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Jpixx/In Captivity receives full feature spread in “The Beacon”

Today’s edition of the “Virginia Pilot’s Beacon” featured a full-page color article on Jpixx founders Jon and Teviya Abrahams. The article, which can be found here, goes into the creative process of their award winning film “In Captivity” and introduces further insight on future developments. You can also read the text below:

By Sandra J. Pennecke
Virginian-Pilot correspondent
© August 1, 2012

Teviya and Jon Abrahams love to tell stories.

Their latest story, “In Captivity,” is a six-minute film that was named the winner of the 48-Hour Film Project.

The competition this year had more than 3,500 teams from 100 cities around the world submit films.

Participants are given a character (Tim or Tammie), a prop (playing cards), a line of dialogue (“There’s not enough time”) and a genre (superhero).

Then they have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and score their film. Jon’s high school friend from Kansas City, Jim McCullough, joined with them on the project as one of the writers and special effects specialists.

Scenes shot across Hampton Roads – including the beach, Mount Trashmore and a parking garage in Norfolk – are seen throughout the film.

“It was a huge collaborative effort,” Jon said about the brainstorming, writing, acting and more.

“The 48 hours is like a double-edged sword because it forces you to get things done and make decisions, but it also forces you to make decisions as quickly as you can,” said Jon.

“In Captivity” was selected as the International Grand Prize winner at the Filmapalooza in New Mexico in March.

“I think one of the reasons we won was because it’s a very touching film and it really grabs you,” Teviya said. The film has a plot twist near the conclusion that deals with autism.

The film won Best Film, Honorable Mention for Directing, Best Editing and Best Special Effects.

At the end of May several members of the team – including McCullough, and Jon and Teviya Abrahams – traveled to the Cannes Film Festival.

Dressed in black tie and gown, the couple briefly walked the red carpet, attended screenings, met filmmakers from around the world, stayed in a villa in a nearby town, and soaked in the celebration.

“It’s an amazing feeling of validity that something I’m passionate about is recognized by people in the industry,” Jon said.

The couple met while both were attending the University of Missouri.

“We’ve always been a great team,” said Teviya, noting Jon plays the piano while she sings.

Teviya, 32, studied art education and Jon, 31, majored in photojournalism. They graduated in 2002 and it’s been a whirlwind of delving into the field, entering competitions and becoming parents to their son, Nova, who is now 14 months old. Jon works on video and photography with Jpixx Films.

This is not the first time they have entered the 48-Hour Film Project. They won for their film, “Passion Fruit,” in 2010.

Jon is busy working on his next big idea and said a feature film is in his future. They also plan to enter the Sundance Film Festival.

“We are on some kind of wave, a momentum,” Teviya said.

“What does this mean for our future, if this is something we can do in 48 hours?” Jon said.