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Back in School at Chesapeake Bay Academy

This week our video production team visited the Chesapeake Bay Academy to begin building their image gallery and to assist with the creation of internal and external marketing materials. The academy is the only K-12 school in Southeastern Virginia licensed to serve students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and Other Health Impairments (OHI), and hosts a wide array of students and teachers with diverse backgrounds.

Director of Marketing and Communications Elizabeth Waranch has been with the academy for two years. She said her current goal is to build donations for the independent school.

“Over 50 percent of our students get tuition assistance thanks to our donors,” she said. “We’re not a typical private school.”

photographing classroom
Waranch, left, supervises the interview

Waranch touched on the lasting effects a smaller learning environment has had on students. Teaching is tailored to students’ individual needs, which leads to success in and out of the classroom.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she said.

Student Josh Fittler said his school experience has been much more positive since switching to Chesapeake Bay Academy.

“There’s something about this school that draws you toward it and doesn’t push you away,” he said. “They actually listen to you.”

students being photographed
Josh, sitting on the right at the table, explains why he loves CBA

Not only has Fittler seen a change in educational atmosphere, but he has also experienced a dramatic improvement in his academic performance.

“I came here and went from getting a C and D average to getting straight A’s in the span of six months,” he said.

The Jpixx team captured Fittler and several of his peers in classes from Game Design to Spanish.

Of course, we couldn’t skip Physical Education, which many students said was their favorite part of the day. The class, led by teacher Alex Rotruck, included activities from mat races to dance time. Jessa got her own personal driver – for business reasons, of course.

Photographing gym class


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