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A taste of the NSA experience

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy welcomed the Jpixx crew back to school to shoot interviews of staff, faculty and students for a series of videos about the NSA mission and history using their personal experiences with the school. “Honor Above All” was a phrase we heard often during our visit at NSA, which is also the school’s motto.

It took our crew two long shoot long days to cover both campuses but we got to see the Upper School Ceremony, Friday Night Football and the 3D Printing Lab in action – along with scores of after-school activities that highlighted the NSA experience. Check out some BTS photos of our memorable time with the Saints!


The kids were enamored with Jon’s camera and immediately flocked to him to see what he was doing. I think we have some future photographers on our hands!


The kids are simulating plate tectonics using graham crackers and chocolate.


Things got yummy and messy at the same time lol

LCD action!


Chandler unintentionally (or intentionally?) striking a male model pose while holding the movi, we should secretly submit him to Americas Next Top Model. Right?

Patrick Whelan (NSA Alum and Dean of Students) Gettin’ powdered up. Sometimes you gotta do it for the cam lol


Jon loving what he does…so obvi!


These two (Karen Schompert and Kristine Bryne) having fun in the field.

To top it off we even met a student (Violet Johnston) at NSA who we found out is in a family of budding actors. Well, after one phone call and audition, her sister Olivia landed a starring role in our newest short film Carried Away, which premiered at Filmily Fest in December.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program – without further ado please sit back and prepared to be dazzled with one of our finished videos! And if you are in need of some of this magical video branding dazzle please give us a shout here to see how we can help you #shamelessplug 🙂

If you are interested in enrolling your child at NSA, be sure to attend their open house to learn more.

Open house dates:
Main Campus – January 8, 2017 to register click here
Harbour View Campus – January 22, 2017 to register click here

To learn more about Nansemond-Suffolk Academy, please check out their website.

Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?

Jon recently spoke to a room full of budding entrepreneurs in the Tidewater Community College Business Club. The topic of discussion was, “The Importance of Creating Effective Communication for Entrepreneurs.” 

Jpixx has taken off within the past three years and generated a lot of buzz within the local Hampton Roads community, thus Jon had great insights to share.

So, gather ’round entrepreneurs and take note of these tips that’ll help you effectively communicate with your audience and, in turn, successfully market and grow your business!

Marketing starts as soon as you have a business idea
Once the lightbulb turns on above your head, grab a notebook and get to work! Allocate a percentage of your time and resources each week to creating a marketing plan and bringing your ideas to life. Start by answering a few questions:

  • Where will your business be located?
  • Who is your customer and why should they purchase your product or service? 
  • How will you establish your brand identity? (Logos, imagery, website, tagline, print materials etc.)



Remember to alway be efficient with with your energy by focusing on setting goals and achieving results.

Know your audience
After you determine who your customer is, do some research. Figure out what message will resonate with them the most and then find the best mediums to deliver that message.

  • Is the majority of your audience on Twitter,  Snapchat or LinkedIn?
  • What questions do they have and what do they already know?

Also, think about how you’ll establish a clear voice for your brand, whether it be humorous or heartfelt, in order to effectively communicate and engage with your audience. 

Build meaningful relationships
Take advantage of existing relationships and work on building new ones. You’re going to need help along your journey to entrepreneurship! Know what you can offer and barter with other young businesses so that everyone can benefit and grow together.


Lastly, remember the importance of references, good business practices and customer service. Your reputation will either make or break your business!

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Case Study: Space to Village with SERVIR

As a video-led digital marketing agency, storytelling is a part of our DNA. We bring brands to life by using film techniques to craft narratives and visuals that go far beyond the standard TV commercial. Long gone are the days of simply flashing your product or service across your audiences’ screens. It’s essential that organizations have a plan for keeping their audiences entertained with their messaging, and how that branded content will fit into their marketing toolbox.

Think about your audience and what resonates with them the most. Which emotions and visuals will spark their interest and make your brand unforgettable?


Last summer, we were tapped by SERVIR – a joint venture between NASA and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) – to journey across the world to Thailand, Bangladesh, Kenya and Nepal capturing what the program encompasses and who it affects. Through the use of satellite-based Earth monitoring data, SERVIR helps developing nations combat environmental challenges from flooding to water and food security.

