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Are you our next full-time Videographer/Editor!?

What is Jpixx!?!

Jpixx is a digital production boutique that specializes in video and strategic multi-media marketing content, visual communications, high-end event coverage and independent filmmaking. And we’re looking to add to our full-time crew!

Jpixx’s distinct vision pushes the boundaries of integrated media, leading the region in stylized camera work, motion graphics, video editing and design. Our work targets a diverse and modern audience who value authenticity and crave an emotional connection bringing every­day people and places into the extraordinary light.




Job Description

Are you ready to utilize your video-making-abilities to their full potential?

To sharpen your skills in a busy environment where no two days are the same?

All while working alongside other like-minded artists and mentors that inspire and push you forward, who are as passionate and dedicated to creating high-quality content as you are?

Jpixx is seeking a Full-Time Video making machine with a background in creating quality video content and stoked to grow alongside a rapidly developing video marketing agency, working with clients both locally and abroad.

You will be working daily with our talented team through all stages of production from writing and idea-forming to set-up and shooting, to editing and revisions. Everyone has a role to play at each stage of production, so wearing multiple hats is a must. This can be a fast-paced environment but is also immensely rewarding to create messaging that can move people and change minds.



  1. Send us your info, with your resume attached through the job posting.
  2. Send your portfolio, demo reel or samples of your work with a description of what your role was for each example sent through the job posting.
  3. Send a cover letter about yourself — nothing generic, give us a sense of who you really are; include why you are interested in this position and list “complimentary experiences” you may have through the job posting.

For more info and to apply, follow this link:!

If you know anyone who would be a potential candidate, share this post with them!



A taste of the NSA experience

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy welcomed the Jpixx crew back to school to shoot interviews of staff, faculty and students for a series of videos about the NSA mission and history using their personal experiences with the school. “Honor Above All” was a phrase we heard often during our visit at NSA, which is also the school’s motto.

It took our crew two long shoot long days to cover both campuses but we got to see the Upper School Ceremony, Friday Night Football and the 3D Printing Lab in action – along with scores of after-school activities that highlighted the NSA experience. Check out some BTS photos of our memorable time with the Saints!


The kids were enamored with Jon’s camera and immediately flocked to him to see what he was doing. I think we have some future photographers on our hands!


The kids are simulating plate tectonics using graham crackers and chocolate.


Things got yummy and messy at the same time lol

LCD action!


Chandler unintentionally (or intentionally?) striking a male model pose while holding the movi, we should secretly submit him to Americas Next Top Model. Right?

Patrick Whelan (NSA Alum and Dean of Students) Gettin’ powdered up. Sometimes you gotta do it for the cam lol


Jon loving what he does…so obvi!


These two (Karen Schompert and Kristine Bryne) having fun in the field.

To top it off we even met a student (Violet Johnston) at NSA who we found out is in a family of budding actors. Well, after one phone call and audition, her sister Olivia landed a starring role in our newest short film Carried Away, which premiered at Filmily Fest in December.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program – without further ado please sit back and prepared to be dazzled with one of our finished videos! And if you are in need of some of this magical video branding dazzle please give us a shout here to see how we can help you #shamelessplug 🙂

If you are interested in enrolling your child at NSA, be sure to attend their open house to learn more.

Open house dates:
Main Campus – January 8, 2017 to register click here
Harbour View Campus – January 22, 2017 to register click here

To learn more about Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, please check out their website.

ESI Company Overview Video

Today was Day 1 of 4 in the latest ESI saga, with a new company overview video in the works. In case you forgot about the last one, here’s a refresher. On a shoe-string budget, Jon iron-manned it… going solo for a day and knocked out this quicky.

We arrived early at 8:30 a.m. (ok…early by night owl standards) to start capturing the magic that lets ESI help thousands of individuals each day – from copiers and toner to philanthropy and environmentalism.

Kim Drumm made a return appearance, speaking to the company’s managed print services. Special shout out to her hair stylist Michael, whom she channeled during her stellar performance.

