Painting a Solid Picture of the Fight

In December of 2021, the duo of Jpixx and Roc Solid joined forces once again. With Roc Solid’s tenacious community and determined mission to help fight childhood cancer, and our love for a powerful narrative, we started on a video that would open up their Roc The Holiday Event. This year’s theme was “I Can,Read More

Meet The Crew: Delora Lambert

With an academic background in film and television producing as well as digital media, DeLora comes to us with a wide range of experiences. Her talents include acting, writing, directing, and producing! We’re so excited to have you on the team Delora! How did you find yourself in the world of film and content creation?Read More

Lizzie’s Monday Survival Guide

“Happy Monday everyone!” I wonder if that phrase has actually ever made anyone feel better about their Monday? I (Trey) can say that it hasn’t made me feel any better about the start of a long week and the official ending of the weekend. Making it through the work week can be a tremendous feat,Read More

Our Favorite Gear: Trey Batchelor

My Favorite piece of gear is the 16-35mm lens. I really like to push my creativity with this lens. Within the past month I have been having a lot of fun finding new angles and tricks to add a bit more flair to my wide shots. My favorite combo is getting this lens on theRead More

Our Favorite Gear: Lizzie Bankowski

  My favorite piece of gear is the MOVI! I love the grand, sweeping shots that it allows us to create. I also love the process of setting up the MOVI and getting it balanced and rigged out depending on what we’re looking to accomplish on any given shoot day. Call me crazy, but IRead More

Our Favorite Gear: Savannah Heller

My favorite piece of gear is the MixPre-6! It is an audio mixer that allows for many different kinds of inputs, allowing it to send out audio to a camera or computer, and/or record the audio on its own, with the ability to be connected to up to 6 other devices at one time.  Read More

Our Favorite Gear: Jon Abrahams

I really love the Teradek monitoring systems. The Teradek Serv Pro has not only allowed us to provide the client with a live shot of any of our cameras, it has also given us the opportunity to have our directors monitor the full scope of coverage in real time – which is helping us stepRead More

Our Favorite Gear: Jackson Begley

My favorite piece of gear is the 70-200mm lens. It covers such a wide spread of focal lengths and can be used for a variety of situations. The lens stabilization built into the lens paired with a camera’s own stabilization allows the user to get great, tight shots with a shallow depth of field allRead More

Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation

We all know that EMS is a vital component of healthcare, public health, and public safety. But most people don’t know how EMS fits in the wider healthcare system or how EMS is staffed, funded, and delivered. At Jpixx, we’ve been lucky enough to capture some of the incredible stories from our local EMS heroes.Read More

Celebrating Black Owned Businesses: Pure Lagos

Pure Lagos is an African Art gallery, boutique, and space for spiritual healing. Owner Sia Alexander provides a selection of original art, fashion, and artifacts from countries across Africa. What began your interest for health of the human mind and body and how did that bring you to the point to start Pure Lagos?  IRead More

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