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Giving Thanks for the Wins

With Thanksgiving upon us, it seems appropriate to show appreciation for our latest achievement here at Jpixx. Last Thursday, the Phoebus Film Club Series honored us with the “Best in Show” title for our film “Blackwind.”


The music video first gained recognition as an entry to the Music Video Competition, where the artist Patrick Watson selected us as finalists.

This time, we came home with the gold.

Contestants from all across Hampton Roads entered their work for submissions, but only 7 projects were selected to be shown at the evening of local film. Jpixx was honored to have all three of its submissions selected for viewing, including “In Captivity” and “The Alcoholic.”

The other participants included Brett Lewis with his film “Operation Smile”; Chip Johnson with “Tandem”; FiftyOneFifteenProductions with “Fatal Games”; and Tyler Rhodes with “Evolution.”

At the end of the screenings, audience members cast their votes as the directors eagerly waited to see who would win best short.

The second place winner was announced leaving a hush as we waited to hear who would walk away as the champion of the world night’s winner!

Phoebus Film Fest Award

Upon winning for “Blackwind,” Jon gave a lovely acceptance speech and received a gleaming trophy along with a gift certificate for two at a local Hampton restaurant. #winning

Of course, there’s more thanks to be given. First, we’re thankful for family.


Extended family.

And extended-extended family — our clients and fans that drive us to do our best each and every day.

To view the winning submission, “Blackwind,” click the video below. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates and wins.

“Alcoholic” Royksopp Music Vid premiers at BFI

Being a puppet to alcoholism is no laughing matter… or is it?

A finalist on the website – “The Alcoholic” is a video set to the tune of a Royksopp song with the same name. Here we follow a man who finds himself a puppet to alcoholism. Intended to have the look of a comedy and the feel of a tragedy – this video juxtaposes the two with a combination of puppetry and live action. Think “Avenue Q” meets “Requiem for A Dream”

Although the film was selected as a Runner Up to the overall competition on Genero.TV – it was honorarily selected to premier at a special BUG event during London’s BFI (British Film Institute) screening. A special writeup can be found here.

Jpixx Films
Director / Editor / DOP – Jon Abrahams
Starring: Cory Evans (puppeteer), Robyn Meislohn, Cheryl Cochran, Ethan Marten
Written by Jon Abrahams and Jim McCullough
Special Thanks: Teviya Abrahams, Fareine Suarez, Eran Rubinstein, Havaca Johnson, Dustin & Faye Weant, Chris Curl, Al Gainey, Demece Williams, Judy Sharlow, Heather, Jean, Tango’s Tavern, First Landing State Park

Filmed in Virginia Beach, VA – USA