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It’s Getting Hot in Here … with DuPont and VB Fire & EMS!

DuPont Sustainable Solutions recently brought in Jpixx to shoot and edit a series of training videos at the Virginia Beach Fire & EMS Training Center. The shoot was held over night shoot and involved a roaring fire, drone shots, a lightning storm, dog and volunteer Virginia Beach firefighters coming in to save the day! For a first hand view of what the shoot was like, keep scrollin’ below!
Jessa and April checking out the 70+ shot list, which was incredible…as in soooo much to cover! But the Jpixx crew got it all.
IMG_7848 IMG_7870
Crew flicks on set!
 Jon checking out the drone shot with Jimmy, the drone operator.
 Everyone wore boots to combat the muddy conditions. IMG_7863
A few good men … aka firefighters!
We started the shoot at 6pm and ended after 3am, right before the scheduled thunderstorm! Safe to say it was a good day… er… night 🙂

Jpixx Springing up all over Hampton Roads

So far, 2016 has kept the entire Jpixx outfit on their toes. From the Portsmouth Public Schools Google Chromebook Launch to the TAO Sea Level Festival earlier this month, Jpixx has worked on some amazing projects with some incredible people. But don’t worry if you missed the latest — all highlights are right here, just for you. Portsmouth Public Schools partners with Jpixx for Google Chromebook Launch Jpixx was on location to capture the reactions of over 4,000 high schoolers the day they were gifted brand new Google Chromebooks throughout the city of Portsmouth. In conjunction with Virginia’s e-Learning Backpack Initiative and Google For Education the laptops have opened a world of opportunity for the students  to expand their education beyond the classroom. Jpixx nabs 2016 Beacon Award at Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival The annual TAO Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival showcased some serious talent this year and proved yet again that Norfolk’s locals know how to really bring the house down. Spearheading the festival’s digital marketing efforts was the Jpixx crew, who made a special appearance on stage to receive the 2016 Beacon Award for contributions made to TAO throughout the years. Needless to say, there were a lot of high fives that day. Check out all the Emerging Artist performances on the Jpixx YouTube channel. *A big congratulations to Andy Geels, the festival’s Emerging Artist Contest winner and also to Katie Howard, who was voted the audience favorite in the Jpixx online poll. As the winner of the Emerging Artist Contest Audience Poll, Howard will be receiving a free HD music video experience from Jpixx – stay tuned! Hampton Roads “The Tide” to make waves at NOVA Film Festival While we’re talking music… The city of Norfolk will be making a splash at this year’s Northern Virginia Film and Music Festival, taking place this week April 21st – 30th in the DC Metro area. Jpixx’ awarded-winning music video “The Tide” — written by Norfolk native, singer/songwriter Skye Zentz as an ode to her beloved hometown — is set to screen Monday, April 25th at the Angelika Film Center in Fairfax, Virginia. Help make “The Tide” Norfolk’s official anthem! Jpixx Takes over Downtown Norfolk Even if you haven’t seen any of our work on TV or spotted our latest projects online, you might’ve been lucky enough to have caught Jpixx in action. From the unveiling of the new Lights over Granby during First Fridays in April, helping celebrate the renovated Spirit of Norfolk at the unveiling last week to promoting the Nauticus National Maritime Center or filming with mayoral candidate “Kenny” Alexander, Jpixx has been hustling to capture Norfolk at its best. Hampton Roads

