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Guest Blog: Behind-the-scenes at the Tavss Fletcher Commercial Shoot

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By Guest Blogger: Dominique P. Herbert

Jpixx recently shot a commercial spot at the law offices of Tavss Fletcher. It was certainly an exciting shoot and fun-filled day with a professional yet down-to-earth crew. The lawyers, office staff and talent were a joy to work with as well!

Keep reading so I can take you behind the scenes of our latest shoot!


I served as a Production Assistant on set and helped out with pretty much everything: from organizing crafty (production speak for snacks), getting releases signed from talent, holding reflectors, stand-in (production speak for substitute talent) making sure the set was quiet, taping down wires. The first scene was shot in the lobby. Tim–the Production Designer—set up the background to make sure nothing was out of place and everything looked good on camera. Meanwhile, I got to help and channel my inner HGTV designer skills. Tim also stood-in for a second while Jessa tests out the shot. Looking good Tim!

Our talent Kelsie is getting her makeup done by Jessa before she appears on camera. That room was our dressing/makeup/snack/lounge room during the shoot.


Kelsie is ready for her close-up! She shared her story about how she was hit by a drunk driver and ultimately suffered a very serious knee injury. John Fletcher came to the rescue and settled her case without her even appearing in court.


We got a quick snap of Kelsie and John Fletcher after the scene wrapped. Then lunchtime commenced.


(Jon and co.)

We had lunch from Gourmet Gang and it was delicious! I had a turkey and provolone on ciabatta bread. OMG—Best. Sandwich. Ever. I’m hungry now just thinking about it.

The Jpixx crew loves to have fun on and off set—can’t you tell? But they are always hard at work, as the break time was also used to discuss the next setup.

Heidi - Agency Producer
Heidi – Agency Producer
Nate - Grip and Jessa - Camera Operator
Nate – Key Grip and Jessa – Camera Operator
Time - Production Designer and Jessa
Timmy P – Production Designer and Jessa
Sound guy Jimmy Smithson created texture in the wall for the perfect amount of reverb. (This guy is either genius or craaaaaazzyyyy)


More crew love! I must say it is rare to work with people who are so kind and laid back. That kind of culture makes the work super easy! What you see is really what you get. Trust me!

Here’s Reggie getting camera ready on the left and patiently waiting on the right! He had such a great sense of humor and was so much fun to work with.

Here is Targilia getting ready to share her story. Jessa really did a great job with her makeup. Targilia looked so beautiful!


The commercial was shot all around the firm: from the fancy law library (I have no idea why I geeked going into the law library LOL), the conference room and both Richard Tavss and John Fletcher’s office.

John Fletcher
John Fletcher
Sue Fay – Creative Annex and Bedelia – my fellow PA partner in crime
Bruce Mansfield and Freda Shaver – Creative Annex


Actually – come to think of it, I was uber excited to be in not only a law library but a law firm because it reminded me so much of my one of my favorite shows, USA Network’s Suits! Tavss Fletcher law firm is as beautiful as the Suits set and being around high-powered attorneys made my imagination run amuck! LOL

Jpixx Tavss Fletcher group photo
Group photo at Tavss Fletcher

We ended our day with one final snap. Here we are giving our best serious faces! The Jpixx mission was accomplished: an awesome commercial! Check out more behind-the-scenes pics here or watch one of the spots below!


Hey! Wanna walk through the office with me really, really, really fast? Take a peak below 🙂