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Meet the Crew (Summer Intern Kaitlyn)

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Next up… Kaitlyn!

Birthday : June 21st

Sign: Gemini or Cancer depending on the calendar

Role: Summer Marketing Intern 2017

Kaitlyn stole the spotlight as the Jpixx summer intern with her bright smile and positive attitude day in and day out. Always asking the crew “Do you need anything?” Kaitlyn was always there lending a helping hand. We wish her well as she heads back to school to finish up her last year at JMU and will miss her sorely. Check out her interview below!

Congratulations on being the Jpixx summer intern! How did you find out about Jpixx and what made you want to apply for the internship?

While searching for internship opportunities during this school year I stumbled upon the listing for the Jpixx Summer Marketing internship through Smart Recruiters. As soon as I read through the job description I honestly could not wait to apply because I felt like I was a great match for everything they were looking for. After submitting several applications to other companies and feeling very disheartened I was so excited to find a position that would let me hone in on my creative side and experience new opportunities like being on set and working outside of the office. I loved that it was an up-and-coming company that seemed like they had a lot of fun as a team and pushed the boundries on new and exciting tasks.

What is your major in school and what are your career goals for the future?

I am a Communication major at James Madison University with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Sociology. After graduating this coming May, I hope to find a job somewhere in the realm of Public Relations or Media Marketing. With how prevalent social media is today, I am excited to continue learning about different social media channels and how to best create content that will attract the largest audience.

What is it about filmmaking that excites you?

Before this internship, I always just considered photography a hobby that was purely for enjoyment. Now that my internship is coming to a close, I have definitely found a new appreciation for this world. I love that filmmaking is something new everyday and that film can capture emotion and excitment that a photo just simply cannot.

What is your favorite shoot you’ve been on so far?

Throughout my few months with Jpixx I’ve loved each and every opportunity to work outside of the office. I would say that my favorite shoot this summer was filming for O’Connor Brewing Company at Grain Rooftop Bar in the Hilton Main. Not only were the owners and employees of OBC awesome, but the atmosphere of the venue was just incredible. I’ve always had a strong pull towards city life so truly experiencing downtown Norfolk for the first time while shooting on a rooftop terrace with the sun setting behind us was just picture perfect.

How has it been working with Jon and Teviya and name one thing you’ve learned from them so far that you didn’t know before?

Jon and Teviya have been absolutely wonderful throughout my internship this summer. While out shooting, multiple clients have asked me if I have been enjoying working for Jon and Teviya and my response has consistently been that I have never been in such a fun and creative environment before. I really appreciate the creative freedom they have given me and have allowed me to have a lot of responsibility as just an intern. Through my internship, I have learned a great deal from just being out and about with Jon, but most importantly, I’ve learned photography and marketing skills that I would not have been able to gain elsewhere. I’ve really enjoyed hearing their thought process behind different aspects of their business.

How has your experience been working with the crew?

Working with the Jpixx crew has hands down been my favorite part of this experience. Coming into this internship was a bit intimidating since I was in Virginia Beach alone for the summer, but from the very beginning each person on the crew was so welcoming and willing to help me learn the lay of the land. I have had such a good time getting to know each and every person on the crew and getting to joke around with them in both the office and in a more personal setting. It has been awesome to grow relationships with each of them, hear stories, and be able to spend time all together outside of the office.

What is your favorite Jpixx film or project?

My favorite Jpixx project is the Eastern Virginia Medical School shoot that we just finished up this past weekend. It was really cool to assist with several aspects of this project from casting to prepping for the shoot. I loved seeing all of Glenn’s brainstormed ideas come together the day of and be just as awesome as I envisioned. I know Chandler and Jon will create an incredible edit and I can’t wait to see it in the coming weeks!

What is your favorite film?

I can’t think of just one film in particular, but I am a huge Harry Potter geek, with both the books and the movies. I would say that any of the Harry Potter movies within the series are my all time favorites!

Favorite food?

As a clearly proud Italian, most of the crew would probably expect me to say lasagna, spaghetti, or something to that effect, but my favorite food is actually my Nonna’s pasta and peas. It is literally just pasta and peas boiled in water, nothing special or anywhere near fancy. There is just something about it that always reminds me of my childhood and brings me back home eating around the table with my grandparents.


I love all music, but I would say that my favorite genres are probably Country and Rap. Total opposites, I know.

What do you like to do on your free time?

I am definitely an extrovert so I love spending time with friends and family any chance I get. Other than that, I love to travel and explore new places, stalk online stores and follow fashion trends, and watch college football.

What motto do you live by?

For as long as I can remember, my mom and I have always said the motto, “It is what it is” to each other. As corny as it sounds, anytime I am put in a situation I cannot control I have learned to tell myself that, “It is what it is” and I should focus on variables within the situation that I can change, instead of ones that I cannot. This has really saved me from a lot of stress, especially during the past few years in college. The next tattoo I want to get is, “It is what it is” written on my finger as a reminder each time I look down.

What goals do you hope to accomplish with Jpixx during your internship?

During my internship with Jpixx, my main goal was to learn about the entire process of filmmaking since this is a realm I have never really dove into. I enjoyed learning about equipment, how a shoot goes, the reasoning behind using different pieces on set, and the editing process post production.

So everyone on the crew has a nickname, have you been given one yet? What is it and what is the backstory behind it?

Unfortunately, I have not been given a nickname by anyone on the crew, but have definitely gotten my fair share of funny jokes. I’ve loved every minute of it and enjoy throwing sarcasm back at everyone!