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Frost Fest 2024

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Welcome to a page dedicated to everything Frost Fest 2024!

We’re STILL feeling the sugar high from our Willy Wonka themed client & crew celebration that took place at Central 111 on February 24th. In case you missed it, you can find promotional videos, photos, and behind the scenes edits about how we brought you the biggest – and sweetest – Jpixx party of the year, right here on this page. Check it out!

Check out our promo videos below!

Acting as a teaser for the event, we decided to attempt a stop motion (esque) video using a Jpixx Golden Ticket and a few hands dressed in true Oompa Loompa fashion. Fun fact: the top set of hands had to stand on two stools and bend over into frame for this shot!
And then we moved into Golden Ticket interviews! For the next four videos, we wanted to introduce our guests to each Willy Wonka character in a mock interview style, featuring a news anchor, captivating graphics, and unique costumes and personalities. The first winner is Augustus Gloop (Marvin Gabriel) and his mother (Jon Abrahams), all the way from the Hunan Province!
The second Golden Ticket winner is Veruca Salt (Hanna Lynch). She is joined in this interview by her father (Michael). How long will Veruca hold her breath to ensure she gets Wonka’s entire chocolate factory?
You’ll never meet a better duo; third Golden Ticket winner Violet Beauregarde (Savannah Heller) and her mother (April Campion) join Glenda Frost in this interview full of gum, sports, and competitive remarks.
In case you missed it, catch Mike Teevee (Alec Ritter) and his 2 million followers at! His mother (Jessa Gaul) could not be more proud of all the fame – and fortune – winning the fourth Golden Ticket brings.
BREAKING NEWS! In this video, rival news anchor Joel Rubin stakes his claim over the fifth and final Golden Ticket winners: none other than Craig Sexton and Jonathan Cohen. No more tickets to be found, folks. Stay tuned for the factory tour updates!
To add a little flavor to the event, Joel Rubin had the opportunity to interview a few chocolatiers in the area. But don’t be fooled by their charm, Wonka remains number one for a reason!