Jpixx 2017 Promo | Connections

jpixx, Behind The Scenes

Chesapeake Homes Branding

branding, lifestyle, lifestyle, commercial, web

Burberry Kisses


Make The Call - Virginia Department Of Health and Virginia Office of Emergency Services

web, government, non-profit

Harbofest 2016

Event, Community, Web

SERVIR Global - Space To Village - NASA / USAID

web, commercial, government, NASA

O'Connor Brewing Co

commercial, branding

Night for the Fight | RocSolid

non-profit, event

Booster Seat Safety | EVMS

non-profit, web

Röyskopp - The Alcoholic: A Puppet's Tale - Finalist

music, web

Newport News Police Department Recruitment

lifestyle, branding, web

Sea Level Singer Songwriter Festival Retrospective (2011 - 2016)

Event, Behind the Scenes, Web

"Carried Away" | Short Film


"Bunny Hop" - Electronic Systems Inc

web, commercial

2016 Jpixx Demo Reel - Capabilities


Virginia is for Lovers

lifestyle, branding, web

Commune | Virginia Beach Tourism

lifestyle, web, branding

"Good Kid" Doritos Crash the Superbowl

commercial, web

SERVIR - Behind the Scenes w/ Jpixx

NASA, Behind The Scenes, web, government

Norfolk HarborHalf 5k

Event, Lifestyle, Web, Non-profit

Nansemond Suffolk Academy


Laura & Bryce Baxter Wedding


Portsmouth Virginia - Rediscover Your Neighbor - Where History Comes to Play

web, commercial, government, tourism

Commune VB: Porridge Bowl


Roc Solid Ready Bag

Non-profit, Web

Bay Local: How to Make a Bloody Mary


Pleasure House Oysters: Kissing the Ocean


Virginia Production Alliance - Promo

virginia, commercial

Urban League Hampton Roads - MLK Breakfast - EVMS

web, non-profit, government

Wells Fargo Center - Nusbaum Realty

web, commercial, real estate

Portsmouth Virginia - Rediscover Your Neighbor - Outside the Big Box

web, commercial, government, tourism

Monarch / Towne Bank Mortgage


Providence Classical Teaser

web, government

AEP Leadership Video

AEP, West Virginia, Ohio

The Cautious and the Careful | AEP

web, corporate

Glass Wheel Studio Opening


Virginia Beach School District - Compass to 2015 Recap

education, web

Filmily Fest Behind the Scenes

Filmily, Fest, Behind the Scenes, Web

Virtual Tour of HRSD’s Virginia Initiative Plant Nutrient Reduction Improvement Project

web, government

Kenny 4 Mayor Spot

web, commercial

In Captivity - WINNER - 2011 International 48-Hour Film Project

48, hampton roads, 2011, film, project

Hear What You Want - Top Rope Zeus (NSFW)


"Blackwind" Patrick Watson - finalist

music, web

WILLPower - Jpixx Films - Finalist to the Canon Imaginat10n Project

film, canon, contest, imagination

Soggy Shopping Spree | Jpixx BTS

lifestyle, behind the scenes

Dickens' Christmas Towne - Nauticus - Maverick Marketing

commercial, web

The Tide - Skye Zentz - Behind The Scenes


2014 Jpixx Demo Reel - Capture Life Creatively

virginia, jpixx, hampton roads, film, creative, narrative, abrahams

The Answer | AEP

web, corporate

2014 Winefest - Festevents - Norfolk, VA

norfolk, event, festevents, wine, virginia, web

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