged warehouse, where we had multiple NNPD officers and detectives set up a break-in scene, show us what they would do once they got on scene, and what kind of interactions between departments would take place. We ended up placing different evidence markers around the warehouse and taping off the exterior like a realistic crime scene. It was so cool having each officer come in and act exactly as they would as if this was a real incident. Obviously we did a great job staging the scene because a news vehicle even tried to come by to get the scoop! Sorry guys – we’re just filming a recruitment video 🙂

“Yeah that way…”

 Our last stop of the day was to the NNPD Gun Range located in Fort Eustis, where we met up with the Gun Range Master, Sergeant Bartels, who showed us a thing or two or three! As the day was coming to an end, we set up multiple cameras all over the range, while the Gun Range Master fired off rounds from just about every position and distance. We got some great slow-mo footage, along with him re-loading out of the holster and even pointing an unloaded gun in our direction- this was a little scary, but made for an breath-taking shot!


On our fourth and final day of shooting we headed into Virginia Beach to meet up with the NNPD Tactical Operations team at their regional training facility. We got to crash their eight hour training day to get some footage of one of their SWAT teams clearing a room we were stationed in, listen in on a few Crisis Negotiators negotiating a pre-planned situation, and talk to some of the most impressive officers the NNPD has to offer. These officers not only have responsibilities as a normal officer, but must also get around 40 hours a month of SWAT training. They were nothing short of incredible!


Over our four days of shooting, everywhere we turned we got to know officers who loved their jobs and the city they reside in, scenery that presented Newport News as the place to be, and different departments who each offered something fun and exciting for prospective recruits. We were so grateful that the Newport News Police Department gave us an inside look at how their department functions on a daily basis and we could not be more impressed. Thank you so much for having us, it was a blast!

And that’s a WRAP!

Check back her for our first edit of the Newport News Police Department recruitment video coming soon!

Celebrating Harborfest 2017!

ELEVEN crew members. THREE jam-packed days filled with non-stop celebration. THIRTEEN nautical miles, which brought together loved ones, food, drinks, entertainment, and Naval pride. Norfolk Harborfest 2017 was the place to be!

crowd gathering on the harbor
The crowd filling on Friday morning for the kickoff event, the Parade of Sails.

If you have never experienced Norfolk’s Harborfest this is your chance to get an all access pass to the action! We partnered with Festevents from June 9th-June 11th to cover the event, which took place at Town Point Park in Downtown Norfolk. Starting Friday morning, people of all ages flocked to Downtown Norfolk to witness all of the magic happening at the 41st Annual Norfolk Harborfest. As Towne Point Park filled throughout the weekend, it was clear why Harborfest is known as the largest, longest running, free maritime festival in the nation!

Caught this guy grooving and couldn’t pass by without busting a move together!

The entire weekend is stuffed with FREE family fun action that occurs on both land and sea. With water events, tall ships to explore, and live entertainers throughout the weekend, there is so much to see! To top it off, Saturday night featured the largest fireworks show on the East Coast!

One of the awesome ships that passed through during the Parade of Sails on Friday morning.

This year was even more special than usual as we celebrated the 100-year anniversary of Naval Station Norfolk. In order to honor this momentous occasion, the City of Norfolk and the Navy teamed up to surprise not only the crowd but also one very special family by uniting a sailor with her young son and her husband on the main stage in front of hundreds of proud Americans.

We split up our crew to make sure we covered everything and anything that was going on during the event. We were constantly on the move with so much happening! With 27 musical performances happening, including Travis Tritt, Sister Sledge, and Los Lobos– just to name a few, 11 tall ships coming from the United States, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, and Spain, and over 50 food and drink vendors; you probably caught us sprinting from one thing to another. In between all of that we had a blast stalking Harborfest-goers to grab an interview on how they felt about the event.

When Dominique and Karla are covering interviews you know we’re gonna have some fun!

Our crew was nothing short of amazing this year- especially when it came to a ONE DAY EDIT! Who does that?! After gathering all of our shooters’ footage from the past three days, our Video Lead and Editing Extraordinaire Chandler KILLED it with an edit done in just a few hours. In just a week, our highlight video has already surpassed 30,000 views. SAY WHAT?!

