99 Bottles of Beer…

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Last week, the Jpixx crew traveled to Richmond to film recruitment videos for the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control! Since 1934, the Virginia ABC has been administering the state’s ABC laws that regulate the manufacturing and sales of alcoholic beverages for the public’s safety.

They’ve got numerous employment opportunities available and Jpixx was brought in to bring home that message!

With a crew so big – we had to take two cars. Karla and intern Lily set off on the road with Jon, while Chandler and Sergio hopped in with Glenn.

What better way to start off the trip than a little pit stop at an ABC store?

Both cars met up at Kuba Kuba Dos for a bite to eat and headed over to our Airbnb for the night to rest up for an early call the next day!

Day 1: Wakey, wakey!! We could feel the cold front moving in as we got in our cars nice and early at 6:40am and made our way to the Virginia ABC central office in Richmond. There, we met with ABC’s Public Relations spokesperson, Carol Mawyer. After a little lay of the land from Carol, we situated our HQ in the hearing room!

After settling in, we moved over to the conference room for interviews w DC Mike McKee & SSA Dave Huff

“Come work with us at Virginia ABC!”

Next stop: Hardywood Brewery! We def. left feeling quite thirsty for some of that sweet gingerbread brew….

We ended the day with a tour through a few more of ABC’s community pals – Rosie Connolly’s Pub Restaurant and Shield’s Market –

We then went out for some din din and retired back to our Airbnb.

If you know us by now – the Jpixx crew doesn’t just go straight to bed… nope!! We played a super fun game called “Lights Out!” Houseguests must play this version of Hide N Seek in the DARK! And the losers must go in and stay in the scary basement for a few minutes…

In the end, we played 2 adrenaline-rushing rounds w/ the losers being Jon and Karla. Fortunately for them – they didn’t have to go in the basement (somehow they convinced everyone else they didn’t have to either!).

Day 2: After that action-filled night, an extra hour of sleep was just what we needed to start this day off!! Just like the previous day, we split up into 2 cars and then traveled to another part of the regional offices.

This time, we were able to capture this golden interview w ASAC Anthony Jimenez, which may or may not have caused Carol to tear up a bit!

After conquering the office, it was time to head over to Blackstone for some ACTION!

It’s scarf season! Luckily we made it before the snowstorm, but we were definitely feeling that cold front!

Once we made it to our destination, we got to see these ABC agents throwing it down in training class…

Our final stop of the day was at the FIRING RANGE! Needed to double check all vests were on, earplugs in deep, and remain as vigilant on safety as possible!

ABC agents going over and reading us through the safety briefing.

Whew… that was loud! Thank goodness we were given headphones for that extra layer of protection!!!


It was a fun and educational 2-days for the Jpixx crew. We left feeling a lil’ tired but also thrilled to be the newest members of the ABC family.  They’ve got a number of open opportunities for anyone interested here: www.abc.virginia.gov/about/careers/careers-enforcement

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