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Night for the Fight is a Roc Solid Foundation event that reoccurs every spring and raises money for the global fight against pediatric cancer. Since 2017, Roc Solid has partnered with Jpixx to create a featured video for the event, with the goal of communicating a story that moves the audience enough to change a child’s life. The 2023 event video challenged the production team to think outside of the box and create an immersive experience for the audience, forcing them to feel the power of the story with more than just their eyes and ears. Below you will find more information on the sensory additions to the event with photo and video examples.

Video Submission – “Savor Every Moment”:

Full production video shown at the 2023 Roc Solid Night for the Fight event, incorporating interactive elements and sensory stimulations to create a fully immersive experience for guests.

Explanation of Interactivity:

Event coverage of audience members interacting with the video in real time.

Jpixx crew members and Roc Solid staff walked through the crowd with scents and sprays that corresponded to the video. During the breakfast scene, real bacon was cooking behind the curtain at the event and bread was toasting in a toaster oven. Atmospheric spray was thrown into the mix to create a haze in the air, much like what happens when something becomes overcooked or burnt.

When Angela and Ben are in the doctor’s office, members of the crew walked through the audience with cotton balls soaked in iodoform, a chemical compound often used to disinfect hospitals. This potent scent is highly recognized by families affected by cancer and can sometimes bring back memories of spending time in medical spaces, for better or for worse.

Large speakers were placed around the peripheral of the room, playing supplementary electronic beeps and rings, traffic sounds, and ambient noise during various points in the video to make the viewers feel like they were truly experiencing the auditory moments around them.

While the family is traveling in the car, crew members carried scented cotton balls through the crowd again, but this time soaked in gasoline and automotive agents (safety precautions were taken).

Near the end of the video, guests received a text message on their cell phones – the same text message that was displayed on-screen in real time, forcing them to feel the gut-wrenching dread that comes with a difficult diagnosis, firsthand.

Behind the Scenes Photos:

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