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The Things We Make Our Interns Do

With Fall upon us, the time has come to say goodbye to our summer interns.  But we never formally introduced them!

First, we introduce our video production intern and our Andy Dick lookalike, Chandler Perry, AKA Sweet Pea.  He attends James Madison University….and today he celebrates his 22nd birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

Chandler is quirky, funny, and multi-talented.  He’s also pretty good at introducing himself…

Chandler also created this second intern video to introduce Joe, our marketing intern.  Joe is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech with a marketing degree.  He’s responsible, serious, and thorough.

Despite the video, Chandler and Joe really do complement each other!

The Things We Make Our Interns Do

Endlessly hold up reflectors.


Dress up as a mascot.


Use expensive equipment.


Hang out with girls in bikinis.


Put away all the equipment.


We definitely don’t make them fall asleep on the job…


We may also make them cook us some great lasagne, but no one has proof of that!

While we may be saying “Hello, Goodbye” to our first round of summer interns, they’re saying hello to opportunities!  Wishing Joe and Chandler all the best!