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D*Nik “Day & Night” Music Video premieres

Amidst a packed house at the Palace on Plume, Jpixx’s newest music video for D*Nik’s “Day & Night” premiered to a live performance by the band. Immediately following, D*Nik kept the buzz going with encore performances of other singles off their debut album “Rockz & Slingshotz.”

Last year D*Nik frontrunners Duane and Nakia (also married btw) approached Jpixx with an offer to collaborate on their first music video. After months of concepting and preparation, the shoot unfolded over the course of two days at TurboWash Laundromat in Norfolk, the Mansion in Portsmouth, and in downtown Newport News.

Since the release of the video, D*Nik has gotten some nice press, notably from Afropunk, which you can check out here:

Check out the actual music video below or check out some of the production shots from the shoot.