Jpixx gets Carried Away

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Jpixx not only produced Filmily Fest this year, they created a short film (not in competition) under the same inspiraiton guidelines that Filmily filmmakers were required to follow. Double the fun!!

The ‘Art imitates life’ saying was true to form because “Carried Away” was inspired by true events. Over the summer, we had a bunch of gear stolen, and just a few days later the same thing happened to someone else who ended up following the culprits and leading the the police straight to them. We shot this comedic short film in the Neon District of Downtown Norfolk. Big shout out to the Downtown Norfolk Council for letting us play in the streets with no trouble 🙂

Check out these behind-the-scenes flicks we got on set below:.
_x6a9415Look at these two (Karla & Maria) striking a pretty gnarly pose on set. This needs to be framed!


_x6a9465And they are on the run! (Matt, Olivia and Dakota)
img_9554Olivia, Teviya, Jon and Rachel talk through scenes
img_9625This is called precision people!

img_9748The Movi is ready

img_0217When you have the best makeup artists handing off to each other (hey Shay and Victoria) this is what you get!


Matt, Cory and Maria share a laugh on set.

img_0224We had a drone operator come out to help us get some aerial shots too.



Rachel vogue-ing it up

makeupGetting glammed up.

img_9775Here’s Jon grabbin’ some stills for the film poster!

img_9544Olivia was sooo tired of eating ice cream at this point lol

img_9749Jon and Teviya discussing the next scene. Yes is was very very hot!

img_9610We started early in the morning and continued to shoot until the daylight ran out. We were racing against sunset.

img_9609It was extremely hot during the day and then became increasingly cold as the sun disappeared.

img_9596#moodalldaylong lol Ray tried to photobomb and got blurred 🙂


Boss lady keeping track of things

img_9614And of course some classic Jpixx inappropriate fun. It never fails to happen on set lol Don’t mind us!

“Carried Away” is currently undergoing the film festival circuit and will probably eventually be released online. Be on the lookout for a sneak peak or join our mailing list to be the first to know.

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