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Doritos Commercial – Good Kid

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Can Jpixx be a Doritos Crash the Super Bowl semifinalist two years in a row?  Watch the official submission here, rate it 5 stars and check back later!

Jpixx has been busy the past few weeks with multiple projects and the Doritos commercial almost didn’t happen this year.  Luckily, things came together with an all-star cast.  Who could resist good kid, Mikenna’s adorable missing front two teeth?  Dad (Joseph Gray) was almost too perfect without the glasses we had him wear.  Mom (Stacey Bush Dunlap) really is Mikenna’s mom, acting runs in the family.

And if you’re curious, a total of 36 small bags of Doritos and 4 large bags were used to film this commercial.

A lot of funny ideas didn’t fit the timeline and had to be cut but we did come away with several different endings.  You can check them out on our YouTube channel.  Which ending do you like the best?