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Hurrah! It’s Time For Matilda!!

Hello and thank you for visiting Jpixx, a Creative Video Agency based out of Virginia Beach and proud media sponsor of The Hurrah Players in their 39th Season!! In addition to donating our time and services to Hurrah for the past year and a half, we develop commercial and branding content for business and government agencies around the globe.

Matilda – Behind the Scenes w/ Hurrah Players

Casting for Matilda was incredibly competitive. Over 150 people auditioned with less than 20 student roles awarded. The combination of high-energy choreography and vocals make this one of the most heart-pumping shows of the year. Take a look at moments from the past few weeks as the cast and crew prepared for opening weekend:

Red Carpet Photos Are UP!!

After two weeks of shows, we were able to hold our very own red-carpet premiere screening of the production. Believe it or not, it’s the only chance a lot of our cast and crew get to watch the show they worked so hard on. What a blast to dress up and relive all the phenomenal work.

If you attended the event, click this link to view and download all the red carpet photos using the password provided on TeamPages.

Don’t stop there – if you’d like to support Hurrah Players, check out their website and see what they hvae in store. With spring and summer camps, and a new Film and Television Academy opening up in the summer – there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Leaving A Legocy: All About Kaylee’s Legocy

The slogan: “Helping kids fight cancer, one brick at a time.” is a spark of inspiration that the Rios Family hopes to pass on to all families with children diagnosed with cancer. Kaylee’s Legocy combines Kaylee’s love for legos and the legacy she left for other kids fighting pediatric cancer.

We created this video to introduce Kaylee’s story and capture the delivery of legos to local children in treatment.

For this video, we shot for multiple days at CHKD in Norfolk, VA. This was the hospital where Kaylee was diagnosed and spent most of her time building legos. We filmed b-roll and interviews with Darlene and Ryan Rios, Kaylee’s parents and founders of Kaylee’s legacy. The Rios family debuted their brand new cart that was packed with legos to give to children in the hospital.

We also spoke with Kaylee’s Legocy Volunteers and parents of other children who are fighting pediatric cancer. These families have found fulfillment in knowing that a simple lego set can make another child’s day.

Brick by brick, you can help other children like Kaylee escape the harsh reality of pediatric cancer and just be a kid. You can contribute to Kaylee’s Legocy by donating or helping sponsor a Brick Building Session! Learn more at KayleeLegocy.Org.

Check out our video for Kaylee’s Legocy and witness the power of Legos and Hope!

It’s a privilege to tell Kaylee’s story, and we are honored to help do it. Thank you to the Rios Family for your grace in sharing your story. And thank you for continuing the fight.

Are you our next full-time Videographer/Editor!?

What is Jpixx!?!

Jpixx is a digital production boutique that specializes in video and strategic multi-media marketing content, visual communications, high-end event coverage and independent filmmaking. And we’re looking to add to our full-time crew!

Jpixx’s distinct vision pushes the boundaries of integrated media, leading the region in stylized camera work, motion graphics, video editing and design. Our work targets a diverse and modern audience who value authenticity and crave an emotional connection bringing every­day people and places into the extraordinary light.




Job Description

Are you ready to utilize your video-making-abilities to their full potential?

To sharpen your skills in a busy environment where no two days are the same?

All while working alongside other like-minded artists and mentors that inspire and push you forward, who are as passionate and dedicated to creating high-quality content as you are?

Jpixx is seeking a Full-Time Video making machine with a background in creating quality video content and stoked to grow alongside a rapidly developing video marketing agency, working with clients both locally and abroad.

You will be working daily with our talented team through all stages of production from writing and idea-forming to set-up and shooting, to editing and revisions. Everyone has a role to play at each stage of production, so wearing multiple hats is a must. This can be a fast-paced environment but is also immensely rewarding to create messaging that can move people and change minds.



  1. Send us your info, with your resume attached through the job posting.
  2. Send your portfolio, demo reel or samples of your work with a description of what your role was for each example sent through the job posting.
  3. Send a cover letter about yourself — nothing generic, give us a sense of who you really are; include why you are interested in this position and list “complimentary experiences” you may have through the job posting.

For more info and to apply, follow this link: https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/Jpixx/743999666329917-videographer-editor!

If you know anyone who would be a potential candidate, share this post with them!



Guest Blog: Winnings and Weddings with Michael Ransdell

I’m an intense baseball fan. No I’m an insane baseball fan.

This may seem odd because I live in Kansas City, Missouri, home of the Kansas City Royals. The same Royals who before last year’s run to the American League Championship hadn’t sniffed the MLB Playoffs in 29 agonizing seasons. But it was the same love for the game, the city of Kansas City and filmmaking that brought Jon Abrahams into my life.

