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Our Favorite Gear: Savannah Heller

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My favorite piece of gear is the MixPre-6! It is an audio mixer that allows for many different kinds of inputs, allowing it to send out audio to a camera or computer, and/or record the audio on its own, with the ability to be connected to up to 6 other devices at one time.

The reason I like this device so much is for the problem-solving aspect of it. Having to figure out how to get different types of microphones from point A to point B is very fun to me! Once everything is connected, having on the headphones and hearing everything in crystal clear surround sound, being able to control volume levels, and being able to call out that chatter that’s happening two rooms over when it starts interrupting… it feels a lot like a super power in a way. So all in all, the MixPre-6 is an essential device for any audio tech or location/studio record!