Overview video

Leslie Rivera, ESI’s Marketing Manager, also made an appearance as an inquiring customer as Marketing Director Jim Haney kept an eye on the creative process.

Front Desk Inquiry

At the end of the day, we were joined by our awesome camera assist Nate Liebold. Jon looked on like the proud director he is as his two associates took the reins.

Film Crew ESI

What’s next in the ESI saga? Follow us on Facebook to find out!

Red, White and Bleu! 2014 Annual Wine Festival

What could be better than a weekend of wine, food and music? We don’t know either, that’s why we partnered with Festevents to produce this film of the 27th Annual Town Point Virginia Wine Festival at the Downtown Norfolk Waterfront.

More than 30 Virginia wineries came out to the festival to represent their craft, and Festevents even helped coordinate transportation for those guests who maybe weren’t so ready to drive themselves home.

For winos and wannabe-winos, Festevensts also arranged Sip-N-Learn seminars featuring sommeliers and wine professionals who gave tips on everything from selecting the right wine to pairing the right red with the right dish.

We ran into several friends along the way, who were more than happy to invite us to a glass or two.

Town Point Virginia Wine Festival

If you missed the Wine Fest this year, be sure to attend next year’s event because…wine not???

Celebrating Mike Evans, “The Ultimate ‘Possibilist'”

This December, the folks at Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company (HEWV) took a moment to celebrate the career of beloved founder Mike Evans. A narrative tribute was the highlight of the celebration, featuring several of the company’s employees and clients nation-wide. 



Deborah Marquardt, Hanbury Evans public relations director, said Evans continues to be the quintessential leader. “I’ve come to believe the impossible things because Mike is the ultimate ‘possibilist,’” she said.


The Jpixx video crew visited the Hanbury Evans office to help capture employees’ favorite moments with Evans that inspire the rest of his team to believe in themselves and put forth their best effort. Of course we couldn’t have done it without the help of our assistant Jerry, a handy cellophane prop who contentedly watched with a bagel by his side.  

Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas Cellophane

For more updates on our video and film projects, follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Jpixx at Hanbury Evans in Norfolk

Creating a Body of Work for APM Spine & Sports

Tuesday marked the final day of shooting for APM Spine & Sports Physicians. Over the past few months, we’ve been gathering footage from interviews to B-roll in order to capture and represent all that the practice has to offer. The Jpixx team has filmed over the course of 3 shoot days to capture both locations and all doctors associated with the practice.

The marketing piece will be used in both offices’ waiting areas and be featured on the company website in order to create awareness of all the services APM offers.

“Folks might come here for one particular ache or pain and we want to spread the word that we treat a variety of issues,” practice administrator Rita Boslet said.

Our team started the morning by capturing B-roll of a real lumbar epidural procedural at APM’s Norfolk office. First, the photographers had to suit up in radiation gear.

Photographer in Radiation Vest

Once again, this project was in partnership with the wonderful Pam Catindig of Maverick Marketing, who waited patiently outside as the procedure took place. She said it was important that these were real patients undergoing actual procedures in the footage, allowing other patients to see how services are performed.

The final video will run between 30-45 minutes in length and feature physician interviews, procedural footage and facts to educate patients as they wait in the reception area.

For more pictures and updates on Jpixx activity, be sure to like us on Facebook.

Behind the Scenes of “Nearsighted” Project Greenlight Shoot

We’re wrapping up with Project Greenlight and hope you’ll consider becoming a judge so you can vote on the best videos (AKA our “Nearsighted”)!
Our full day of shooting began with most of the cast meeting at Jpixx headquarters for the “Nearsighted” Project Greenlight shoot at 9am on August 2nd.  Props and equipment were gathered by our crew, while hair, make-up, and wardrobe transformed our wonderful cast.


We headed over to Central 111 and, in no time, armed with fake mixed drinks, go-go dancers, a drag queen, and extra club-goers, filming began.  The club was bumping by noon!  We partied until the club opened at 4pm.  Check out the amazing and gorgeous cast/crew below!


Our hard-working intern, Chandler, caught some Zzzz’s while we waited for night to fall.


