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Project Spotlight: Commercial & Web

Food Bank Commercial


  • For Foodbank’s 40th Anniversary, the PR firm, KBD Group, needed a one-minute commercial highlighting their client’s longstanding commitment to ending hunger.
  • They wanted to provide perspective on the Foodbank’s daily efforts and its importance to local communities, while also highlighting the many contributing members from diverse backgrounds that are instrumental to its mission.

What We Did

To showcase the strength in numbers that have made the organization successful over the last 40 years, we filmed numerous workers and volunteers narrating multiple lines of dialogue to be stitched together in the edit.

The Jpixx Factor

Our experienced staff created a comfortable environment, capturing candid delivery from individuals, many of whom had never spoken on camera before.

Follow Up

  • The video was aired on TV stations and in various markets, spreading the message that Foodbank has 40 years of being a successful, necessary organization worthy of continuous community support.
  • The entire organization felt pride in seeing their accomplishments highlighted and their fellow volunteers and staff championed by their community members.