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Project Spotlight: Corporate, Industrial, & Training

AEP The Answer


The creatives at Dupont Sustainable Solutions, our client, needed a thought-provoking piece displaying the importance that American Electric Power puts on their safety standards. If AEP could uphold safety standards, they could assure seamless access to energy for millions of Americans, and this is the “answer” to the AEP mission.

What We Did

We traveled across multiple states to film at each AEP plant, which resulted in a wide array of scenes with dynamic scenery, diverse workforces, and multiple elements of their capabilities. Using our Cinema-grade cameras, we captured a polished and cinematic narrative of their safety practices.

The Jpixx Factor

Our decades of experience, multi-talented team, and history of mobility makes Jpixx a highly competitive option anywhere in the world. We are configured to travel and have dealt with the permits and paperwork to get us and our gear safely across vast distances.

Follow Up

The piece brought together the overall safety training goals and wrapped up the bigger picture to the sometimes daily grind of the job at a power company, putting into perspective what’s really important and unifying their message.