Case Study: Space to Village with SERVIR

As a video-led digital marketing agency, storytelling is a part of our DNA. We bring brands to life by using film techniques to craft narratives and visuals that go far beyond the standard TV commercial. Long gone are the days of simply flashing your product or service across your audiences’ screens. It’s essential that organizations have a plan for keeping their audiences entertained with their messaging, and how that branded content will fit into their marketing toolbox. Think about your audience and what resonates with them the most. Which emotions and visuals will spark their interest and make your brand unforgettable? SERVIR Last summer, we were tapped by SERVIR – a joint venture between NASA and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) – to journey across the world to Thailand, Bangladesh, Kenya and Nepal capturing what the program encompasses and who it affects. Through the use of satellite-based Earth monitoring data, SERVIR helps developing nations combat environmental challenges from flooding to water and food security. The organization’s immense impact on nations across the world warranted a film that took an out-of-the-box approach to the traditional way in which government videos are produced. We accomplished this by… Taking a cinematic approach
  • Live action scenes: used throughout the film in order provide a more natural depiction of the citizens within their environment.
  • Unscripted interviews: we include multiple interviews from SERVIR representatives, including NASA SERVIR Coordination Office Director Dan Irwin and USAID Climate Change Specialist Jenny Frankel-Reed, in order to have multiple voices driving the narrative.
    • The unscripted interviews also help convey the passion SERVIR employees feel about the project, which really helps bring the story home.
Each of these elements make the film feel like more of documentary as opposed to just another informational video. SERVIR Providing emotional value and scope
  • Connectivity: The film’s genuine connection with the audience is established by having our subjects looking directly into the camera and speaking from the heart.
  • Scope: We play up the global scope of the project by opening and closing the film with steadicam shots of subjects walking away and towards the camera in their natural environments.
    • The film wraps with a video collage of hands being held around the world to demonstrate the bond each citizen shares because of the impact SERVIR has on their country.
Motion Graphics We love bringing a commercial polish to our films, and working directly with NASA gave us the opportunity to create some really unique title and motion graphic sequences from scratch.  These illustrative cutaways not only increase the production value of the piece, but help visually explain information that otherwise could not be captured from cameras on the ground. Results
  • Emotional Impact: Outside of serving as a wonderful marketing piece for SERVIR, the film left an emotional impact on both NASA and USAID internally.
    • Most notably, prominent figures within SERVIR were brought to tears during the initial viewing of the film.
  • Organizational Bonding: According to Stacy Whittle, SERVIR’s Senior Lead for Communications, seeing everyone’s hard work culminated into one emotionally riveting film helped facilitate a closer bond among everyone within the organization.
SERVIR Overall, the team couldn’t have been more proud of this project! We were able to successfully craft a message-driven narrative that shed light on SERVIR and the environmental issues facing nations across the world. Now for the main event… Take a look at the film below! Visit Tumblr for a behind-the-scenes gallery of the trip! Stay connected with Jpixx by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Instagram!  

Cox 11 Studios Takeover

We recently teamed up with Cox 11 Studios for a photography session in order to create posters for the station’s TV shows. Cox 11, which is programmed and operated by Cox Communications, is known for being Hampton Roads’ only truly, local community station. According to Program and Production Manager Will Rodriguez, Cox 11 is, “for Hampton Roads, by Hampton Roads, about Hampton Roads.” We had a great time taking over their studio for a day where we were able to shoot a variety of looks, from white and green screen to studio space. The Jpixx crew captured some super fun images of talent from: Check out the Jpixx crew (aka the coolest kids on the planet) behind-the-scenes with Alexis and the cast of A Las 11 Por El 11 below!
Cox 11
Top-right photo courtesy of Patricia Avila
Of course, we couldn’t help pulling out our handy-dandy 360-camera! We wrapped up our A Las 11 Por El 11 shoot with a 360-shot that you can interact with below.
360 Green screen #photoshoot in progress at Cox11 with the “A las 11 por el 11” cast in #Chesapeake, VA #jpixx #studio #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA
Jpixx has a great history and relationship with Cox 11. Our previous projects have included producing Hot Ticket featurettes, like last year’s Charles Dickens’ Christmas Towne. The station was also a proud sponsor of our sold-out Filmily Fest. We look forward to future collaborations with the gracious team and talent over at Cox 11! If you’re looking to gain exposure for your short film, web series, music video or short documentary, great news! Short Film Showcase is currently accepting entries. Reach out to Cox 11 and be sure to include “Short Film Showcase” in the subject line. Good luck! 

