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Introducing Filmily Fest!

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Why Filmily?

Filmily (short for film family) is a film competition in which Hampton Roads filmmakers are given two weeks to create a short film based on six inspiration images. Kind of like a cross b/w the 48-Hour Film Project and Canon Imagination Project. Jpixx is the creator and organizer of the event, and is an avid supporter of the local film community.

Filmily Fest  is more than a competition it’s a celebration of the talent in the Tidewater area. It’s a fun way for people who are passionate about storytelling to meet new people and make great films. It’s called Filmily because the mission is to bring together the local film community and engage creatively.

The idea was to give filmmakers an adequate amount of time to make a really good film, foster professional growth through giving and receiving feedback from peers in the film industry and allow each individual artist (whether it be the makeup artist or the camera assistant) to network with new people who are passionate about bringing compelling stories to life.

The inaugural festival has been a blast so far. Five teams accepted the challenge and are now completing their films for screening. Here’s a run down of the powerhouse lineup, which are ALL premiering at Filmily Fest in front of a live audience.

Meet the Teams

still_4The Brainco team, led by James Shearer (Founder, Executive Producer, and Writer) has participated in every Hampton Roads 48 hour film festival and has won audience choice award three times and even took the grand prize last year! Their film “Found and Lost” features Bill Powers – and that’s all we can say about that

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 4.24.43 AMUnexpected Union (the only female-led group) is premiering “Happy Birthday”, directed by Jessa Gaul (filmmaker) who wrote and directed the film starring her 9-year old daughter Makenzie who plays a young girl that goes on an unexpected journey to celebrate her birthday.

quantum2Chrome Toast headed by Richard Sanborn (Regent University student and filmmaker) with director Sarah Bonner “Quantum” An ex activist is unexpectedly roped back into her former life of rebellion by a member of the group she once fought against. Chrome Toast recently won Best Film, Best Writing, Best Ensemble Acting and more for “Family Business” at the 2015 Hampton Roads 48-Hour Film Project.

VFX SHOT.00_03_32_09.Still003Jesse Torres (Director/Photographer) known for his creative, yet edgy visual artistry directed the VizInk crew in “Shot at Love” starring Zeus Campbell – A conflicted man encounters a demon after confronting a life-changing event. Check out more of Jesse’s work here.

22983357601_344a3047c5_zThe Jpixx crew led by Jon Abrahams, Co-owner and Creative Director of Jpixx, produced a psychedelic story about a troubled introvert who loses his meds and his dog in the same day. Jpixx is recognized for their creative executions, which earned them many awards such as the 48HFP International Award  “In Captivity.”

It’s going to be an exciting night filled with five film screenings, Q&As with the filmmakers, and an awards presentation.

The emcee for the evening is the beloved actor/entertainer Kris Shrader of Zak’s movie show on

Previews and trailers of several other locally produced films and videos will also be shown in a line-up that will really blow your socks off.

When & Where

Filmily Fest will be hosted at Cinema Café Pembroke Meadows at 758 Independence Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23455 on December 6, 2015.

Doors open at 6pm and you definitely want to get there early for FREE food and beverages supplied by Cox Communications (while supplies last). In this case, the early bird gets the worm.

Update: Online Tickets HAVE been sold out!! Only few will remain at the box office for purchase.

Come out and enjoy Virginia’s finest filmmaking!

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