In 2012, I attended the Masters in Motion filmmaking conference in Austin with my wife Melissa. We met a lot of wonderful folks, but there was something different about Jon. He carried a camera around everywhere and insisted we spell out “KC” with our bodies in photos— we were hooked. We left the conference feeling like we’d gained a member of the family.

Kansas City

Christmas was approaching in 2013, the Royals had finished the season with a respectable 86 wins and hope was in the air in Kansas City. We’ve had hope before – “We Believe” was actually a slogan at one time for the Royals. Sure hope was in the air, but nobody was circling dates in their October calendars.

As a wedding filmmaker I get inquires all the time, but this one peaked my interest more than most. A bride name Bridget called me and said she was having a same-sex ceremony on the Eastern Shore in Virginia. The date…October 11th, 2014. I immediately thought of my friend Jon being in Virginia Beach and how great that would be shooting with him! I booked the wedding.

I don’t think it was until my second or third chat with Jon about the wedding day that he said something joking like “The Royals better not be in the playoffs or I’ll have to bail on you.” Laughter filled my inner thoughts, The Royals…playoffs, The Royals don’t make the playoffs. If you’re a fan of the Yankees or Cardinals this is something you might consider, but as a Royals fan you can’t even really let yourself dream of a playoff game at Kauffman Stadium; it’s just too heartbreaking.

Of course, The Royals would go on to make the playoffs in 2014. I was able to attend the legendary Wild Card Game with The Oakland A’s and the clinching Game 3 of the ALDS with the Angels. Then it was off to Norfolk. I think I apologized to Jon about 100 times for getting him involved with this wedding; I knew if he hadn’t agreed to this he’d probably be up in Baltimore for the American League Championship Series. As a good friend though he stuck by me and we shot a beautiful emotion-filled wedding with Bridget and Lindsay.

wedding toast

Jon and I had a small cabin close to the wedding venue (pretty much in the middle of nowhere) cell service was sketchy and finding a tavern that would have the game on wasn’t gonna happen. So we crossed our fingers and we were blessed with DirecTV in our cabin. After the rehearsal dinner we crashed through the door and huddled around a 13-inch Sceptre Flat Screen TV…it was magnificent. As Alex Gordon blasted a Home Run to take the lead in Game One we jumped around the room like little kids on Christmas morning.

Directv remotes

Game 2 would be on the actual day of the wedding so our focus was completely on Bridget and Lindsay and their wonderful family. Watching a retired police officer and a lifelong Navy man both get emotional as they talked about their love for their daughters and their wish for their happiness was enough to get this new dad weeping along with them.

The Royals won game 2 but the game became an afterthought to the day. When you have a passion for what you’re shooting or the people you’re shooting, the film always has another layer to it. That was absolutely true about Bridget and Lindsay, but beyond that I think Jon and I were on a baseball fan high as well. How could we not see the world in new ways? Our beloved, suffering baseball team was actually good, we’d closed our eyes the night before dreaming about a Championship and it could actually happen.

Kansas City Royals

Surround yourself with people you love and work for people you respect and the world will reward you. As we know the Royals would go on to win the American League Championship and go to Game 7 of the World Series, but fall 90-feet short of their ultimate goal. In similar fashion, I entered our work on Bridget and Lindsay’s wedding film in Photo District News’ Top Knots competition. We didn’t win First Place, but One Tree Studios was still honored for the film and published in their magazine.

The journey to second-place felt a lot like first-place. Virginia Eastern Shore

Michael Ransdell is the Lead Filmmaker and co-owner at One Tree Studios and Owner/Director of Photography at Blue Coffee Pictures in Kansas City, Mo. He spent 12-years at The Kansas City Star as a Photojournalist covering Major League Baseball and the NFL before starting his own companies.

Italian Delights at Ynot Italian

Attention Hampton Roads, your favorite pizza place is getting an upgrade! No, Ynot isn’t changing their awesome recipe. Instead, it’s expanding its branding to become Ynot Pizza & Italian Cuisine.

Twirling Pizza at Ynot

That’s right, embrace the change and embrace all that “Italian” has to offer: Baked Ziti Parmigiana, Fruit di Mare, Eggplant Rollatini and of course, the cannolis.

We visited the restaurant’s Great Neck location to film a spot about the rebranding and capture the essence of its menu, centering around the lovely Dunlap family.

Dunlap Family at Ynot

Not only did several extras come out to help our shoot….

Extras Placement

we also had our production coordinator, April, and our new editor, Maria, get in on the action!

Server AprilSad Maria

Maria’s shirt was a tad oversized to say the least, but thankfully we scored an appropriate fit before shooting.

