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So if you’ve been following along with us for even a short period of time, you’ll have noticed our team’s love for 360-degree shots. At the end of a shoot, it’s almost expected that someone on the crew will whip out their version of this handheld device that, even with its two lenses, resembles the memory device from Men in Black more than it does a camera.

Well what’s not to love? Pictures that encompass an entire 360 degree view used to be insanely difficult to compose, especially for the recreational photographer. Now with the push of a button, the entirety of a room or landscape can be captured and stitched together in a matter of seconds. Check out the infographic below for a basic explanation of how these cameras capture and create their images.

This cool technology is accessible to anyone who wants to get involved with it. Filmmakers and other creatives alike have been using it to add another dimension to their work. Now we get to the cool part.

Immersive Reality! After formatting, 360-degree videos can be transformed into interactive virtual reality experiences. Combined with other photographic elements, these 360-degree shots can create the feeling of being in a completely different environment that’s viewable from any angle. Check out this 360 video we created a few weekends ago at our annual office retreat featuring some acrobatics from our audio expert Rodrigo!


Below, you’ll find an interactive 360 photo, which is another capability made possible by these awesome cameras. Using your mouse, grab the photo and take a look around the entire scene captured in one single shot taken by our Insta360 One X camera. If you happen to have a pair of virtual reality goggles lying around, this photo would also be viewable by simply looking around to view the scene.

These videos can also be combined with other video elements such as time lapses to create videos that allow you to look around a specific point while time is advancing. A great example is this video we put together for the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater shown below. Not only can we see our mermaid mural taking shape over the course of days, but we can also see the setup for the event happening by simply turning the frame as you do in the 360 photo above.

This same method was used to capture the creation of these murals at MacArthur Center by artist Kelsey Montague.

By combining the interactive dragging element and recording 360 video, we were able to create this video recap of the 2016 Virginia Production Alliance State of the Industry as well. As you can see, immersive video has numerous applications that you are able to add your own creative spin on and produce really eye-catching pieces of work. Hopefully, this blog gave you some insight into how we #CaptureLifeCreatively as often as we can! Stay tuned for our next post!

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