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Celebrating Black Owned Businesses: Pure Lagos

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Pure Lagos is an African Art gallery, boutique, and space for spiritual healing. Owner Sia Alexander provides a selection of original art, fashion, and artifacts from countries across Africa.

What began your interest for health of the human mind and body and how did that bring you to the point to start Pure Lagos?

 I attended Stanford University and Howard University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Human Psychology, and an MS in therapeutic herbalism. After working in my field as a therapist in San Francisco, California, I decided to pursue a career in Fashion. While working as a Ford model in NYC, Paris, and Capetown, I kept my mind and body sharp by studying spirituality, holistic health, nutrition and natural beauty maintenance on my off-time. This lead to the research and development of an all-natural and homemade skin and body care line using indigenous African age-old herbs and plants. From the success of my products, I was inspired to develop my own company, SiaNatural Body Care, to aid others in living a more holistic and healthy life. SiaNatural includes skin care products, a natural fashion line, books and holistic healing consultations. In working with African artisans as an entrepreneur, I was introduced to the Nigerian art world. From there, I was inspired to open Pure Lagos African Art Gallery which offers a healing sanctuary to the local community at 4 locations in downtown Norfolk, VA. 

Why did you choose to set up shop in Hampton Roads?

I am born and raised in the area and after two decades abroad I realized that there’s no place like home. Norfolk felt like the perfect location to settle down and open my businesses to serve the community. 

What do you think Pure Lagos offers the Hampton Roads Community?

Pure Lagos is a healing sanctuary for the community whereby mind, body and soul renewal occur through interfacing with original African art, music, culture and vibes.

Tell us a little about your journey of healing and how it has helped those who have taken it.

I have been writing a blog for the last 8 years, which chronicles my journey of healing and service as I’ve traveled around the world as a woman entrepreneur ~ and I’ve also written 3 books, including, I AM: You Power This Life, a spiritual guide to empowering one’s life. 

What is the biggest lesson you have learned since starting Pure Lagos?

To play everything at 100%!

What is your favorite aspect of what Pure Lagos offers to people?

Healing others through beauty, writing and art is a dream come true for me, as it allows me to share my passion for holistic health, creativity and spirituality with countless individuals around the globe, thus contributing to the healing and uplifting of humanity.

Where do you picture Pure Lagos in the future?

As the premier African Art Gallery in the world, in collaboration with Nimbus Africa Art Center

Do you have any advice for any other African-Americans in Hampton Roads who might be thinking about starting their own business?

Yes. Reach for the stars. You are working with the rich substance of God and cannot fail. 

How do you think as a community we could support Black Owned or any locally owned businesses in Hampton Roads?

 Highlight, patronize, follow, fund, participate in, and promote businesses in our own communities.