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Servir Global


  • The Servir Global Government Agency combines the technology of NASA satellites with USAID world aid to help developing countries detect weather patterns and extract other critical information for implementation.
  • Our client DAI, an international development company, wanted to give viewers a five-minute video to help explain what Servir, the relatively new government agency, did and its importance for the world community.

What we did

  • Our team documented a sampling of ongoing Servir projects and traveled to several locations such as Nepal, Bangladesh, and their U.S. headquarters.
  • Through countless interviews, we recorded first-hand testimony from those working with the program. We captured their passion, heard the process, and saw the results of the team effort.

The Jpixx Factor

  • Our small team of four multi-talented crew members assumed multiple roles from make-up artist, to producer, to sound mixer, acting as a nimble traveling team.
  • We organized filming permits, pre-planned equipment lists for customs, and coordinated all of the logistical details for each country.
  • Through our docu-style filming and artistic planning, we compiled days of footage and crafted our edit into a cohesive story. Our team worked tirelessly to refine the edit and ensure we delivered a message Servir staff could use to represent them for a decade to come.

Follow Up

  • The video was shown at a prominent industry event, viewed by members of the international community and Servir staff. The viewing was met with success and reverence by the audience.
  • For the first time in the ten-year existence of the program, Servir teams had a communications tool that accurately represented the impact that they made.
  • This video, which we have updated several times, is still used as a primary resource for Servir to explain what it does and to gain additional support.

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