This shoot required a significantly larger crew than usual, and we’re so thankful to everyone who helped make it a huge success!

Shoulder SurfingLighting Film Crew

Catch the final cut of the spot below!

We Sure Got Frosted

Not to be outdone by your own office party which also goes by the name of “HR’s Biggest Nightmare,” we at Jpixx hosted Frost Fest to raise a glass to all the beautiful clients and crew that we’ve worked with over the past year.


Several of our Hampton Roads friends came out to Central 111, mixing and mingling with these babies.

Frost Bite Drink

Oh yeah, we went all out with dry ice and a signature drink. #ThanksJessa

Jon also made a speech thanking his lovely wife Teviya and announced that plans are underway for a new website! He touched on additional plans to grow our Brand Entertainment division (because we’re awesome at that).

What is Brand Entertainment? Stay tuned for Jon’s video explanation.

The after-party continued into the bar’s hookah lounge, where some impressive smoke game was going on.

Smoke Rings

Oh yeah, and this hat made its way around.


Jessa in Fur Hat


Overall, a smashing success. Thanks to all who came out; we can’t wait to see you again next year!

Friends of Jpixx – Frost Yourself!

Around mid-November, the crew at Jpixx started feeling the need to let down their hair and get dirty. martinis. We made it through a successful 2014 and the end-of-year holiday madness, which felt like as good a reason as any to begin celebrating. Thus was born Frost Fest.ClientInvite_Front_RGB

Frost Fest is our way of giving back. Of saying “Hey pal, thanks for choosing Jpixx this year. We love ya!” And what better way to say so than with a drink, h’ors deurvres, and a display of our greatest dance moves??

All of our friends – you included – are invited out to our night of celebration on Saturday, January 24 at Central 111 from 6:00 p.m. until whichever hour we feel like leaving.

We’ll also be revealing an update to Jpixx that we’re quite proud of.

Here’s a handy map to find us. See you there!

Map to Central 111

The Weekend of Launches

January is all about what’s new and this weekend was no exception. The music video we produced for Logan Layman’s song “Won’t Let It” debuted and we browsed the shelves at Norfolk’s newest library.

First, we kicked off the excitement at the Slover Library grand opening celebration full of music, food and quality brews.

We saw several familiar faces as we mixed and mingled with Norfolk’s finest. Even MaryAnn Toboz from Tidewater Arts Outreach (TAO) was out, pumped up and ready for the following night’s events.

X86A9028LRSlover Library Grand Opening

Which leads us to our Saturday night. There was music! Dancing! Art! Yes, we’re talking about the Logan Layman Concert, hosted by the Sea Level Festival and TAO. The stage was set with opening act Pyrrhic Whim.

Her rousing performance was then followed up by Dustin Furlow, who recently launched his album Wood and Steel.

Then, it was time. The much anticipated music video for Layman’s “Won’t Let It” debuted, courtesy of yours truly. Finally, weeks of filming, scheduling and editing paid off with this awesome tribute to cancer fighters.

And Sunday? Sunday was a day of rest with these guys.

Jpixx Family

To keep up with more happenings in the Jpixx world, follow us on Facebook!

The One with the Creepy Cat Lady – ESI video series

“Oh those folks at Jpixx, they’re so crazy.” Recently we asked ourselves how crazy we really can be when given free reign to do anything with our scripts. Anything.

The results came out nicely in a six-video package that we produced for Electronic Systems, Inc. (ESI). We not only told you who ESI wasn’t but who ESI strives to be each day with its top-notch customer service and information savvy technicians. But don’t let us do all the talking, see for yourself:

Jessa said watching Amie bring her “cat lady” persona to life was the funniest part of the shoot.

ESI Cat Lady

“I absolutely could not stop laughing. Every time she turned her chair around and I saw the lipstick on the teeth, I lost it.”

Riding in Chairs with Girls

The shoot also involved animated running down the halls, smacking straight into walls, and intense facial distortion to bring each character to life. One of our own Jcrew members even got a few cameos in the series. Check out Chandler at 0:23!

A big thanks to all the ESI employees that let us take over their space and recreate the characters that could be in your very own office. For the complete series, visit ESI’s YouTube page and follow us on Facebook for new installments in the ESI saga.

Jpixx filming at ESI

And with a Hot Ticket it’s a Golden Day

This year, we had the pleasure of working with our new client Cox11 across several projects in their Hot Ticket series. With Hot Ticket, Hampton Roads receives heightened attention through special features on local events, concerts and festivals.

Will Rodriguez, a video producer at Cox11, contacted Jpixx about a project with a quick turnaround. Both the 26th Annual Virginia Children’s Festival and War of the Wings were the same day with the former in Norfolk and the latter in Virginia Beach. Challenge accepted.

