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Jpixx teamed up with Easton Advertising to create a brand new series of testimonial and branding videos for Chesapeake Homes about their experience. Lynn Easton (owner of Easton Advertising and owner of AWESOMENESS) was on set each day, interviewing  homebuyers and making sure things ran smoothly. Whatever Lynn wants, Lynn gets! 🙂

Actual homebuyers detailed their satisfaction with the superb customer service from the Chesapeake Homes team, from visiting the construction site to move-in day. Sales agents help each homebuyer, ensuring their customers feel good about the most important purchase they will make in their life…their home.

The Jpixx team saw first-hand the beauty of Chesapeake Homes. The energy efficiency features such as the tankless water heaters, programmable thermostats, energy efficient lighting and much more save energy and money. Who wouldn’t love that? Don’t forget to check out Chesapeake Homes if you’re in the market for a new home! You won’t be disappointed.

In the mean time, check out the BTS pics from our 4-day shoot 🙂

Day 1: In addition to the testimonial interviews, we captured lots of b-roll of families enjoying their their time in their new home. (like enjoying ice cold glass of lemonade on the porch or just arm wrestling siblings) Everyone had a blast. Keep scrolling for a glimpse of the Jpixx shenanigans that happen on set. lol









DAY 2: The days just keep getting better with Chesapeake Homes and Easton Advertising! We had the opportunity to visit the construction site and got b-roll of a different set of families as well.





Jon taking calls and kicking arse lol

CHANDLER: Jessa if we split the rent it will be $100k a piece
JESSA: Okayyyy so we need about 50 more roommates and it might work!

 Day 3: A new day, a different set of homeowners to interview and another brand new home we were plotting on how to secretly move into without Lynn and the Chesapeake Homes crew noticing. lol 🙂










Day 4: Our last day shooting was spent getting interviews with Chesapeake Homes realtors and more cuteness overload compliments of the additional families who came out.


Our day began with taking photos and video of what a Chesapeake Home looks like from the ground up. We captured the construction on site and construction workers putting in blood, sweat and tears to make the best Chesapeake Home for potential buyers.

Ok, maybe blood, sweat and tears is too extreme but everyone who works at Chesapeake Homes really does care about the quality of work they put in everyday.





img_9924 img_9934

img_9974Aren’t they the cutest?

And on to the kitchen, where are the magic happens … HEY–get your mind out of the gutter…that’s for later lol 😉


Will whippin’ up them waffles!

img_9954And Josiah (Art Director) is pleased with the outcome or maybe he’s trying hard not to scarf it down before it makes it to the table?

img_9980img_9959Looks like this lil munchkin is giving Josiah the job well done high five or maybe a ta-ta peasant? Hard to say…

img_9956This Chesapeake Homes realtor is camera ready!

img_9943img_9916And while we all sweat from working hard, our make-up artist, Victoria sits pretty drinking her Starbucks lol

img_9992Lynn surrendered her eyeball to this cutie pie…how could she not?


We ended the day with this family (who happens to be friends of Jon and Teviya) and of course our classic group shot!


Then we kicked the kids out for our NSFW video lol

This was an awesome 4 day shoot that was spread out over the course of two months. Each day we came back it felt like nothing changed, same smiling people passionate about their jobs and providing the very best for their clients. Thank you to John Barnes, President of Chesapeake Homes, Kerri Woodward, Sales and Marketing Manager and Lynn Easton, co-owner of Easton Advertising!

If you are interested in learning more about Chesapeake Homes, please visit their website.

And without further ado, part 2 (see part 1 here – scroll to the end) of our BTS video skit. Sometimes when we’re on set, we try to incorporate the scene with a random skit that we make up on the spot. Please don’t take our inappropriateness seriously lol.

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