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Meet The Crew: Jackson Begley

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Jackson Begley is our most recent team member here at Jpixx. Jackson is a film school graduate from Regent University. He is also an extremely talented director, writer, and editor. And we can’t forget how much of a joy he is to have on set with us. Jpixx is honored to introduce him to you all.

How did you get into Videography/Filmmaking?

I got into filming when I got my first cellphone: a Motorola Razr. With it, you could pause video recordings and I would “edit” within the phone while making skits with my friends. From there, my stories and gear got better.

How did your Journey lead you here to Jpixx?

While in film school at Regent, I heard a lot about actors and other filmmakers working with Jpixx. I always knew them as “one of the local production companies”. I was searching for a job when a friend said they were hiring. I leaped at the opportunity to work with Jpixx.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The thing I enjoy most about filmmaking is creating a good story while having fun.

What makes Jpixx different from other places you have worked?

What makes Jpixx different from other places I’ve worked is the overall positive feeling and camaraderie. From the on-set experience to the critiquing, it always feels like everyone is working together to make the best product.

What are some of your hobbies?

Probably a little obvious, but I love watching movies. If I’m not making a film, short, or video, then I’m beefing up my cinema knowledge.

Is there any specific moment at Jpixx that stands out to you?

I have only been working with Jpixx for 6 months or so, but a specific moment that stands out to me is working the Dupont live streams. It was interesting to see another side of corporate work.

Biggest influences artistically?

My biggest influences are Edgar Wright, Jaques Demy, François Truffaut, and Damien Chazelle. I am also a huge fan of Japanese Cinema like House, Tampopo, and Kurosawa.

What do you think you bring to Jpixx?

I think I bring a different perspective to Jpixx. I have not had a lot of experience creating corporate content or anything for companies, but I do have a lot of experience in narrative filmmaking.

If you could give advice to any aspiring videographers/photographers what would it be?

My advice to aspiring videographers/photographers would be to learn the history of their craft in all aspects. Even if you don’t like reading subtitles or black and white films, watching foreign films and oldies open up your worldview. Also, learn every part of your craft. If you want to be a director, learn to light, capture audio, and edit. It will make it easier for your vision to come to life. This goes for all aspects.

Jackson’s drive to master his craft is unmatched. He’s proved his high level of talent and direction in his short and feature films. You can find his latest feature film, The Road To Cabazon on Amazon Prime.  We are more than happy to have Jackson Begley with us to help capture life more creatively.