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Project Spotlight: Immersive Video

“The Beam” Launch


  • Roc Solid, a non-profit serving families dealing with Pediatric Cancer, has used Jpixx’s video services as an ongoing communication tool for their organization.
  • The new fundraising program, “The Beam,” was created for Roc Solid to serve more families across North America.
  • To allow for the growth Roc Solid hoped for, they needed to introduce themselves to more potential donors with an episode-length video to air in outside markets.
  • Jpixx was ready to make that introduction through our, “up-close and personal,” docu-style work coupled with a live premiere to reach viewers in real time or on their own news feeds, afterwards.

What we did

  • We created a 28 minute video delving deep into the origins of Roc Solid, and how the founder’s experience with pediatric cancer as a youth led him to this mission, followed by what “The Beam” aims to do.
  • We created a live screening of the anticipated video with rallied support from living rooms across the nation.
  • This created an intimate setting where the founder introduced the film, illuminating information not widely known, and bringing a call to action.

The Jpixx Factor

  • Our team’s commitment towards the edit ensured the visuals beautifully matched the weight of the story, and allowed it to unfold from the heart of the founder, along with those impacted by Roc Solid’s efforts.
  • We stayed involved to the end, tailoring a live screening event that created a moment for people to stop and give it the attention needed to fully receive the message presented.
  • Being a media company, Jpixx maintains an active social media presence and often helps drive more traffic to client events and sites.

Follow Up

  • We made sure the screening was received on home screens for all to view and enjoy without interruption. Enabling staff to be present for a celebration of their efforts and witness reactions of the messages, in real time.
  • We allowed more viewers to be connected through the screening, even though they span the globe and could not have attended if it were in person due to location or other obligations.
  • This event also created a jump start on the marketing for “The Beam” as Roc Solid explained and garnered more support for this program.