The organization’s immense impact on nations across the world warranted a film that took an out-of-the-box approach to the traditional way in which government videos are produced. We accomplished this by…

Taking a cinematic approach

  • Live action scenes: used throughout the film in order provide a more natural depiction of the citizens within their environment.
  • Unscripted interviews: we include multiple interviews from SERVIR representatives, including NASA SERVIR Coordination Office Director Dan Irwin and USAID Climate Change Specialist Jenny Frankel-Reed, in order to have multiple voices driving the narrative.
    • The unscripted interviews also help convey the passion SERVIR employees feel about the project, which really helps bring the story home.

Each of these elements make the film feel like more of documentary as opposed to just another informational video.


Providing emotional value and scope

  • Connectivity: The film’s genuine connection with the audience is established by having our subjects looking directly into the camera and speaking from the heart.


  • Scope: We play up the global scope of the project by opening and closing the film with steadicam shots of subjects walking away and towards the camera in their natural environments.
    • The film wraps with a video collage of hands being held around the world to demonstrate the bond each citizen shares because of the impact SERVIR has on their country.

Motion Graphics

We love bringing a commercial polish to our films, and working directly with NASA gave us the opportunity to create some really unique title and motion graphic sequences from scratch.  These illustrative cutaways not only increase the production value of the piece, but help visually explain information that otherwise could not be captured from cameras on the ground.


  • Emotional Impact: Outside of serving as a wonderful marketing piece for SERVIR, the film left an emotional impact on both NASA and USAID internally.
    • Most notably, prominent figures within SERVIR were brought to tears during the initial viewing of the film.
  • Organizational Bonding: According to Stacy Whittle, SERVIR’s Senior Lead for Communications, seeing everyone’s hard work culminated into one emotionally riveting film helped facilitate a closer bond among everyone within the organization.


Overall, the team couldn’t have been more proud of this project! We were able to successfully craft a message-driven narrative that shed light on SERVIR and the environmental issues facing nations across the world. Now for the main event…

Take a look at the film below!

Visit Tumblr for a behind-the-scenes gallery of the trip!

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Celebrating Mike Evans, “The Ultimate ‘Possibilist'”

This December, the folks at Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company (HEWV) took a moment to celebrate the career of beloved founder Mike Evans. A narrative tribute was the highlight of the celebration, featuring several of the company’s employees and clients nation-wide. 



Deborah Marquardt, Hanbury Evans public relations director, said Evans continues to be the quintessential leader. “I’ve come to believe the impossible things because Mike is the ultimate ‘possibilist,’” she said.


The Jpixx video crew visited the Hanbury Evans office to help capture employees’ favorite moments with Evans that inspire the rest of his team to believe in themselves and put forth their best effort. Of course we couldn’t have done it without the help of our assistant Jerry, a handy cellophane prop who contentedly watched with a bagel by his side.  

Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas Cellophane

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Jpixx at Hanbury Evans in Norfolk

Creating a Body of Work for APM Spine & Sports

Tuesday marked the final day of shooting for APM Spine & Sports Physicians. Over the past few months, we’ve been gathering footage from interviews to B-roll in order to capture and represent all that the practice has to offer. The Jpixx team has filmed over the course of 3 shoot days to capture both locations and all doctors associated with the practice.

The marketing piece will be used in both offices’ waiting areas and be featured on the company website in order to create awareness of all the services APM offers.

“Folks might come here for one particular ache or pain and we want to spread the word that we treat a variety of issues,” practice administrator Rita Boslet said.

Our team started the morning by capturing B-roll of a real lumbar epidural procedural at APM’s Norfolk office. First, the photographers had to suit up in radiation gear.

Photographer in Radiation Vest

Once again, this project was in partnership with the wonderful Pam Catindig of Maverick Marketing, who waited patiently outside as the procedure took place. She said it was important that these were real patients undergoing actual procedures in the footage, allowing other patients to see how services are performed.

The final video will run between 30-45 minutes in length and feature physician interviews, procedural footage and facts to educate patients as they wait in the reception area.

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Here at Jpixx, we know a good video is an essential marketing tool. That’s why we’ve partnered with Rubin Communications Group to make a series of ‘SMART’ profile videos to promote local companies. Check out the Rubin Communications Group post with a collection for more ‘SMART’ Jpixx samples.

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