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CE ECSC 360 Virtual Reality Video

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Missed out on CE ECSC? Never fear! Feel like you were part of the action with Jpixx’s 360 video coverage of the surfing event. Elon alums Amy & Chelsea took our brand-new V.360 camera out for a spin at the 53rd Annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships to try out this cutting-edge virtual reality technology. Here’s a sampling of our test footage:

What’s a 360 video, you ask? It’s created using a specialized camera that can film from all directions at once. Our camera points at a mirror that reflects a 360 view of the world, giving us an omnidirectional view of what’s happening. It’s a new type of filmmaking that we are excited to explore!

It’s easy and fun to watch our 360 video on your computer or smartphone. On the computer, you can click and drag in the YouTube player to move the video left and right. On your phone, simply turn the phone in the direction you want to go to view more of the video. (It’s best if you sit in a chair that spins, or stand in one place and rotate.)

But the real magic happens when you put the video into Google Cardboard mode. With a special headset viewer, the video becomes an immersive experience where it feels like you’re inside the video. It’s like you’re really there! This is the best way to view a 360 video like ours, so if you have a viewer, break it out!

Otherwise, here’s where to get one.

Here’s another 360 video to check out from San Diego Comic-Con:

And here’s one focused on the thrill of horror films:

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