Jpixx Promo Reel | Connections

Behind The Scenes, jpixx

Chesapeake Homes | Branding

web, commercial, lifestyle, lifestyle, branding

Burberry Kisses

narrative, jpixx, film, web

Make The Call | Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Office of Emergency Services

Education, Narrative, Industrial, non-profit, government, web

Festevents | Harborfest 2016

lifestyle, Web, Community, Event

SERVIR Global | Space To Village - NASA / USAID

NASA, government, commercial, web

O'Connor Brewing Co. | Branding

Web, Lifestyle, branding, commercial

Roc Solid Foundation | Night for the Fight

event, non-profit

EVMS | Booster Seat Safety

education, industrial, corporate, web, non-profit

Röyskopp - The Alcoholic: A Puppet's Tale - Finalist

web, music

Newport News Police Department Recruitment

Education, Industrial, Government, web, branding, lifestyle

Sea Level Singer Songwriter Festival Retrospective (2011 - 2016)

Web, Behind the Scenes, Event

"Carried Away" | Short Film

narrative, jpixx, film

ESI | "Bunny Hop"

narrative, branding, commercial, web

Jpixx 2016 Demo Reel

film, branding, commercial, demo reel, jpixx, web

Commune | Virginia Beach Tourism

branding, web, lifestyle

Doritos Crash the Superbowl | "Good Kid"

lifestyle, branding, web, commercial

SERVIR | Behind the Scenes

government, web, Behind The Scenes, NASA

J&A Racing | Norfolk HarborHalf 5k

Non-profit, Web, Lifestyle, Event

Nansemond Suffolk Academy

narrative, branding, Web

Laura & Bryce Baxter Wedding


Portsmouth Virginia | Rediscover Your Neighbor - Where History Comes to Play

lifestyle, branding, tourism, government, commercial, web

Virginia Beach Tourism | Commune: Porridge Bowl

lifestyle, commercial, tourism, branding, web

Roc Solid Foundation | Ready Bag

Web, Non-profit

Virginia Beach Tourism | Bay Local: How to Make a Bloody Mary

commercial, lifestyle, tourism, branding, web

Virginia Beach Tourism | Pleasure House Oysters: Kissing the Ocean

commercial, tourism, branding, lifestyle, web

Virginia Production Alliance - Promo

commercial, virginia

EVMS | Urban League Hampton Roads - MLK Breakfast

government, non-profit, web

Nusbaum Realty | Wells Fargo Center

lifestyle, branding, real estate, commercial, web

Portsmouth Virginia | Rediscover Your Neighbor - Outside the Big Box

lifestyle, branding, tourism, government, commercial, web

Monarch / Towne Bank Mortgage | Branding

lifestyle, corporate, branding, web

Providence Classical Teaser

government, web

AEP | Leadership

industrial, corporate, Ohio, West Virginia, AEP

AEP | The Cautious and the Careful

industrial, corporate, web

Glass Wheel Studio Opening


Virginia Beach School District | Compass to 2015 Recap

government, web, education

Filmily Fest | Behind the Scenes

Web, Behind the Scenes, Fest, Filmily

HRSD | Virginia Initiative Plant Nutrient Reduction Improvement Project

industrial, corporate, government, web

Kenny Alexander | Kenny 4 Mayor Spot

government, branding, commercial, web

In Captivity - WINNER - 2011 International 48-Hour Film Project

project, film, 2011, hampton roads, 48

Hear What You Want - Top Rope Zeus (NSFW)


"Blackwind" - Patrick Watson | finalist

web, music

WILLPower | Finalist to the Canon Imaginat10n Project

Jpixx, Narrative, imagination, contest, canon, film

Jpixx BTS | Soggy Shopping Spree

behind the scenes, lifestyle

Maverick Marketing | Dickens' Christmas Towne

lifestyle, event, web, commercial

The Tide - Skye Zentz | Behind The Scenes

film, behind the scenes, jpixx, web

Jpixx 2014 Demo Reel

abrahams, narrative, creative, film, hampton roads, jpixx, virginia

AEP | The Answer

branding, industrial, corporate, web

Festevents | 2014 Winefest

lifestyle, web, virginia, wine, festevents, event, norfolk

ESI | "Online Shopping"

narrative, branding, commercial, funny, ESi, web

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