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Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?

Jon recently spoke to a room full of budding entrepreneurs in the Tidewater Community College Business Club. The topic of discussion was, “The Importance of Creating Effective Communication for Entrepreneurs.” 

Jpixx has taken off within the past three years and generated a lot of buzz within the local Hampton Roads community, thus Jon had great insights to share.

So, gather ’round entrepreneurs and take note of these tips that’ll help you effectively communicate with your audience and, in turn, successfully market and grow your business!

Marketing starts as soon as you have a business idea
Once the lightbulb turns on above your head, grab a notebook and get to work! Allocate a percentage of your time and resources each week to creating a marketing plan and bringing your ideas to life. Start by answering a few questions:

  • Where will your business be located?
  • Who is your customer and why should they purchase your product or service? 
  • How will you establish your brand identity? (Logos, imagery, website, tagline, print materials etc.)



Remember to alway be efficient with with your energy by focusing on setting goals and achieving results.

Know your audience
After you determine who your customer is, do some research. Figure out what message will resonate with them the most and then find the best mediums to deliver that message.

  • Is the majority of your audience on Twitter,  Snapchat or LinkedIn?
  • What questions do they have and what do they already know?

Also, think about how you’ll establish a clear voice for your brand, whether it be humorous or heartfelt, in order to effectively communicate and engage with your audience. 

Build meaningful relationships
Take advantage of existing relationships and work on building new ones. You’re going to need help along your journey to entrepreneurship! Know what you can offer and barter with other young businesses so that everyone can benefit and grow together.


Lastly, remember the importance of references, good business practices and customer service. Your reputation will either make or break your business!

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