Meet the Crew: Metta

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Birthday: May 15th

Sign: Taurus

Role: Editor/Shooter

Meet Metta! She is the eclectic breath of fresh air on the crew. When she’s not dazzling you with her mysterious, magical personality she’s doing what she loves best…shooting. This PBS producer brings a lot of experience and hella funny jokes to the Jpixx crew. And yes…she will drop some cultural knowledge on you with a quickness. #blackgirlmagic in the house! Check her out below 🙂

How did you get your start with Jpixx and what is your title?

Jessa brought me in.

How long have you been on the crew?

2 years

Why do you like working for Jpixx?

Free food, assortment of projects, and a diverse iron sharpening iron atmosphere. Plus Jon has hired a bevy off bad betches that are dope to work with.

Why do you like your job?

It doesn’t feel like a job.

Everybody has a nickname in the crew…what’s yours?

Shanka or Shankakakaaa…I think. You’ll have to ask Jon.

What do you hope to help Jpixx accomplish as a company through your role?

World domination.

While working at Jpixx, what is the most important lesson you’ve learned? (something Jon/Teviya has taught you)

Movement in a shot is okay. The way I was taught to shoot previous to joining JPixx movement wasn’t encouraged.

What’s been your favorite shoot so far?

I don’t have an answer. Anything music related I guess.

What has been the project you worked on that was your proudest?

  1. ETC. Jon told me my edit was ‘booty’ in a nice way. He sat with me patiently until I got it right. I produce news magazine style pieces normally, we don’t really use music. The ETC project was dependent upon editing-to-music which was indeed a learning curve.
  2. Betterment. Jon trusted me as producer and lead to rep Jpixx in Baltimore. Dominique was my 2nd. Black girl magic ensued. The client was pleased.

What’s your favorite Jpixx film?

In Captivity.

Favorite film of all time?

I don’t have an answer.

Favorite Food?



I’m pretty open.

Hobbies? What do you do on your free time?

That’s classified.

What motto/quote do you live by?

Love and light, always. And is it free?

What is your advice to aspiring photographers/videographers? 

Be bold. Timid don’t get you nowhere.

Where can we see more of your work?

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