The evening was met with a lot of rain and patience.  After filming the front entrance scene, the entire cast and crew headed through a packed and provocatively dressed crowd, to the back entrance of the club.  (no we didn’t get pictures of that). Somewhere around midnight, we all huddled under umbrellas and our hatchback lids to eat Brothers Pizza, which for some reason was the best tasting pizza we had ever eaten.




We have to give a huge THANK YOU to our umbrella holders and all who persevered through the entire shoot until the final crew shot was taken at 2:15am!  Side note – Jon got to be the FIRST person young Morgan Bruce drove with outside of her family (learning permit). Woohooo!!!

You guys all rock! Thanks for coming together to put together this wonderful film!




Norfolk Music Video

Jpixx is teaming up with singer/songwriter Skye Zentz of Norfolk to film a music video for her catchy song, “The Tide”, an anthem to Norfolk, Virginia.  Listen to it here.

The music video will feature iconic sights, businesses, groups, organizations, and the people of Norfolk.  Skye’s song has already been featured on WHRO and has been endorsed by the city.  Skye is a pleasure to be around and we’ve had a blast on the first two days of shooting for the music video so be sure to stick around to see the final project!

The grand finale shoot is happening July 18th and you won’t want to miss that, I promise!  You can stay up to date and find more information about the open shoots around Norfolk by following her Facebook page and at #TheTideNFK.  If you’re interested in being a part of the music video or know of a company, group or organization that should be, it’s not too late to contact Skye and the crew at

D*Nik “Day & Night” Music Video premieres

Amidst a packed house at the Palace on Plume, Jpixx’s newest music video for D*Nik’s “Day & Night” premiered to a live performance by the band. Immediately following, D*Nik kept the buzz going with encore performances of other singles off their debut album “Rockz & Slingshotz.”

Last year D*Nik frontrunners Duane and Nakia (also married btw) approached Jpixx with an offer to collaborate on their first music video. After months of concepting and preparation, the shoot unfolded over the course of two days at TurboWash Laundromat in Norfolk, the Mansion in Portsmouth, and in downtown Newport News.

Since the release of the video, D*Nik has gotten some nice press, notably from Afropunk, which you can check out here:

Check out the actual music video below or check out some of the production shots from the shoot.

“Alcoholic” Royksopp Music Vid premiers at BFI

Being a puppet to alcoholism is no laughing matter… or is it?

A finalist on the website – “The Alcoholic” is a video set to the tune of a Royksopp song with the same name. Here we follow a man who finds himself a puppet to alcoholism. Intended to have the look of a comedy and the feel of a tragedy – this video juxtaposes the two with a combination of puppetry and live action. Think “Avenue Q” meets “Requiem for A Dream”

Although the film was selected as a Runner Up to the overall competition on Genero.TV – it was honorarily selected to premier at a special BUG event during London’s BFI (British Film Institute) screening. A special writeup can be found here.

Jpixx Films
Director / Editor / DOP – Jon Abrahams
Starring: Cory Evans (puppeteer), Robyn Meislohn, Cheryl Cochran, Ethan Marten
Written by Jon Abrahams and Jim McCullough
Special Thanks: Teviya Abrahams, Fareine Suarez, Eran Rubinstein, Havaca Johnson, Dustin & Faye Weant, Chris Curl, Al Gainey, Demece Williams, Judy Sharlow, Heather, Jean, Tango’s Tavern, First Landing State Park

Filmed in Virginia Beach, VA – USA

Leo Lee is in “The Pursuit of Happiness”

The Lee family got together in Orlando for the holiday season to celebrate the most highly anticipated family reunion EVER! Traveling from Switzerland, Ecuador, China and Canada.. not to mention Virginia, Louisiana, DC, Houston and Kansas City – we had to make a video to commemorate the event. What better person to lead us than our very own gangsta cousin, Leo Lee. Unfortunately, we only actually filmed a few minutes of dedicated footage for this video…. so there’s a lot of random clips in there… but Leo hams it up pretty good… AND the song is pretty awesome. Thanks KiD CuDi