The Children’s Festival drew children and parents alike for a wide variety of attractions including storytelling, hands-on workshops, arts and crafts, and costumed characters. Teviya and Epic even made it out to see Maisy Mouse.

Maisy Mouse at Children's Fest Norfolk

From there, we headed off to Virginia Beach for a good old fashioned wing showdown. After a long morning, you could say we were a little hungry. Right as we were about to head for the wings, it was time to shoot the War.

Jessa’s heart said “Nooooo!!!!” but managed to keep semi-calm and carry on.

Hell’s Kitchen finalist Bryant Gallaher was among the guest judges who each sampled 50 wings in order to make a decision.

War of Wings Virginia Beach

Finally, we were able to take turns at our own samples of Hampton Roads’ finest. You could say the hunger left Jessa a little delusional as she headed straight for the untouched mounds of garlic mashed potatoes. Except the bowl of “potatoes” was really a generously whipped serving of butter. #NoThanks

After exceeding expectations with our non-traditional approach to film and photography, Cox11 has called us back for more shoots with an express wish that we continue to implement our style in further videos.

“It’s cool because we get to see so many events that are happening,” Jon said. “We get to be part of it.”

We’re so happy to have worked with Cox11 this year and look forward to many more shoots with them in 2015.

“Happy” to Give From One Hand to Another

This Tuesday provided the perfect opportunity to doff off the pie pants (hello elastic waistbands!) and give back to others. Officially dubbed Giving Tuesday, we celebrated the day designated by the United Nations Foundation to bring communities together in celebration of generosity.

This year, Giving Tuesday fell on December 2, and local nonprofits From One Hand to Another (FOHTA) and I Am Other were ready to spread some cheer. The organizations partnered with Yoobi to provide local elementary students with brand new school supplies including pencil pouches, crayons, glue sticks and more. Stickers were a bonus!

Newtown Elementary Students Giving Tuesday

Our team visited both Campostella Elementary in Norfolk and Newtown Elementary School in Virginia Beach to capture the joy on each child’s face as they benefitted from the day of giving. FOHTA Communications Officer Stacey Lopez drew shouts of excitement as she explained the mission of the nonprofit founded by musical artist Pharrell Williams. 

“Always remember that on giving Tuesday, what are you going to do?” she asked. A resounding “give back!” echoed throughout the classroom as children committed to give to those in need.

We produced the photos with less than a 24-hour turnaround and the work paid off with a mention from Pharrell himself!

Giving Tuesday Pharrell Williams Facebook

Of course, this wasn’t our first rodeo working with nonprofits. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with other great local organizations this year including Girls on the Run, Tidewater Arts Outreach, and the Virginia Beach Education Foundation.

For more photos from the event and updates on our nonprofit work, be sure to like us on Facebook. And remember, it’s never too late to give back!

Walking on Thick Ice at the Oceanfront

If you’re looking to ring in some holiday traditions without the threat of snow and frostbite, look no further than your own backyard. The Oceanfront Ice Park at Rudee Loop has partnered with Holiday Lights at the Beach on the Boardwalk to bring a winter spectacular to the area.

Cox 11 enlisted us to capture footage and photography of the event in a series of hot ticket events.

“This is our first year at Virginia Beach, and we’re excited about this,” said Jeff Temple, manger of the Ice Park. “It is all part of a general initiative to really bring activity to the beach during the winter.”

While you may not consider the beach a typical destination in December, planners like Temple hope to draw crowds with entertainment including train rides, exhibitions from a local figure skating club, live music and wood-fired barbecue from Jadean’s Smokin Six O food truck.

Food Truck at Oceanfront Ice Park Rudee Loop

The Ice Park, scheduled to run through February 2015, also features a selfie station……

Selfies at Oceanfront Rudee Loop

which, yes, we did enjoy thank you.

Selfie at Oceanfront Ice Rink

You can even try your hand at one of the gaming booths to win yourself a minion or two.

Carnival Games

The affordable family package at the Ice Park provides a family of five with entrance and skates for $45, and individual tickets can be purchased for $12. Members of the military can purchase discounted individual tickets for $8, and families of five can enter for $35. The rink is also available to rent for private events for just $125 an hour.

Of course none of this would be possible without awesome local sponsors like Breit Law and Premier Laser Spa. Just remember there are rules to the park, like “No Street Shoes on the Ice.”

Photographer on Oceanfront Ice Rink

Which our team chose to ignore.

For more information on the Oceanfront Ice Park, visit the website. Be sure to check back here in a few weeks for the final cut of the promo video.

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