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Tidewater Arts Outreach Helps Elders with Singing & Dancing

Art is more than a culture and a manifestation of expression, for Tidewater Arts Outreach, it’s a beacon of hope for the elderly with dementia. Last month, TAO held workshops for caregivers and the elderly to demonstrate how music, movement and singing can improve mood, core strength, emotional wellness – and the sessions were inspiring to say the least.


Licensed Physical Therapist/Dancer, Michele Martin Nielsen gives presentation to caregivers on best practices for developing and delivering live high-quality performing arts programming.



After the workshop, caregivers joined their patients in some fun singing and dancing activities. It was fun to see how a simple song could instantly change the mood of an elder person. Before we knew it, feet were tapping and hands were clapping along.




MaryAnn Toboz, Founder and Executive Director of Tidewater Arts Outreach talked about the organization’s core service components, which are training, advocacy and outreach and the impact the arts has on dementia and its need in healthcare.

Music & Movement teaches communication strategies for working with individuals who have dementia, ways to inspire participation in movement activities, functional techniques for adapting to a range of abilities and methods to increase potential of music and movement for elder participants.

Singing for Elder Health & Wellness teaches communication tips to engage elders in active music making and singing, and core strength through diaphragmatic breathing and increased breath support. Check out the warm-up exercise below! IMG_6805






































Survey results show that TAO programs are highly valued for their content, quality and health and wellness benefits. Check out the videos for Music & Movement for Elders with Dementia and Singing for Elder Health and Wellness!