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At Jpixx, we do way more than just video. A huge part of telling a story is getting the audio just right.

Our Gear: We use state-of-the-art audio mixing equipment to capture stories and ideas in a way that’s just as sharp and focused as our takes. The MixPre-6 is a deluxe audio recording device that allows us to separate all microphones while also splitting every channel in post-production. This allows us to have more control over the individuals’ audio level and script flubs. Connected to the MixPre-6 are our Shure SM58 microphones that give us crisp ASMR-level sound quality with its unidirectional pickup pattern that isolates the main sound source while minimizing unwanted background noise. Our range of gear allows us to connect up to four speakers at one time!

For numerous clients over the years, we have harnessed a wide variety of experience creating podcasts/video podcasts, voiceover work, and more! 

ThinkHIRE Podcast with the Hampton Roads Workforce Council 

Thanks to our friends over at KBD (Kinetic Brand Development) in Norfolk, we connected with the Hampton Roads Workforce Council to create a podcast series with them called, “ThinkHIRE”. Since this one is also in video form, we set up a few different cameras to capture each speaker during the episode. Check it out now on YouTube!

Legacy Lamp Podcast for Legacy Care Medical Group

Whatever your business/brand focuses on, we can help you develop a podcast for it! Legacy Care Medical Group’s podcast, “The Legacy Lamp”, sheds light on senior care and assisted living styles.

Navy Afloat Environmental Training Video Podcast

Did you know we are SWAM Certified? Not just that, but Jpixx is completely set up for state and federal work. Last year, Jacobs brought us in to help create a video podcast series for internal training. Our goal was to break the mold of the traditional educational format and supply a more relevant approach to learning, so we created a series of youtube-style videos that did just that.


Improve 81 Podcast with HDR and VDOT

Thanks to HDR, we have been able to create numerous videos along I-81 with VDOT! Their podcast, Improve I-81 has taken our crew all around the east coast to capture and interview many of the VDOT personnel. Check it out here!

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