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Project Spotlight: Immersive Video

East Coast Surfing Championships


  • East Coast Surfing Championships approached us, in Summer 2020, with the challenge of continuing the international competition, within a pandemic.
  • With the festival’s history relying on in-person attendance, they needed something completely virtual as new mandates prevented crowds from gathering on the beach.
  • If the festival was able to take place in a virtual manner, ECSC would rise to be the longest running surfing championship in the world.

What we did

  • Jpixx brought it’s live streaming talents to the table with a multi-camera setup running at all events. Capturing surfers in action, interviews, and award ceremonies.
  • We used a switchboard to toggle between various shots of the competition with overlaying graphics, commercials, and consistent live commentary given by announcers.

The Jpixx Factor

  • Bringing a live, multi-angled, and clear video feed to viewers was something we had spent time perfecting, early on, when it was first made available. We persisted when few were ready to pay for these services, so that when this was truly needed, such as during pandemic guidelines, we were ready.
  • Our ability to pivot and combine our team and capabilities to meet the budget and constraints of this project, greatly benefited the non-profit client.

Follow Up

  • ECSC garnered a lot of publicity from streaming the contest online, and many viewers tuned in to watch from all over the world.
  • Due to the success and excitement of their new attribute, ECSC would continue to use Jpixx’s live coverage services in the future, despite the ability to have crowds in the years to come.
  • ECSC is now officially the longest running surfing championship in the world, bringing additional spectators and notoriety to the festival.