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Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation

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We all know that EMS is a vital component of healthcare, public health, and public safety. But most people don’t know how EMS fits in the wider healthcare system or how EMS is staffed, funded, and delivered. At Jpixx, we’ve been lucky enough to capture some of the incredible stories from our local EMS heroes.
The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad is the largest volunteer rescue squad in the world. These EMS professionals are our teachers, managers, and neighbors. We have worked with the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad Foundation to give the community a glimpse into why volunteer rescue squads like these are so important.

The Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad system consists of ten independent non-profit rescue squads. Each of these squads falls under the umbrella of Virginia Beach EMS but has their own rescue station, ambulances, and unique identity.

We sat down with multiple volunteer EMS professionals, listened to inspirational stories, and learned why these volunteers spend their time on the front lines. With over 45,000 hours of community service a year, the rescue squad members are constantly putting their energy back into their neighborhoods.

Whenever we ask the big question why, each volunteer gives us similar responses. Serving our community gives them a purpose bigger than themselves. As neighbors helping neighbors, the mission is to serve the community with premium pre-hospital healthcare.

There are three main ways you can support our volunteer rescue squads: advocate, donate, participate. Visit to learn more.

Thank you, Virginia Beach Rescue Squad, and thank you to the EMS professionals around the country. Your work keeps us safe, healthy, and hopeful!