Meet the Filmily – Maria Soliven, Video Editor

Today marks the start of our “Meet the Filmily” series and the debut of our new short horror film, The Cut! Over the course of the year, we’ll be spotlighting members of the Jpixx team. We’re kicking things of with one of our incredibly talented video editors, Maria Soliven. She’s been with us for over a year slicing and dicing exceptional work and for some reason, she is the only one who has a history of hearing creepy things in the night! As a notorious night owl, Maria can often be found working late at Jpixx headquarters. In The Cut, she has a frightening encounter with a familiar face during one of her late-night work binges. Without giving away anymore details, here’s our new horror! (created by Karla, Jon and of course Maria) *Disclaimer – you just might wet your pants.* Stick around for a Q+A with Maria below! What do you like most about working at Jpixx? The people. I’m surrounded by people who love what they do, and it makes for such a great environment. I’ve learned so much from everyone since being there, and they’re always down to give me feedback and help me produce bigger & better things. They’re a bunch of characters, too. They’re jokesters, firecrackers, talented, professional, laid back, & crazy. Good crazy. What has been your favorite project to work on and why? There’s like an eleven-way tie, but I have enjoyed editing ESI’s webisodes. The actors are hilarious & the scripts are great. Sometimes I’m giggling to myself like an idiot while I’m putting the video together. And no matter how many times I watch a scene over, I’ll keep giggling. If you could switch jobs with anyone else within Jpixx, whose job would you want? Epic (Jon & Teviya’s 2-year old daughter). She just kinda strolls in and owns the place. People would be surprised if they knew… How much I love Chick Fil-A What’s your motto or personal mantra? Whenever I make a mistake – “It’s part of the joke” When I find enough money under the floor mat to pay for a toll – “It’s part of the joke” When the power goes out while it’s crunch time – “It’s part of the joke” When the server gets my order wrong – “It’s part of the joke” When I run into someone I’ve been meaning to see – “It’s part of the joke” When I go grocery shopping on Columbus Day and my total adds up to be $14.92 – “It’s part of the joke” When I’ve had a long day and I throw my keys onto the table and it lands in a bowl of soup – “It’s part of the joke” It keeps my attitude light. Life can be ridiculous & unbelievable, but if you just go with the flow and wait it out, there’s always something good at the end. Punchlines everywhere. Filmily If you think Maria is super cool, there’s plenty more to come! We’ll be back in April to introduce another member of the Jpixx crew. Stay tuned!

Jpixx Sizzle Reel Goes Live

Featuring brand new clips from the past two years – Jpixx enters 2016 with a brand new Sizzle Reel – showing off its work and capabilities all at once. Join Jon, Teviya, Jessa, Nate and the gang as Jpixx captures life creatively for businesses and organizations around the world.

Meet Our NEW Intern!

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea Lindsay, and I’m Jpixx’ newest intern. Sunflowers Briefcase intern I’m excited to bring my passion for film to the Jpixx office. My background is in live-action film and animation for narrative works. I think my style meshes with Jpixx well! See the resemblance? (I worked on The Rematch as an animator.) Intern Photo The Rematch In addition to film work, I have a love for all things Japan, including origami- to the point that I have an origami-making charity called Cranes for Cancer centered around it. Origami Charity But most of all, I love creating interesting and entertaining films through animation and beyond. I can’t wait to get started working with the Jpixx team! Nice to meet y’all!

From Space to Village..to Village…to Village

If you’ve been keeping up with our Facebook page at all, you know that we’ve been doing a bit of country hopping on behalf of our newest film project. SERVIR is a collaboration of NASA and USAID to make satellite images practical and accessible among local countries, ministries, universities and a multitude of other stakeholders. Got a deforestation problem? SERVIR can help by interpreting satellite images. Flooding? SERVIR. Climate problems?…you get the point. SERVIR Conference It’s a project we fully support and believe in, so we packed up and began traveling. First stop was the U.S. capital at the USAID office! We spoke with Carrie Stokes, mother of SERVIR, and Jenny Frankel-Reed, the superwoman who keeps it at top speed.USAID Film Interview Then we did a little space exploration in Alabama with our new friends at NASA. MAJOR thanks and a huge shoutout to Tim Hall, Director of Communications at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and an overall amazing human being. US Space and Rocket That’s not to leave out the wonderful Paula Link, NASA project coordinator and the rest of the SERVIR team in Huntsville. A highlight of our trip was the opportunity to interview Dan Irwin, father of SERVIR. Dan Irwin SERVIR From there we jetted across the world to Nairobi, Kenya; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Bangkok, Thailand – with a few fun layovers in between at Dubai, Delhi, Tokyo…you can just call us citizens of the world. RCMRD SERVIR Keep following our blog for more updates on our trip!  

Your NEW VPA Board Member

Stop everything! News alert: we’re so excited to announce that Jon Abrahams, Director and Co-Owner of Jpixx, is the newest board member of the Virginia Production Alliance’s Hampton Roads Chapter! DC Jpixx After being a member of the Alliance for many years and also creating this awesome promo, Jon is thrilled to be joining a great group of board members. Leading the board is Chairman Tom White, who best explained what the mission of the VPA is: “The Virginia Production Alliance exists to inspire professional development in our student filmmakers, provide advocacy for film production in Richmond and to encourage the collaboration and networking of Virginia’s most creative minds in film and television.” VPA Chairman Tom White After more than a decade in film, Jon looks forward to joining this collaborative effort to inspire a new generation of filmmakers right in our backyard. Finally, we were tickled pink by White’s touching words about our group and fearless leader. “I believe that Jon Abrahams and Jpixx are a perfect example of the talented collaborators the VPA is looking to bring together,” White said. “Jon has been a representative of our film community, a teacher to many, and a friend to all. I’m proud and honored to have him serve as a sitting member on this year’s board.” The VPA has big plans for this year, so stay tuned to our blog and the VPA Hampton Roads Facebook Page to find out more!

