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Meet Hanna, our new Intern!

We have a brand new addition to the Jpixx team… Hanna! Our FIRST-ever PRODUCER Intern! We are so excited to be bringing a budding producer into the fold and expanding our capabilities! We interviewed Hanna so you can get to know a little bit more about her, her work, and what she will be up to here at Jpixx HQ.

Where are you from?

I’m from Virginia Beach, born and raised!

What was your major at UVA and how did you discover that passion?

My major at UVA was “Media Studies”. It sounds vague, but the umbrella term allowed me to explore many different pockets of the media world to find what I enjoyed most. There were two tracks to choose from: Policy and Ethics or Film Concentration. I hadn’t realized film and television was the industry I wanted to pursue until my final year at UVA, so I was following the P&E track. Looking back, I wish I had taken more film courses, but I’m so thankful to have been able to explore topics such as journalism, consumer and trans-media culture, artificial intelligence, advertising, interactive storytelling, and even food media. Go Hoos!

Favorite songs to work to?

Wow, it really depends on the day. My go-to is a mix of my favorite funk, EDM, and house artists, but there are also days when all I want to hear are alt/indie artists Mt. Joy or Cage the Elephant.

How was your first 48?

The 48 Hour Film Project was the FIRST exposure I have had to proper film production, other than my documentary capstone in school. I LOVED IT! Being surrounded by so many kind, patient, and talented professionals was inspiring and it pushed me to be better and work harder. I am forever thankful to Jon and Jpixx for allowing an inexperienced individual like me to work alongside them on such a high-pressure project. And I have to say, it turned out to be pretty good! Watch the trailer and check out the BTS here!

Favorite thing you’ve done so far at Jpixx?

So far, I think the Grand Illumination Parade has been one of my favorite experiences at Jpixx. I got to work in yet another high-pressure environment with people who share the same passions as me, and I was running on adrenaline the entire time. It was so fun to run around the streets of downtown Norfolk and capture the holiday spirit in real-time. 

What are your career goals?

I have a background in radio and event planning, so gaining experience with a video agency is really helping boost my skill set to work on larger production projects. A dream of mine is to work in Hollywood as a producer and attend a red-carpet movie premiere. It might sound silly, but it lives in the back of my mind and drives me to pursue my goals every day. If I find myself in a ‘Hollywood adjacent’ position one day, I would be just as satisfied knowing I worked hard and made it into a well-established studio. 

The thing you’re looking forward to as a producer intern?

I am looking forward to learning about the production process from start to finish. I enjoy meeting new people and building connections, so having a client-based approach to digital media is exciting! Going on shoots is also something I enjoy doing; I like to watch the production plans come together in one final product. 

Fun facts about yourself?

My favorite color is orange, I can quote extensively from Pirates of the Caribbean, and I enjoy going to music festivals! Also, if you can’t tell, I don’t hold fish often. 

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