Tavss Fletcher – 5 Years Later

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After five years, we had the honor of working with our lovely clients and friends over at Creative Annex and Tavss Fletcher Law Offices again! Back in 2015, we shot and put together the commercial spots for the same lawyers which you can read all about in this older blog post!

This year in 2020, however, we came back with a bang! Not only are we rocking the latest and greatest gear, but we also have a bigger and badder crew each with their individual skills and talent!



There’s a lot that goes into a production like this, and to take care of all of the roles that need to be filled, you need all hands on deck. 

We brought in Andra, one of our favorite makeup artists, to make all Talent look straight outta Hollywood!

Teamed with Jessa on Art Direction, they were unstoppable and kept us from screaming about fly-away hairs in post-production!

JSlay and Caleb took on camera op duties to make the magic happen. JSlay got the “Capture Life Creatively” super gold star that day when he rigged his slider onto two separate tripods to get that dynamic camera movement. It took a couple of tries to perfectly dance with the timing of the footage, but in the end, we got that perfectly smooth shot.


While JSlay got the hero shots, Caleb shot that ultra high-def B-roll to add more visuals to the final sequence. We don’t always have a shoot day that requires a full crew, so we have to really document the professionalism of our well-oiled, well-organized, perfectly running machine when we’re there and running!

No, seriously, really professional.

There we go.

Not only did we have our Canon c-series, Aperture light, Mix Pre 6 for audio, and an active teleprompter, but we also brought out our ultimate production experience. Our Serv Pro system allowed our clients to connect their phones to our camera through the app VUER. They were able to see exactly what the camera captured so we could get real time tweaks and adjustments!

Phone screen too small? Not a problem! We sent a live feed from the Teradek to a digital village, which included audio. This provided a way for the client to see what was happening and take notes in real time from outside of the recording room. Creative Annex loved this feature, and we happened to get a few passersby from the office wanting to see what the new testimonial spots looked like!

It wasn’t long (or at least it didn’t feel that long) before we broke for a nice lunch from the Gourmet Gang. Sandwiches that hit just right.

Then it was back to the grind with actual client testimonials. We all retreated to our assigned jobs, moving fluidly to the beat of Jon’s direction. Here’s a wide angle of what that all looked like together!

Crazy how you can turn your everyday law office into a practical movie set!

In the winter, our crew ends up in the office for more post-production work. So to keep us active, we came up with a way to stay fit! Push-ups: 15 for every hour! In order to keep the momentum going, being on set is no exception to the grind. JSlay takes fitness very seriously.

Our shoot ran a little later than expected, but we were happy to get the right shots and the look that our client was going for! Lots of coffee, energy drinks, protein bars, and laughs fueled our shoot day–and we made it!  

See you again in 5 years, Tavss! We can’t wait for the next one!

To the reader:

Join us next time when we have our quinquennial contest of who can say, “John Fletcher came to the rescue and settled her case without her even appearing in court.” with the most enthusiasm!

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