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Vibrant Spaces Sprucing Up Downtown Norfolk

You may have heard about a “little” program called Vibrant Spaces recently. It might have been in Alt Daily…or maybe Inside Business. Or maybe you’ve even visited the website created by our friends over at Grow Interactive!

Drew Ungvarsky GrowVibrant Spaces is an exciting new project by the Downtown Norfolk Council designed to upgrade storefronts and inspire creative proposals to bring in businesses reminiscent of cool scenes like Nashville or San Francisco.

Nashville Imogene

Hudson Grace Storefront

So if you’ve been dying for Downtown Norfolk to get a new indoor bowling alley, now’s your chance to submit a proposal! If you’re selected, you could receive $20,000 and half off rent for TWO YEARS!! Think we need a new outdoors store? Submit your proposal! Ready to bring us a new Asian-Latin fusion restaurant? Check this out!

A total of SIX proposals will be chosen to inhabit a unique variety of space offerings. We should know, we’ve been to all of them! Jpixx worked with Grow and DNC to capture detailed shots of all of the spaces, and we also filmed the DNC Meeting where Drew Ungvarsky presented the details of the presentation (video to come). Be sure to check out the website to see the photos!

Photographer Vibrant Spaces

Vibrant spaces is also looking to spruce up existing storefronts by offering to match up to $10,000 for business renovations (should your idea be selected). Want a new sign? Perfect! Inspired by home improvement shows and ready to smash that front wall for a giant window concept? Smash away, my friend.* Make it big! Make it bold! Make it vibrant!

Applications close July 8, so get over there and make your dream a reality.

*Jpixx is not responsible for any demolition or reckless behavior inspired by this post. PLEASE contact DNC and read up on guidelines before going cray cray on your business. Matching grants will only be provided to vibrant ideas selected by the Council.