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Electronic Systems Inc. Adventure!

Wow-e-wow, we have been logging some mileage lately. A lot of work comes from the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area, but lately, the Jpixx team has been all over the place for our friendly neighbor and client Electronic Systems Inc.

Our first day of filming was at their Virginia Beach location, just a short drive away from our new headquarters. You know we brought the A-Team of gear – DSLRs, Lights, the MoVi, and Drone! On a tight deadline, our goal was to get multiple shots at various locations. Everyone was eager to help out and be on camera, which made our job smooth sailing.

Marketing Director Jim Haney was an awesome team leader to have throughout the process- from tours, to shot ideas, to just pure energy. Not to mention, we received some dope swag bags for the quick turnaround. ESI has some fantastic, branded goodies!

Karla put in some work on the MoVi, getting better and better with each use! Plus that Whole30 diet with bar classes makes her the office’s Hercules. She has absolutely been crushing it, as our newest full-time employee. The gear we use is not feather-weight; you need to be able to lift about 30-50 lbs at any given time. Loading and unloading our cars at shoots is the fun part… said no one ever. But, despite the fact the equipment is hefty- the results are phenomenal. The smoothness of the MoVi is just unreal!!!

Everyone at ESI was very friendly and even excited to be on camera. We captured everyone under the sun including technicians, receptionists, and project managers. They all rock and love what they do (it’s pretty obvious when you talk to them). Cannot wait to see what they have planned for their Open House this Fall; we want to see that cool 3D printer in action again! Thank you Electronic Systems Inc. of Virginia Beach and Ashland!!!

If you haven’t already done so, and even if you have, take a look at ESI’s new company overview video!!! With an amazing job all around from ESI, Jpixx, and more- it’s worth the view! Click the link and maybe you will hear a familiar voice OR see some familiar faces. 


360-Degree Music Video (ESI)

A while back, we had the priviledge of attending ESI’s 35-th Anniversary Open House (see all about it in the video at the bottom of the page). Well while we ran around and covered the festivities – we also manned a booth where we debuted one of our new 360-degree video cameras, where we collected open-house attendees to join us in a collaborative dance music video. Check out the results below, and don’t forget to pan around the frame. (( bonus points if you can get a hold of and view it on a virtual viewer))

ESI Company Overview Video

Today was Day 1 of 4 in the latest ESI saga, with a new company overview video in the works. In case you forgot about the last one, here’s a refresher. On a shoe-string budget, Jon iron-manned it… going solo for a day and knocked out this quicky.

We arrived early at 8:30 a.m. (ok…early by night owl standards) to start capturing the magic that lets ESI help thousands of individuals each day – from copiers and toner to philanthropy and environmentalism.

Kim Drumm made a return appearance, speaking to the company’s managed print services. Special shout out to her hair stylist Michael, whom she channeled during her stellar performance.

Overview video

Leslie Rivera, ESI’s Marketing Manager, also made an appearance as an inquiring customer as Marketing Director Jim Haney kept an eye on the creative process.

Front Desk Inquiry

At the end of the day, we were joined by our awesome camera assist Nate Liebold. Jon looked on like the proud director he is as his two associates took the reins.

Film Crew ESI

What’s next in the ESI saga? Follow us on Facebook to find out!

The One with the Creepy Cat Lady – ESI video series

“Oh those folks at Jpixx, they’re so crazy.” Recently we asked ourselves how crazy we really can be when given free reign to do anything with our scripts. Anything.

The results came out nicely in a six-video package that we produced for Electronic Systems, Inc. (ESI). We not only told you who ESI wasn’t but who ESI strives to be each day with its top-notch customer service and information savvy technicians. But don’t let us do all the talking, see for yourself:

Jessa said watching Amie bring her “cat lady” persona to life was the funniest part of the shoot.

ESI Cat Lady

“I absolutely could not stop laughing. Every time she turned her chair around and I saw the lipstick on the teeth, I lost it.”

Riding in Chairs with Girls

The shoot also involved animated running down the halls, smacking straight into walls, and intense facial distortion to bring each character to life. One of our own Jcrew members even got a few cameos in the series. Check out Chandler at 0:23!

A big thanks to all the ESI employees that let us take over their space and recreate the characters that could be in your very own office. For the complete series, visit ESI’s YouTube page and follow us on Facebook for new installments in the ESI saga.

Jpixx filming at ESI

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