“The Tide” Music Video Is Now Available!

It’s been a long wait but now, it’s finally here! Head to www.skyezentzmusic.com to see the full Jpixx/Skye Zentz collaborative music video for “The Tide.” This ode to Norfolk reflects more than a year’s worth of dedication from our director Jon Abrahams, artist Skye Zentz and more than 300 local participants. Thanks to the Daily Press and Mike Holtzclaw for their continued coverage on our video and the awesome review!

Wrapping Up Sea Level

What an incredible weekend at the 8th Annual Sea Level Singer-Songwriter Festival! We kicked it off at the Roper Center with Sarah Jarosz, and Jon even got a picture with her afterward. Jon Sarah Jarosz The next day, we were back in Downtown Norfolk for the kickoff to First Fridays. Hundreds of people gathered for hours of fun from local merchants including balloons, face painting and balloon animals. First Fridays NorfolkFirst Friday Painting First Fridays Crowd at First Fridays The next day was a big day for us! Finally, the moment we’d all been waiting for – the launch of the music video for Skye Zentz’ song “The Tide.” Jon spent many long hours editing the video down to the wire and we couldn’t have been happier about the response. The launch party at O’Connor’s Brewing Co. was a major success thanks to all the awesome vendors and artists who helped out. We had a booth from Kitsch,  DJP and MrT, Shara Wertz (on face paint), 757 Makerspace, The Scene and a giant art area with Amanda Page Stephens. Skye even took part in the face painting fun! Face Painting SkyeLaunch Party Booth We also had great performances from Little Pants and Ian Randall Thornton! O'Connor Brewing Band Finally, we closed off the night with the Emerging Artist Contest. The event showcased some truly amazing talent, right here in Hampton Roads! Singer Sea Level Festival Sea Level Fest If you weren’t able to make it out this year, be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on next year’s event and videos from 2015! Special thanks to:
  • Sea Level Festival and Tidewater Arts Outreach
  • Skye Zentz
  • Bobby Hollywood – our AMAZING MC
  • Downtown Norfolk Council
  • Reed and Associates (who sponsored our VIP section in a major way)
  • And last but not least, the people who keep us on track, the amazing Jpixx crew

Sea Level Festival Returns for Another Year

It feels like we just wrapped up the 2014 Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival and the Emerging Artists Contest, and here we are again for another year! The 8th Annual Festival, benefitting Tidewater Arts Outreach is back with an awesome lineup! You can keep up with all the latest photos and videos right on the 2015 page. Instruments of Art Gala It all starts Thursday, April 2 kicking off at FM Restaurant with Paul Norfleet, followed by Matt Vollmer at Gershwin’s, Jacob Vanko at Grilled Cheese Bistro and ending with headliner Sarah Jarosz. The first three events are free and you can buy tickets to Sarah Jarosz right here.Concert Sarah Jarosz On Friday, the fun continues with more free events! Come celebrate the kick off to First Fridays from 5 – 8:30 p.m. in the Norfolk Arts District. Admire the intricate instruments, pose with animals at the petting zoo and take home a tshirt and balloon animal. Afterward, visit the Parlor on Granby for a Local Artists Showcase. Festival Audience Wrap up the Festival on Saturday starting at the School of Rock at 11 a.m. for a Jesse Chong Workshop: Tech Gear for the Solo Artist. Then, join us over beers (or soft drinks) at O’Connor Brewing Co. for the WE ARE NFK LAUNCH PARTY. We’ve got several musical acts lined up, ending with Skye Zentz and the Jpixx collaborated music video premiere. It’s free and family friendly; why wouldn’t you be there?! Next, scoot yourself over to the Emerging Artist Showcase at 7 p.m. at the Hackney Theater. Tickets are just $10 in advance or $15 at the door – buy yours here! Singer Logan Layman It all ends at Charlie’s Cafe at 10 p.m. with a free show of Who We Are Not. We can’t wait to enjoy all the festivities and hope to see you out! For more updates, check out the Sea Level page on our website. And be sure to follow us on Twitter for live updates throughout the festival.

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