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Behind the Scenes of “Nearsighted” Project Greenlight Shoot

We’re wrapping up with Project Greenlight and hope you’ll consider becoming a judge so you can vote on the best videos (AKA our “Nearsighted”)!
Our full day of shooting began with most of the cast meeting at Jpixx headquarters for the “Nearsighted” Project Greenlight shoot at 9am on August 2nd.  Props and equipment were gathered by our crew, while hair, make-up, and wardrobe transformed our wonderful cast.


We headed over to Central 111 and, in no time, armed with fake mixed drinks, go-go dancers, a drag queen, and extra club-goers, filming began.  The club was bumping by noon!  We partied until the club opened at 4pm.  Check out the amazing and gorgeous cast/crew below!


Our hard-working intern, Chandler, caught some Zzzz’s while we waited for night to fall.


The evening was met with a lot of rain and patience.  After filming the front entrance scene, the entire cast and crew headed through a packed and provocatively dressed crowd, to the back entrance of the club.  (no we didn’t get pictures of that). Somewhere around midnight, we all huddled under umbrellas and our hatchback lids to eat Brothers Pizza, which for some reason was the best tasting pizza we had ever eaten.




We have to give a huge THANK YOU to our umbrella holders and all who persevered through the entire shoot until the final crew shot was taken at 2:15am!  Side note – Jon got to be the FIRST person young Morgan Bruce drove with outside of her family (learning permit). Woohooo!!!

You guys all rock! Thanks for coming together to put together this wonderful film!