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Project Spotlight: Corporate, Industrial, & Training

Avery Knock at the Door


Dupont Sustainable Solutions is all about making safety training a priority, and we work with them to bring the cinematic approach to hold attention. DSS wrote a script for Avery’s staff safety training that took on a broader look at safety. They asked us to bring it to life with scenarios based on real and tragic events.

What We Did

  • Our crew travelled to Avery in Ohio where we casted on-screen talent and secured locations for the video.
  • We interviewed the staff member who was present during the tragedy that the reenactment was based on. She also played a role in the dramatization.

The Jpixx Factor

Messaging tends to have a bigger impact the closer it hits home, and certain safety procedures can seem trivial and become overlooked. By incorporating emotional storytelling, we can establish a personal connection to the viewer and convey that even the slightest oversight in safety can result in the most tragic consequences.

Follow Up

The video contributed to a successful safety campaign DSS presented within Avery. It provided a visceral emotional experience that captures the minds of viewers, creates that lasting memory to do the right thing, and gives weight to the decisions workers make each and every day.