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Meet the Crew (Summer Intern Chris)

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Christopher Tieu

Birthday: April 3rd

Sign: Aries

Meet our summer marketing intern Chris! Chris hails from Texas and has previously attended The University of Texas at Austin??? & Tidewater Community College?. He recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tidewater Community College with an Associates in Business Administration and another Associates in General Engineering??‍?, and he plans to continue his education at Virginia Tech this coming fall?. Chris has a very diverse background, from being a former football player, to a musician, an aspiring businessman, and many more! Check out what he’s all about below!

Congratulations on being the new intern! How did you find out about Jpixx and what made you want to apply for the internship?

I found out about Jpixx from browsing the web looking for a unique internship opportunity?️

What is your major in school and what are your career goals for the future?

I am currently a double major pursuing Business Management? and Computer Engineering?.  I am hoping with these two professions that I can start my own tech start-up out in Silicon Valley, probably a research & development firm in the field of machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.??

What is it about filmmaking that excites you?

I just love the tech that goes on behind the scenes, and the way creators take film making tools to tell a compelling story. I’ve seen amazing films shot from just iPhones and edited with iPads all the way to mediocre level shorts with expensive camera setups. I just love how it equalizes the playing field for creators, and leaving the only limitation to you as the creator.?

What is your favorite shoot you’ve been on so far?

It would have to be the Westminster Canterbury shoot I assisted with. It was an early morning shoot, we all got up at around 6:00 AM and we were on site shooting from 7:00 AM all the way to 6:00 PM. I enjoyed the grind it brought towards the team, and even though it might sound weird, but I love and respect the hustle. Seeing everyone working through the day, giving it all they got made me enjoy the experience even more.?

How has it been working with Jon and Teviya and name one thing you’ve learned from them so far that you didn’t know before?

Jon & Teviya have been terrific, I wish I could have them as professors for a college class. I enjoy their very mellow nature, and having them mentoring me has been a blessing. They have helped push my creative side, which was something I was wanting more than ever out of this whole experience. ?

What do you like to do on your free time?

I spend my free time on photography?, coding?,  working out??, play video games?, binge watching anime?, or helping out the family restaurant business.


How has your experience been working with the crew?

It has been fantastic! It’s like a second family for me almost! I love how everyone brings something unique to the team, and how it all coincides with each other.??

What is your favorite Jpixx film or project?

It would have to be Pay Day Payroll shoot I did  because I got to go on a boat which was awesome.⛵

What is your favorite film?

I love the Star Wars films, and my favorite one from the series so far would have to be Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back?

What is one thing you cannot live without?

My Phone ?

iOS or Android?


Mac or PC?

Mac for coding and PC for gaming??‍??

Favorite Programming Language?

Python? because it was the first programming language I learned and it is fairly easy for anyone to pick up

Favorite food?

Sirloin Steak (Medium Rare) ?


I listen to a lot of different kinds of genres and my Spotify playlists reflect that. Though I have been recently listening to a lot of Rap and K-Pop. ???

What is your favorite video game?

That is a hard question to answer. Though some of my personal favorites would be the Pokemon series, Starcraft II, Paragon, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Halo, and The Legend of Zelda series.?

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can play the alto-saxophone with 8 years of experience??

So you say you’re a former football player, what position did you play?

I played defensive tackle, offensive lineman, linebacker, and defensive end in high school and once I walked-on my freshman year at UT I solely played defensive tackle?

What brings you to Virginia?

My parents

Morning Person or Night Owl?

Night Owl

Who’s your inspiration?

Some people that have inspired me would be JJ Watt, LeBron James, Steve Jobs, Casey Neistat, Elon Musk, Peter McKinnon, and my parents.



What motto do you live by?


What goals do you hope to accomplish with Jpixx during your internship?

I hope to grow my creative side through photography and cinematography??‍?

So everyone on the crew has a nickname, have you been given one yet? What is it and what is the backstory behind it?

Yes I have a nickname it is ‘Two’ which is kind of a word play off my last name, because my last name sounds like the number two in Vietnamese. The backstory behind it is that my football coach back in high school just started calling me that because it was much easier to say, and ever since my fellow football teammates and many other people have just been calling me that.