Doritos Commercial – Good Kid

Can Jpixx be a Doritos Crash the Super Bowl semifinalist two years in a row?  Watch the official submission here, rate it 5 stars and check back later! Jpixx has been busy the past few weeks with multiple projects and the Doritos commercial almost didn’t happen this year.  Luckily, things came together with an all-star cast.  Who could resist good kid, Mikenna’s adorable missing front two teeth?  Dad (Joseph Gray) was almost too perfect without the glasses we had him wear.  Mom (Stacey Bush Dunlap) really is Mikenna’s mom, acting runs in the family. And if you’re curious, a total of 36 small bags of Doritos and 4 large bags were used to film this commercial. A lot of funny ideas didn’t fit the timeline and had to be cut but we did come away with several different endings.  You can check them out on our YouTube channel.  Which ending do you like the best?

ECSC360 Explodes onto the scene in 2013

082413ELR_IMG_9021_Surfing Jpixx LLC  just wrapped an intense month of event coverage, producing – the Official Digital Sponsor of the 51st Annual CE East Coast Surfing Championships. The event is the oldest running surf competition on the East Coast, and  one of the largest events of the region – with surfing, skateboarding, motorcross, BMX, volleyball and vendors handing out swag galore.  Jpixx oganized teams of talented photographers and videographers on the ground, in the air, and below the water and created the channel for it all to be distributed. ECSC360 was sponsored by Bonfire Magazine this year which among other things enabled ECSC360 to throw a Color Dance Party (video shown here) that featured Color Me Rad color packets coating the crowd with powdered color. The party included professional dancers, hula-hoopers, brake dancers, gymnasts and more. The ECSC360 sponsor tent was great stop for event goers this year – offering 360 Freeze Frames, where high speed photography captured crowd members frozen in time as water, air or color hit them from all sides. The tent also showcased hula-hoop contests, free hair and makeup touchups by Veil Studios and a visit from the VA Lottery’s Game Guy. View all this and more at the dedicated site –

BOOMERANG video named Finalist

Jpixx’s BareNakedLadies Music Video Submission for “Boomerang” was named a finalist, but ultimately lost the honor of being the official music video to an animated entry seen here. Our video amassed more then 3,000 views in the month that it was in competition, and drew a sizable Social Media following, thanks in part to the large cast and crew. In the end, the video that was LEAST popular in terms of views won the contest – and by no conicidence, was the only video to showcase the BNL bandmembers themselves…Those silly Canadians…

2013 Emerging Artist WINNER

Luke Hartman and his first round performance of “Big Blue Ball” at the 6th Annual Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Contest at the Attucks Theater in Norfolk, Virginia. Luke was one of ten finalists who sang an original piece in front of a live audience, and eventually went on to win the contest. For more information about the festival and the Tidewater Arts Outreach, visit their website here.

2013 Sea Level Festival Promo

The 6th Annual Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival is upon us. Jpixx is proud to be the multi-media sponsor of the event and produced this 30-second promo using footage acquired from previous festival years. The festival has expanded every year, and this year is headlined by Glenn Phillips on April 4th, followed by the Emerging Artist Contest at the Attucks Theater on April 6th. The 30-second promo is just the next in a series of Jpixx videos created specifically for this year’s festival.

Patrick Watson Music Video FINALIST!

After a lengthy delay, Patrick Watson has selected the “Blackwind” music video finalists and Jpixx’s love story starring Nova was named a finalist and received a “special mention’ from the band. You can see the Band’s other favorite submissions here, along with the winner: This marks the second time in two tries that Jpixx has been named a finalist in a Music Video Competition. The first for it’s tragic tale of an alcoholic puppet (seen here).

“From Your Hands” TAO Music Vid

Composed and Written by Larry Berwald, this piece was written for the Tidewater Arts Outreach and sung by local musicians and members of the organization. Jpixx has been proud to be a party of the growth of the annual Sea Level Singer Songwriter Festival – and recently has been producing marketing videos to help promote the video. Visit this page to view updated videos from the wonder world of TAO.

“Day & Night” Nominated

Nominated for “Best Music Video” at the 2012 Veer Local Music Awards – “Day and Night” is D*Nik’s first single on their new album Rockz and Slingshotz. Jpixx was happy to work directly with the artist to concept and produce this narrative about stalker love.

Emerging Artist Contest Promo – Nate Sacks Written and performed by Nate Sacks, this is the “Call for Entries” for the Emerging Artist Contest, part of the 6th Annual Singer/Songwriter Festival hosted by Tidewater Arts Outreach. The Emerging Artist Contest hosts the brightest musical talents in the area. Submission Deadline is March 15, 2013 – Visit the link above for more details.

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