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Tag: Roc Solid Foundation

Eric Newman

The best part about the first time we sat down with Jpixx was that I gave a crazy idea, and no one blinked twice. When we met Jpixx, it was a breath of fresh air. We’d gone through a bunch of different production companies. All of them did great work, but when it’s time for me to start brainstorming, I throw a lot of stuff out there. And from the very beginning, Jpixx has embraced my creativity and allowed me to dream and not make me feel like the craziest guy in the world.

When we’re looking for people to partner with, we look for people that give everything that they have. They leave no stone unturned. If things go wrong, you don’t know. And they’re still smiling. But there’s never been a time that I haven’t walked onto set when there isn’t hugs and high fives all the way around. No matter how stressful the environment, no matter how hot and sweaty some of these shoots are, it’s just hugs and high fives all the way around.

I don’t think professional begins to describe Jpixx. It’s their creativity, and everyone there knows exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. And the professional atmosphere–I haven’t seen anything like it.

Just working with Jpixx, some of the things I’ve asked them to do, they’ve done it. And they’ve done it with excellence. And to me, there is no other production company out there other than Jpixx. The product is always excellent, excellent, excellent.