From Space to Village..to Village…to Village

If you’ve been keeping up with our Facebook page at all, you know that we’ve been doing a bit of country hopping on behalf of our newest film project. SERVIR is a collaboration of NASA and USAID to make satellite images practical and accessible among local countries, ministries, universities and a multitude of other stakeholders. Got a deforestation problem? SERVIR can help by interpreting satellite images. Flooding? SERVIR. Climate problems?…you get the point. SERVIR Conference It’s a project we fully support and believe in, so we packed up and began traveling. First stop was the U.S. capital at the USAID office! We spoke with Carrie Stokes, mother of SERVIR, and Jenny Frankel-Reed, the superwoman who keeps it at top speed.USAID Film Interview Then we did a little space exploration in Alabama with our new friends at NASA. MAJOR thanks and a huge shoutout to Tim Hall, Director of Communications at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and an overall amazing human being. US Space and Rocket That’s not to leave out the wonderful Paula Link, NASA project coordinator and the rest of the SERVIR team in Huntsville. A highlight of our trip was the opportunity to interview Dan Irwin, father of SERVIR. Dan Irwin SERVIR From there we jetted across the world to Nairobi, Kenya; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Bangkok, Thailand – with a few fun layovers in between at Dubai, Delhi, Tokyo…you can just call us citizens of the world. RCMRD SERVIR Keep following our blog for more updates on our trip!  

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