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University of Virginia Otolaryngology Residency

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The UVA Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, is currently one the leading programs in the country when it comes to providing expert otolaryngolic care! It’s not too much of a challenge to highlight the quality of UVA School of Medicine.

Within three days, we captured 27 interviews with residents and faculty as well as b-roll of multiple live surgeries and b-roll with patients and care-givers. Much like the subjects of our video, we definitely got our steps in each shoot day!

Lizzie led this shoot with poise and a wonderful execution. 

I love when we get to go to UVA! This is now our third time working with one of the medical departments at UVA, and it’s a pleasure each time. One of my favorite things about this shoot is that at this point, we are pretty familiar with the grounds of UVA, so it’s easy to move around and we know where we’re going. I particularly loved seeing how close-knit this Otolaryngology department is. Everyone seemed to have such a great time working together to get b-roll shots with us. I bonded with Dr. Kesser, especially, over our shared love of the Washington Commanders (#HTTC)! 

I also have to give a shout out to my boyz–the dream team! This packed shoot schedule would not have been possible to tackle without Jackson and Trey right by my side at the helm. Trey was always so quick and ready to grab b-roll shooting on the Ronin, and Jackson kept track of all batteries, cards, and general gear organization so that I could focus on checking all the boxes on the client’s shot list. 

Go Hoos!

We are very happy to be able to bring our skills and creativity to a program dedicated to clinical excellence! Click below for links to this video, our UVA Pediatric Residency Video, and our UVA Neurology Residency Video.

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