Flying High Over Hampton Roads | Our Drone Capabilities


Drones have become such a massive part of what we do here at Jpixx. Expanding our capabilities into this high-flying territory has brought us nothing but cool new opportunities. 

Thousands of video creators fly recklessly every day, but we pride ourselves on being licensed and insured – which means we take airspace seriously. The last thing you need is a drone crashing into a crowd or causing a major traffic accident. Three of our crew, Savannah, Jackson, and Jon, are all FAA-licensed drone pilots and have spent countless hours perfecting their (air)craft.

“Having my license, but never flying a drone was interesting. But Jon took me out to Fort Monroe and taught me the basics of flying, and after a bit of practice over the next few months, I was flying like a pro!” -Savannah

Last year, Savannah was able to get the awesome opportunity to travel to Tangier Island with National Geographic to capture incredible aerial footage.

“It was an opportunity that fell into my lap and I’m so glad that I lept at the chance.” -Savannah

We are well-versed with the DJI Mavic Pro drones. They allow us to get aerial footage to complement our ground game. Opting for a drone video versus is a great way to create a more dynamic video, highlight scale and establish or close a scene as well!

The latest toy to the arsenal is the new DJI mavic mini pro 3, Jackson’s favorite drone. 

“I had always been against using drone shots in short films and other narrative pieces. I always thought of it as “Oh, look. We have a drone. Aren’t we COOL??” Then I started working at Jpixx and discovered they ARE cool. One day Jon said we needed more drone pilots and I took on the challenge. After getting certified, learning to fly was easy for me. It’s like playing a video game on a controller.” -Jackson

Check out our drone capabilities reel here to see even more work we have been able to do over the years!

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