The last surviving members of our crew on Sunday afternoon. Still alive, but barely breathing…

We’re already counting down the days until Harborfest 2018, but in the meantime we’ll just have to keep watching our highlight video from this year to relive the excitement. Take a look at our first cut here:

Roc Solid’s Night for the Fight

Jpixx is back at it again with Roc Solid Foundation, but this time for Night for the Fight, an event focusing around the word HOPE. Roc Solid’s overall mission is to build hope for families and specifically children dealing with pediatric cancer. Their organization builds wooden play sets to bring the fun and joy back into these children’s lives, which often times get swept aside due to hospitalization for pediatric cancer. For more information take a look at our past BTS blogs and videos on the Roc Solid Ready Bag and Roc the Ride.

This year’s Night for the Fight gala was held at the Ted Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk, VA. The event included a silent auction of some pretty major stuff, heavy heavy hors d’oeuvres, music stylings by DJ Julian Rivera, and a BIG surprise. Check out our highlight video and lots of BTS below 🙂

The Ted Constant Convocation Center looking all dapper.
Ladies night out!
Guests striking a pose before the event really got started.
This is #whathopelookslike.
Looking sharp before coming into the event!

The host got the ceremony started by talking about what Roc Solid foundation is all about.
During the event Roc Solid announced they needed volunteers to help them build a play set for a very special family, but no one knew who that family would be!
A very special little boy helping build.
Roc Solid helpers finishing up their play set. We couldn’t believe how fast they worked together to get this up!
Look at these guys all dressed up, but still getting their hands a little dirty!
Roc Solid announcing that this adorable little cancer survivor would be receiving the play set that was just built!
Sliding down his new play set.
Look at that sweet little face!

We had such a special night with this little guy, his family, and everyone else that made this night incredible. Another successful Roc Solid shoot in the books!

BCF & Jpixx get Esoteric

We are back at it with the BCF Agency for the “Meet the Chef” series for Virginia Beach Tourism. You remember right? Jpixx bounced around to different local eateries in Va Beach to interview Chef’s and owners about their establishments, ties to local farms and much more. Catch up here for a refresher.

So this shoot was all about Esoteric located in the new ViBe Creative Arts District in Virginia Beach. We interviewed Chef Brian and co-owner Kristina Chastain (Kristina’s husband and co-owner, Tim got camera shy, but we’ll get him next time) about the restaurant and learned that the space is actually on the Virginia Beach Historical Registry, something the owners are super proud of .

Fun Fact: they share an onsite garden with Commune, the restaurant next door. Like Commune, Esoteric relies heavily on the best local farmers and purveyors for the best food.

Kristina talked about what esoteric means “known to a select few.” When you think about it, the name truly is fitting, because it is kind of tucked away on 17th Street and old Virginia Beach Blvd. at the oceanfront.

The Chef showed us a step by step on how to make one of their succulent dishes …you know the drill (video coming soon) and of course our mouths were drooling all over our camera equipment. Check out these BTS pics below!

Jessa helping Chef Brian get lav’d up!

The Pork Chop

Sweet potatoes, bourbon and bacon braised brussel sprouts can be found at the bottom of the plate like a hidden treasure. The seven springs chop is grilled just right with the bone in sits right on top of the dish garnished with chives, fried pickled onions and a smoked honey gastrique (caramelized sugar and vinegar) drizzle.

Chandler looks like he might have the case of the hangries lol

“Sooo can I eat this yet?”

And more interview gold with the Chef!

Wrapping the interview up with some emo headshots err staring introspectively into space lol He had a great sense of humor and kept us laughing on set.

Another “how to” video on one of Esoteric’s new drinks

Larceny Bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, blood orange juice and egg white

Shhh whiskey sour in the making.

Kristina Chastain patiently waiting for her close up 🙂

Shooting, asking questions and taking notes is what’s happening here … we can be serious too lol (not for long)

Pretty cool painting on the wall

And here is where the comedy ensues…so it was time to pack up the gear and Jessa and I had a little trouble collapsing the tripod.

Chandler just stood by taking pictures of the struggle lol like, “ahh well they’ll get it.” But for the record, I figured it out! Dominique – 1, Jessa – 0 lol 😉

If you love yourself, you will go devour this pork chop immediately at Esoteric. To learn more about their food, check out their menu here.

And don’t forget to continue to follow the “Meet the Chef” series on the Va Beach tourism youtube channel, where you get an inside look into some of Virginia Beach’s best kept secrets.

 Check out our video below. If you drool, we won’t judge 🙂