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It’s Time for Something New… | Website Launch


It’s here!!! Our new website is finally out and we are so excited to share it with you! We hope this can be a hub where you can see all we do here at Jpixx and a showcase of the phenomenal clients that we get to work for each and every day.

Most of our team was involved in the development of the site and each team member played a critical role in picking and choosing design concepts, photos, videos and content for the website!

“We’ve wanted to update our website for quite some time, but with the pandemic, our services really shifted and we found ourselves needing to really focus on how to identify Jpixx. What a challenge!! Fortunately, we had long-time Jpixx’er Maria Soliven with DelMar Experiences in our back pocket to see our vision to fruition.” – Jon, Co-owner

“My role was to define what each page would have (curate and write) and to get the it completed and live (with the help of Maria and Jpixx staff). This took defining all that we wanted to say in both words and visuals and then saying it clearly. It is a lot easier to just update what was there before but it was the perfect time to reassess what was needed and start from scratch. We put on our client hat and thought about how they would take what we were saying and process it. What about Jpixx is truly unique? We know what Capture Life Creatively means to us but what does it mean to them/for them/for their projects?” – Teviya, Co-owner

So what’s on the new website you might ask?

The new website is meant to be simple on the surface, but allow potential clients to learn about all the different types of media we produce and browse through our extensive catalog of work. Maria began with a list of these key features as a starting point for all that we want to share: 

Overall: Refreshed design & enhanced mobile experience

Service Page: Deeper dive into our main services with examples of our work

Project Spotlight: Platform to share details and behind the scenes of a few of our favorite projects

Our Team: A place to put a face to the name

Careers: Dedicated page for new opportunities at Jpixx and the ability to submit resumes directly

Within our project spotlights is where we got to really dig into all of our past archives: 

“We made the project spotlights to shed some light into some of the twists and turns of the making of projects and share about the eventual wins.  Andrew Harrison who is a freelance writer and content creator (who at one time was an intern at Jpixx) was a great help in co-writing those with me to get them down to the brass knuckles and to share new info on each one. We made a good team, but we were floored at how long it took us to complete this process for all the spotlights! It was evident how much love Jpixx pours into each and every project and how much value we give the client just by caring so much.” – Teviya

Some of our favorite videos within our project spotlights are:

EVMS Booster Seat: We worked with the Eastern Virginia Medical School to educate the public about booster safety and it got more than 23 million views across their platforms. Check out the video here!

VFS About Us: We’ve been working with Virginia Foundation Solutions for years now, and when they wanted a new branding video, we came to their rescue!

AEP The Answer: We traveled across multiple states to create this video for our clients at Dupont Sustainable Solutions. The result was an emotional piece displaying the importance that American Electric Power puts on its safety standards.

And lastly, you can’t have a website without photos and multi-media! Savannah, our highly-talented multimedia specialist, was in charge of collecting all of our selects across all our services.

“It was awesome to open up this website for the first time and to go in and really focus on making the photos look sharp. I was proud to have been a part of a lot of the shoots that are featured on the website, and to be represented in an ongoing portfolio is pretty hype. When I was toning or choosing photos, I was really going in with a critical eye and looking at the photos for composition and story. How can you Capture Life Creatively, telling a whole story in a single photograph? And if the photo was removed from the site, viewed on its own, completely out of context, would the message still be understood? Taking care and reviewing everything one by one may have taken a little more time, but the careful consideration of each candidate led to a portfolio piece worth a thousand words!” -Savannah, Photographer

Check out our portfolio page to see even more of our photography.

We are so pleased with how the website turned out and couldn’t have done it without our team of creatives! Thanks, guys!

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